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Disney's Toontown Online Cheats for PC
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Disney's Toontown Online PC Cheats

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Fish and Where to Find Them in Toontown 100%
Balloon Fish - 1-3 lb. - Very Common - Toontown Central
Hot Air Balloon Fish - 1 lb. - Common - Toontown Central
Weather Balloon Fish - 3-5 lb. - Rare - Punchline Place
Water Balloon Fish - 3-5 lb. - Common - Silly Street
Red Balloon Fish - 1-5 lb. - Very Common - Loopy Lane

Peanut Butter & Jellyfish - 1-5 lb. - Very Common - Toontown Central
Grape PB&J Fish - 1-5 lb. - Common - The Brrrgh
Crunchy PB&J Fish - 1-5 lb. - Common - Daisy Gardens
Strawberry PB&J Fish - 1-5 lb. - Rare - Donald's Dreamland
Concord PB&J Fish - 1-5 lb. - Ultra Rare - The Brrrgh

Cat Fish - 2-6 lb. - Very Common - Daisy Gardens
Siamese Cat Fish - 2-6 lb. - Extremely Rare - Elm Street
Alley Cat Fish - 5-11 lb. - Common - Lullaby Lane
Tabby Cat Fish - 2-6 lb. - Common - Daisy Gardens
Tom Cat Fish - 5-11 lb. - Very Common - Donald's Dreamland

Clown Fish - 2-8 lb. - Very Common - Toontown Central
Sad Clown Fish - 2-8 lb. - Common - Toontown Central
Party Clown Fish - 2-8 lb. - Very Common - Toontown Central
Circus Clown Fish - 2-8 lb. - Rare - Toontown Central

Frozen Fish - 8-12 lb. - Very Common - The Brrrgh

Star Fish - 1-5 lb. - Very Common - Anywhere
Five Star Fish - 2-6 lb. - Very Common - Minnie's Melodyland
Rock Star Fish - 5-10 lb. - Rare - Minnie's Melodyland
Shining Star Fish - 1-5 lb. - Very Rare - Toon Estates
All Star Fish - 1-5 lb. - Ultra Rate - Toon Estates

Holey Mackerel - 6-10 lb. - Extremely Rare - Toon Estates

Dog Fish - 1-3 lb. - Common - Donald's Dock
Bull Dog Fish - 18-20 lb. - Rare - Donald's Dock
Hot Dog Fish - 3-5 lb. - Rare - Donald's Dock
Dalmation Dog Fish - 3-5 lb. - Common - Donald's Dock
Puppy Dog Fish - 1-5 lb. - Very Common - Donald's Dock

Devil Ray - 1-20 lb. - Ultra Rare - Donald's Dreamland

Amore Eel - 2-6 lb. - Very Common - Daisy Gardens
Electric Amore Eel - 2-6 lb. - Common - Daisy Gardens

Nurse Shark - 4-12 lb. - Rare - Minnie's Melodyland
Clara Nurse Shark - 4-12 lb. - Very Rare - Baritone Boulevard
Florence Nurse Shark - 4-12 lb. - Very Rare - Tenor Terrace

King Crab - 2-4 lb. - Common - Donald's Dock
Alaskan King Crab - 5-8 lb. - Very Rare - The Brrrgh
Old King Crab - 4-6 lb. - Very Rare - Lighthouse Lane

Moon Fish - 4-6 lb. - Very Common - Donald's Dreamland
Full Moon Fish - 14-18 lb. - Ultra Rare - Donald's Dreamland
Half Moon Fish - 6-10 lb. - Very Rare - Lullaby Lane
New Moon Fish - 1 lb. - Common - Donald's Dreamland
Crescent Moon Fish - 2-6 lb. - Rare - Lullaby Lane
Harvest Moon Fish - 10-14 lb. - Common - Donald's Dreamland

Sea Horse - 12-16 lb. - Very Common - Toon Estates
Rocking Sea Horse - 14-18 lb. - Common - Toon Estates
Clydesdale Sea Horse - 14-20 lb. - Rare - Toon Estates
Arabian Sea Horse - 14-20 lb. - Very Rare - Toon Estates

