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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Cheats for WII
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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine WII Cheats

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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

End of Practice Mode 100%
Description: There is actually an end to Practice Mode. Practice Mode will freeze at level 60. Try it as many times as you like, but it will never get past 60.
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Level Passwords 100%
Level Opponent Password
2FranklyRed, Red, Red, Has Bean
3HumptyClear Bean, Purple, Clear Bean, Green
4CoconutsRed, Clear Bean, Has Bean, Yellow
5Davy SproketClear Bean, Blue, Blue, Purple
6SqweelClear Bean, Red, Clear Bean, Purple
7DynamightPurple, Yellow, Red, Blue
8GrounderYellow, Green, Has Bean, Blue
9SpikeYellow, Purple, Has Bean, Blue
10Sir Fuzzy LogikRed, Yellow, Clear Bean, Has Bean,
11Dragon BreathGreen, Purple, Blue, Clear Bean,
12ScratchRed, Has Bean, Has Bean, Yellow,
13Dr. RobotnikYellow, Has Bean, Blue, Blue
Normal difficulty
2FranklyHas Bean, Clear Bean, Yellow, Yellow
3HumptyBlue, Clear Bean, Red, Yellow
4CoconutsYellow, Blue, Clear Bean, Purple
5Davy SproketHas Bean, Green, Blue, Yellow
6SqweelGreen, Purple, Purple, Yellow
7DynamightPurple, Blue, Green, Has Bean
8GrounderGreen, Has Bean, Clear Bean, Yellow
9SpikeBlue Purple, Has Bean, Has Bean
10Sir Fuzzy LogikHas Bean, Red, Yellow, Clear Bean
11Dragon BreathClear Bean, Red, Red, Blue
12ScratchGreen, Green, Clear Bean, Yellow
13Dr. RobotnikPurple, Yellow, Has Bean, Clear Bean
Hard difficulty
2FranklyGreen, Clear Bean, Yellow, Yellow
3HumptyYellow, Clear Bean, Purple, Clear Bean
4CoconutsBlue, Green, Clear Bean, Blue
5Davy SproketRed, Purple, Green, Green
6SqweelYellow, Yellow, Clear Bean, Green
7DynamightPurple, Clear Bean, Blue, Blue
8GrounderClear Bean, Yellow, Has Bean, Yellow
9SpikePurple, Blue, Blue, Green
10Sir Fuzzy LogikClear Bean, Green, Red, Yellow
11Dragon BreathBlue, Yellow, Yellow, Has Bean
12ScratchGreen, Clear Bean, Clear Bean, Blue
13Dr. RobotnikHas Bean, Clear, Purple, Has Bean
Hardest difficulty
2FranklyBlue, Blue, Green, Yellow
3HumptyGreen, Yellow, Green, Clear Bean
4CoconutsPurple, Purple, Red, Has Bean
5Davy SproketGreen, Red, Purple, Blue
6SqweelBlue, Purple, Green, Yellow
7DynamightBlue, Purple, Green, Has Bean
8GrounderClear Bean, Purple, Has Bean, Yellow
9SpikePurple, Green, Has Bean, Clear Bean
10Sir Fuzzy LogikGreen, Blue, Yellow, Has Bean
11Dragon BreathGreen, Purple, Has Bean, Red
12ScratchRed, Green, Has Bean, Blue
13Dr. RobotnikRed, Red, Clear Bean, Yellow
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