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Bionicle Heroes Cheats for GC
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Bionicle Heroes GC Cheats

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Bionicle Heroes

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Guhhrahk 100%
The best Toa for defeating Gurrahk (level 1) are Matoro for beating Guhhrahk Hajli and Jaller for killing summoned enemies.
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Vezon 100%
Finish the game to unlock Vezon.
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Vezon 100%
You will have to fight Vezon for the last time after defeating all Piraka. First hit him in the back, then in the legs, then the heads, then Vezon.
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Favorite mask 100%
As you are about to lose your favorite mask switch to a mask you have that is there
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Gold and Silver Canisters 41%
To get all the gold and silver canisters, fully upgrade all your Toa with their special abilities. Throughout the levels, you will come to places where these abilities are needed.
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Bionicle Heroes 627215Is there cheats on this game Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 420572How do you get past vezon the first time? I didn't have nuparu (black) or matoro (white). is it possible to win without them? Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 346982What is or How do you get to freeplay mode? Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 510928How do you get the second gold canister in Zaktans jungle? Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 515849Where are all the dark creations Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 614878How to unlock the stones in the last village Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 648617How do you use your close range weapon Answers: 0
Bionicle Heroes 671857I'm at 99% complete. I have defeated Vezon 2x. I have bought everything in the store, have gold metals in all areas. But the last metal spot has a question mark and says locked. Very frustating. Anyone have a answer for me? Answers: 6
Bionicle Heroes 754943Plus sign mean Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 828097How do get the canister locater Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 933077In bionicle heroes in random first levels there is a symbol that is not a bionicle who is it for? Answers: 0
Bionicle Heroes 980320How do you get the very last gold medal in the game? Answers: 0
Bionicle Heroes 509775How do you play in free mode? Answers: 2
Bionicle Heroes 99064How do I get through a obstical that has a toa mask with a plus on it? Answers: 3
Bionicle Heroes 71368Im on 98% complete but dont know how to get the two more percent ive completed all the levels with full gold and silver canisters and got the mask of life Answers: 3
Bionicle Heroes 29567My son is trying to figure out how to get across an area on the Bionicle PS2 game. He has the "right guy" for it, but needs to know what the cross means. I looked through the player manual and could not find that particular icon. This might sound like a stupid question, but if anybody out there can help, I would be very grateful. I'm just a video-game ignorant parent. Thanks. Answers: 3
Bionicle Heroes 70297When you see one of the characters with the symbol of the cross (gold in color), what do you do? Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 158911How to get pass axonn? Answers: 3
Bionicle Heroes 504604Lost Lagoon in Makuta's Domain- how do you get across to that block? I tried it many times it did not work. Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 94612How can you become other Piraka after you defeat Vezon? Answers: 2
Bionicle Heroes 29468How to use a piraka? Answers: 2
Bionicle Heroes 26135Do You Have To Complete A Level Again To Save Newfound LEGO Peices And Canisters Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 31198How do you unlock secret chambers? Answers: 1
Bionicle Heroes 61158How do you use the abiltes in bionicle heroes Answers: 2
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