Pool Shark - 9-11 lb. - Common - Anywhere
Kiddie Pool Shark - 8-12 lb. - Rare - Daisy Gardens
Swimming Pool Shark - 8-12 lb. - Rare - Daisy Gardens
Olympic Pool Shark - 8-16 lb. - Very Rare - Daisy Gardens

Brown Bear Acuda - 10-18 lb. - Very Common - The Brrrgh
Black Bear Acuda - 10-18 lb. - Common - The Brrrgh
Koala Bear Acuda - 10-18 lb. - Common - The Brrrgh
Honey Bear Acuda - 10-18 lb. - Rare - The Brrrgh
Polar Bear Acuda - 12-20 lb. - Rare - The Brrrgh
Panda Bear Acuda - 14-20 lb. - Very Rare - The Brrrgh
Kodiac Bear Acuda - 14-20 lb. - Very Rare - Sleet Street
Grizzy Bear Acuda - 16-20 lb. - Ultra Rate - Walrus Way

Cutthroat Trout - 2-10 lb. - Very Common - Donald's Dock
Captain Cutthroat Trout - 4-10 lb. - Rare - Barnacle Boulevard
Scurvy Cutthroat Trout - 4-10 lb. - Very Rare - Seaweed Street

Piano Tuna - 13-17 lb. - Rare - Minnie's Melodyland
Player Piano Tuna - 12-18 lb. - Very Rare - Minnie's Melodyland
Upright Piano Tuna - 12-18 lb. - Rare - Minnie's Melodyland
Baby Grand Piano Tuna - 12-18 lb. - Extremely Rare - Tenor Terrace
Grand Piano Tuna - 16-20 lb. - Ultra Rate - Alto Avenue

You will get a Laff boost and a trophy for every 10 species you catch.
Happy fishing!
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Go behind house 88%
At your characters estate, take your wardrobe and turn it around so it faces the wall. Put it next to the wall then enter the back of the wardrobe and you should go through the wall.
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All Flower Combinations 88%
Green = Laff-o-dil
Orange = Dandy Pansy
Pink = What-In-Carnation
Yellow = School Daisy
Cyan = Lilly-of-the-Alley
Green-Cyan = Daffy Dil
Orange-Cyan = Chim Pansy
Pink-Yellow = Instant Carnation
Yellow-Red = Lazy Daisy
Cyan-Green = Lilly Pad
Red-Red-Red = Summer's Last Rose
Orange-Red-Red = Potsen Pansy
Pink-Red-Red = Hybrid Carnation
Yellow-Red-Green = Midsummer Daisy
Cyan-Orange-Orange = Tiger Lilly
Red-Yellow-Orange-Yellow = Corn Rose
Green-Pink-Yellow-Yellow = Giraff-o-dil
Orange-Yellow-Yellow-Red = Marzi Pansy
Yellow-Red-Cyan-Orange = Freshasa Daisy
Cyan-Orange-Orange-Pink = Livered Lilly
Green-Pink-Blue-Pink-Pink = Time and Half-o-dil
Violet-Red-Blue-Violet-Violet = Onelip
Pink-Red-Green-Blue-Red = Side Carnation
Yellow-Red-Orange-Orange-Orange = Woopsie Daisy
Cyan-Red-Red-Red-Red = Chilly Lilly
Red-Pink-Orange-Red-Orange-Pink = Tinted Rose
Orange-Pink-Pink-Orange-Blue-Pink = Smarty Pansy
Violet-Red-Red-Red-Violet-Violet = Twolip
Yellow-Blue-Cyan-Violet-Blue-Blue = Upsy Daisy
Cyan-Red-Violet-Violet-Violet-Violet = Silly Lilly
Red-Cyan-Orange-Pink-Violet-Cyan-Cyan = Stinking Rose
Blue-Violet-Blue-Violet-Cyan-Blue-Blue = Car Petunia
Pink-Green-Green-Green-Green-Yellow-Green = Model Carnation
Yellow-Green-Red-Orange-Green-Green-Green = Crazy Daisy
Cyan-Violet-Cyan-Blue-Cyan-Blue-Blue = Indubitab Lilly
Red-Blue-Violet-Violet-Blue-Blue-Pink-Blue = Istilla Rose
Violet-Yellow-Yellow-Violet-Yellow-Orange-Violet-Yellow = Threelip
Blue-Pink-Pink-Blue-Red-Orange-Yellow-Yellow = Platoonia
Yellow-Blue-Violet-Cyan-Violet-Red-Orange-Violet = Hazy Daisy
Cyan-Blue-Yellow-Yellow-Cyan-Blue-Yellow-Yellow = Dilly Lilly

