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Thrillville Cheats for Xbox
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Thrillville Xbox Cheats

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Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Faster Romance 100%
Choose to play the Flirt mini-game instead of the regular conversation. *** This option only becomes available after you reach the Love Interest level.
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Mini-Games 100%
Get a 100% game completion to unlock the final 2 mini-games.
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Easy Friendship 100%
Tap A on the Chat menu instead of choosing which is the best conversation for sum1.
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50,000 Dollas 100%
While in game play, Type in square,circle,triangle,square, circle, triangle, X
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Every Park 100%
When in any park, press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, X to unlock all parks.
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Different Hat Style 100%
To do this, press X, then choose "Inventory". Select the Hat Stall, select "Customize Style", then choose the themes. Change it with Left or Right.
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Money $$$ Money 100%
Career mode, get good rides and leave the game running while you are sleeping. You should have lots of money afterwards.
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BONUS $50,000 100%
When in any park, press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, A.
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All rides 100%
When in any park, press X, B, Y, X, B, Y(2) to unlock all rides.
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Mission completion 98%
When in any park, press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, B. Then at the mission selection screen, press X to complete the highlighted mission and unlock the next mission. *** Each time Square is pressed on a highlighted mission, the rank of the completion increases (from bronze, to silver, and finally gold). To reverse your progression on a mission, press B at the mission selection screen to remove the highlighted mission medal.
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All Rides 52%
While playing press:X,B,Y,X,B,Y,Y and you should unlock all the rides in the park
By: TJL(52)
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Quick Friends 43%
To make friends with someone really quick just press X rapidly and you'll get max freindship in no time.
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Thrillville 166940Can it be at night? If it can, how? Answers: 0
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Thrillville 64851Do any of you know how to make 100% thrill roller coasters? Answers: 1
Thrillville 34296There is a code for debug view for rollercoaster views and its like X,B,Y,X,B,Y,left and it wont work for me, do I have to do somethin special for it? Answers: 2
Thrillville 74409I am having trouble training the mechanic.....I put a piece down and it says its wrong and I can't put anymore down...what am I doing wrong? Answers: 1
Thrillville 40865How do I earn full superville on the superville meter Answers: 1
Thrillville 60532Can you cange the color of rollarcoasters? Answers: 2
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