Plus you'll also receive a 1 point Laff boost and a trophy for every 10 new flower species you plant, water, harvest, and sell.

Have fun gardening!
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Resistint salut 85%
Ok now go to pagma place in donalds dreamland go to what is called talking in your sleep voice training then go to the clerk and say [speedchat/friendly]would you like some help?and she/he will give you a emotion for free it is called resistint salut!hope my cheat helped yo!-]
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How to turn invisible 82%
1 Go to your estate. 2 go in your house
3. Go near your door 4. Go out the door while clicking "Move Furniture" at the same time. You turn invisible! You can walk talk jump all that. No one can teleport to you. But you can teleport to them over and over quickly. If you chat everyone can hear you. You can go to playgrounds and streets too. You walk through walls though. No buildings!
I hope this helped (:
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Go through wall 80%
Sometimes when racing at Goofy Speedway in Corkscrew Colosseum or Screwball Stadium, just after you hit the red arrows if you hit the wall your cart will go through it.
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Strange things you can say on toontown 80%
These are some weird things ( not all but most ) weird things you can say on toontown.
o-torch/ test1/ supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/ shadowofthedead/ silver943/ frogG.
now THIS one I found out myself. / BBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ( test how many 0's there are in it. srry I dont know ) and / DOOMRAIDERS/
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12000 jelly bean 80%
Press f8 then go in option and codes then in enter code and put (sweet)
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Merits from Sellbot Factory 78%
If you've ever wanted to know how many merits you get from the factory, here it is.
Short way: 240
Long way: 388
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Secret Passage in Cashbot HQ 77%
To get past the secret passage in cashbot HQ is quite simple. Jump into the corner of the barrel until you think you're in the right spot. Then open you shticker book and for a second, you should see gray. If you don't, close your book and try again. After you see gray, close your book and run outward for at least 2 seconds. Then take a right turn and run near the barrels up on top. If you're stuck on the bottom, then run towards the next battle exit, but not too far that you get into the battle. :)
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Thought bubbles 75%
How to put speech into a thought bubble:
*You have to have free chat to do this*
When you type something in the speech box, put a period in front of it.
For Example:

Instead of: Hi, Try: .Hi

Hope it works for you!
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Walking Underwater 67%
Go anywhere underwater where your head is under. After that, click on a random toon and click report. You don't have to actually report them for it to work. After you click report, then you should be walking underwater.
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Get Connected 62%
Open your shticker book to the "Options" page, select the "Secret Codes" tab at the top of the page. Enter "get connected" into the textbox, and select "Submit". You will receive a free shirt with a picture of a fire hydrant on it in the mail.
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Being small helps! 61%
I have a new cheat that I'd like to share! I have a toon with 110 laff points, and she's small. You know in sellbot hq on the west side of the factory where there are those doors that normal toons usually don't get through? Well I've discovered that small toons can get through if you hurry to push the button and run back! I thought it was interesting, you might not. :)
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Brrrrrrrrh Cheat 58%
Go the the Brrrrrrrh the go to the Polar Place The find the building that is called Hibernation Vacation the go up to the cleark and say Howdy you should tern all white and get bigtoon untill you leave toontown then you have to start over
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Flying glitch and more 58%
To do the flying glitch go to Donald's dock or you house and put your neck in the water then jump back and when your in the air press your Shticker book and then you have to here a splash and then press go to playground or go home and press the forward button and you have to be in the air next is how to walk on water first go in the water and press on a player or toon and then press on the report button but dont report them just press cancal and you walking under water the last cheat is how to play dead you have to have toons of the world unite go to Donald's dock and go on the small island and jump forward and press toons of the world unite and then when you get into the water you will be no realy dead but acting dead but you can still move when your acting dead
By: Grantas(49)
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Easy V.P. pie battle 58%
Go behind the V.P. and stand on the left or right corner of the door that throws gears out. Once it opens, throw it straight in and let the toons in front do the work from there. If you don't want to stand by a corner, make sure you jump over the gears to not get hit.
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Make A hide out! 57%
Go to our estate and into your house, then click 'Move Furniture' and turn your wardrobe so it's facing the wall. Just go to the side of the wardrobe and click the X or the Tick, either way, it still works. Just run around and make your own little hideout my moving some furniture out with you.

Also. If a friend is around your house, then turn the wardrobe to the way it started! :)
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Outside your house 57%
Go to move furniture, take your dresser and make the door touch the wall, go to the dresser, you'll use it press 'X' or check it and you'll be standing in a green world.

you also can go to move furniture and walk outside of your home, but this is faster cuz you just place it and use it over and over.

USE: heres a fun way to use this, invite your friend, run inside, use the trick, move the dresser back, and you can see an area with flowers ( or whatever you see out your wind ) and stand in that area, they will be able to see you through the window and they'll try all kinds of stupid ways to get out of your house, and even if they know the trick they cant use move furniture so theyll get angry if you don't come out, you can also time how long it took them from entering the house to seeing you ( you'll know cuz they'll say something about the moment or jump at the walls). choose the window in the living room so its harder for them to see you. also a fun thing is to put all your furniture out of your house ( not your dresser of course). I'm Mitchel on toontown find me or send me a message and we can arrange a meeting so I can so you this myself, ENJOY AND VOTE
By: whatsthat(179)
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Walk in the trolley without getting on it 57%
Go to Donald's Dock, then go to the right of the pet shop and just walk through the fence.
Then go out into the gray/green for about 20 seconds. Then go right until you see the
trolley. Walk into it and you can stand in the tracks or in the trolley.
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Toontown Fly Glitch 57%
Go by parties then press exit on your keyboard, click a random toon, then ignore them and press exit on your keyboard at the same time, then go in parties and press cancel ignore, then exit parties and press exit on your keyboard at the same time, exit tt ( toontown ) and press jump at the same time.
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Jellibean jar 56%
For this one all you have to do go to your jelly bean bank befor your guy gets his jar push move items when you about to enter the jar then clik the jar then put in attic then you have the jar stuck on your hand.

bye hitman843
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THE END OF TOONTOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 53%
Go to donald dock and then where the tunnel to the brrrrh is go to the fence left of it and then there will be a hole but you dont rly know its there so go til you go thruoh the fence and then you get to travel the outside of the playground
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The lazy jump 53%
Go to Donald dock. Go to the island and have only your head sticking out of the water. Next press the jump button(Ctrl)while doing the resistance salute. Ta da your doing the lazy jump.
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How u cant move in water 53%
Ok heres what you do go to your estate get in front of the pond and say TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! when you jump,move up. and there (might take some practice MIGHT!)
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How to go outside your house whilee still inside 50%
1. click on move furniture
2. then walk around (even though your not there) the camera should move
3. walk to a wall then click on stop moving furniture ,you should be outside on the green/gray landscape.
By: pablo2demax(27)
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Outside your house 3 50%
Take an item, put it in storage and put a different item inside your house touching the wall, take the chosen item and move outside your house and take the item out of storage move it inside and quickly pull it over the inside item and drop it outside the house real fast and leave move furniture and the item will be below your feet THIS WILL TAKE A LOT OF PRACTICE
By: whatsthat(179)
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Make drop work almost every time 50%
To make drop work almost every time, use a smaller gag like the seltzer bottle or the whole fruit pie.
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Walk in the trolley without getting on it 50%
Go to Donald's Dock, then go to the right of the pet shop and just walk through the fence.
Then go out into the gray/green for about 20 seconds. Then go right until you see the
trolley. Walk into it and you can stand in the tracks or in the trolley.
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Stun camera robots 48%
Hint:in the sellbot factories if you jump on the camera thingies the light turns off so you can walk past them without loosing laugh points
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Making cogs dont touch you 48%
To go to places without cogs coming to you its kinda easy

go somwere that has cogs (not cog hq's) and walk on the pavment. cogs dont go there.


go on the stairs or behind the statue so they dont come.


go in the large circle.

SELLBOT FACTORY go to the tunnle that takes you to the second bit and stay inside.


stay behind or between the large boxes


behind the golf cars
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Invisible glitch and cog suit glitch 45%
-Go home
-go inside
-turn around to fae door
-hit attic at and walk outside at same time
-go in your pond and go backwards into fishing stand
theres your inv glitch but read on for cog suit glitch

- go to a cog hq
-go to battle cog boss with a group
-u wont be able to battle cogs though and group has to win
u stay as cog anywhere when you leave the cog battle of the boss
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Party Hat Glitch 44%
1: Go to Toontown central.
2: Go to the party hat by Silly Street.
3: Stand by the corner of the left side of the party hat.
4: Keep walking foward and turning left/right unitl you are behind the hat.
5: TA DA! You are now doing the party hat glitch!
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Walking and fishing 44%
There is 2 ways to do this:

way 1: only works at estate or donalds dock, you go and stand behind dock and then try to jump right on the edge of the dock and if it gets glitchy for a second walk around and you r carrring your pole.

way 2: go under neath dock and if you r close enough you jump and the glitchiness happens then you can walk around.

ps way 2 only works on docks that are far out into water
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Fly 43%
It is vary easy all you have to do is go to your house click jelly bean bank then say hi you will then run back wards and the press ctrl and you will fly
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Outside your house 2 43%
Also when your outside your house jump and you will be in the air in jump position and move around like normal until you go back in.
By: whatsthat(179)
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Walk through wall glitch ( 2011 gurenteed to work ) 40%
This is the new walk through wall glitch because the other won got fixed.

1. Go to Daisy Gardens, go on Trolly.
2. Go to Sellbot HQ. Go inside the VP lobby room.
3. Go inside the factory ( any ) and go to a wall and try to walk through it. The glitch should work!
This glitch I found out somehow.
Good Luck.
By: isaiah381(21)
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Say Weird Things On Toontown 39%
One: Press Shift

Two: Press F1 ( F6 Can Work Too )

Three: Ta-Da! You Will Find it out! ( Only You Can See It )
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Toontown cogs hq 35%
Go to the lawbot hq then sellbot hq then finally cashbot hq (dont have to be in order.)
u will find something different in the brrrrrrrrrh u can talk to pluto once!!
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Go through wall 2 34%
Click move furniture move invisible toon outside into the green area exit moving furniture youll be outside the wall in the window area
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Level2 on toontown other cheats are soooo cool if you like this cheat meat me indaisy's gardens level2 31%
Ok when you arrive in daisy's gardens go under the lure gag on the gag so you will be klinged to it then you will fall on to this bouncy thing and you will go up on the clouds and will see a sign that will say level two then before you fall press esc and you will be going down and will fall in bossbot hq and will see a tornado so be careful!
Her's TO DO IT !

when the tornadoes in the middle go follow it and it well hit the wall. Don't follow it to the wall just run up to the club house and fight the cfo of ceo then you will enter level 3.
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Toontown 31%
If you didn't subscribe and you need to supscripe to have the toon up gag don't subscribe and go to lopy land in toontown central and go to toontown post oficce
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Free talk 29%
When using chat to stop it from denying a word capitalize it all, but please use this responsibly
By: whatsthat(179)
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Out side :PPP 29%
Ok this one is super easy!
1.go to your house/estaet what ever move funitur
3.move camera to door (its actualy moving your toon not the camera you just dont see your self :p) done then run to the corner at the same time! its imprtant! if you fail do it again

and there you go its simple oh and almoste forgot you can move funtiure oust side too and its you new

and you can go 2 meters away it wont stop I think

hope it works for you!

oh and the 2 cheats I know are expired that are:
silly meter
get connected
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Free Code 28%
The codes is Get Connected you get a shirt
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Level4 on toon town 27%
Ok I found how to pass level3 if you don't hou to get to level3 or level2 just look at the bottom of the cheat thing ok her's how to pass level 3

go to the volcano it will shoot lava quickly go to the metal door on the side don't go in jump on the top of it you will be standing there ok jump on the striking out chunks of rocks and you will get to the top of the volcano then about 10 seconds later once your on top of the volcano a car will fly by jump on it it will fly you to level four
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Toontown codes for stuff 25%
Won is Get Connected,Silly Meter,Winter
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

To get jellybeans 23%
Have toontask from flippy and you need lhaf points to 50 then you can get 100 jellybeans
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Pc 21%
Jump on your home
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Unlimeted gags 18%
Go to sellbot hq and die in a tornado ypu will have all gags unlimeted
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Laff points 15%
Give 30 laff points to every toon that`s name starts with f
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Have every gag 14%
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Cogtown 14%
Defeat a sellbot and then a cashbot then log off then it should say that you are on cogtown then make a cog then if you die you will see your self being fixed
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Walk around and steel 13%
Pay acount only go to cbhq bbhq lbhq and go to tailor and delete laff note and steel clothes or walk in battle fishing ect
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

All seven gags 10%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

The killer 5%
If you have full life you have full every thing go to a level one guy and say fu it kills him
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Toontown 2%
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Disney's Toontown Online 298507How do you get more hit points on cogs like for the cream pie it goes to -40 but I saw people with -44 Answers: 6
Disney's Toontown Online 301125What do you get if you beat the c.e.o. Answers: 7
Disney's Toontown Online 325654How do you use the secret passage in cashbot hq. I have done it before and now I can't get my toon to go behind the barrel. I know once I get back there to open and close the book but my toon just won't go back there? Answers: 2
Disney's Toontown Online 342181Is there a way to get unlimited fish for the day? Answers: 2
Disney's Toontown Online 393302How many points does it take to kill the CEO? Answers: 2
Disney's Toontown Online 534313Why do toons gather in donald dreamld playground esp at nutty river dst? Answers: 3
Disney's Toontown Online 686829What do you do with the collected flowers? Answers: 1
Disney's Toontown Online 837708How do i get more then one doodle i'm a non-member Answers: 1
Disney's Toontown Online 911350I have 102 laff and there is no toontasks besides tasks for jellybeans and being invisible ect. Is there other toontasks left for like laff boots or whatever? please help . Answers: 1
Disney's Toontown Online 925501How do you run at the end of cashbothq while earning skill credit Answers: 1
Disney's Toontown Online 301137Can you make the days for the emotes or for the gag shirts go faster!? plz I cancled the discription and got it back and now its taking for ever Answers: 1
Disney's Toontown Online 313528How do you get fire to kill a cog in one hit Answers: 1
Disney's Toontown Online 339344Where do I find penny pinchers? Answers: 6
Disney's Toontown Online 351342Can you change your toon character? Answers: 4
Disney's Toontown Online 351970I read something about if you plant a tree for every level of the gag track in one object like (throw), then you get a reward. I cannot find this and have not gotte a reward. Can anyone answer this Answers: 4
Disney's Toontown Online 358701Whats a toon-up or a gag-up or jellybean-up or whatever? Answers: 4
Disney's Toontown Online 389570How do you get started on lure! Answers: 3
Disney's Toontown Online 423204How do you use the phone Answers: 4
Disney's Toontown Online 450885In Bossbot HQ, after defeating cogs, how do you beat the game that follows it ? Answers: 1
Disney's Toontown Online 460962How do you get to the River? Answers: 2
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