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Far Cry: Vengeance Cheats for WII
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Far Cry: Vengeance WII Cheats

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Far Cry: Vengeance

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheat mode 78%
From MAIN MENU, select "Options", then choose the "Cheats" selection. Now, enter one of the following codes to activate the specified cheat function:

Infinite Feral Attacks

Use "Bloodlust" as a case-sensitive code.

Infinite ammunition

Use "UnleashHell" as a case-sensitive code.

Restore health

Use "ImJackCarver" as a case-sensitive code.

Feral Attack in the early levels

Use "FeralAttack" as a case-sensitive code.

All maps

Use "GiveMeTheMaps" as a case-sensitive code to unlock all maps. *** This code cannot be disabled unless your profile is deleted.
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Codes 67%
Description: Enter these case sensitive codes in the Cheats Menu for the desired effect.

FeralAttackEnable Evolutions
BloodLustInfinite Adrenaline
UnleashHellInfinite Ammo
GiveMeTheMapsUnlock All Maps
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Helicopter cheat 39%
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Far cry vengeance 22%
Remote ken ook b button scouting and a button
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IWantMyQuad 16%
You gat a quad appears in front of you
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Questions & Answers
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Far Cry: Vengeance 223027I need to now wy wen I to try and meet up with kade at then old out post the objective point moves to another place in the room when I spin my map round Answers: 2
Far Cry: Vengeance 252275Im stuck on a point were I need to climb a wall but does not seam any way to climb it. Its the level were the plaform is on fire Answers: 2
Far Cry: Vengeance 230440How do you cross the broken bridge Answers: 3
Far Cry: Vengeance 300185I am on Canopy Island and am following Kiendo blood trail.I have reached the place were I can use feral sight to see where to climb any surface that has been used by humans but when in feral sight I can not see any signs on where to climb and how to get out? Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 670168UGHH! why wont any of the cheats work!?! I have already tried putting them in multiple of different ways but NONE of them work! ALL it says is that it is an "unknown code". Any help? Please and a thank you Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 323133I am stuck on getting into bomb room climbed up the two poles and still no luck Answers: 0
Far Cry: Vengeance 392935I have killed the oil executive, now hundreds of men come at me and I can not get out of the House I am in. please help Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 494559Where is the main water valves in the in the big hole Answers: 0
Far Cry: Vengeance 512331How do I jump over the cliffs after the tree bridge that on fire Answers: 0
Far Cry: Vengeance 670012How many cheats are in far cry vengeance? Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 271999Exactly!the codes doesnt anyone know if there are any other codes then the map-codee? Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 355911Where is kade's safehouse Answers: 2
Far Cry: Vengeance 357020How do you get past the first part I kill everyone then cant move on to the next part im stuck in the yard and cant get out Answers: 2
Far Cry: Vengeance 398160Bogus you can't get in the room to defuss the the bomb , I'll kill everyone and free the ones that were hanging ,still the doors won't open now mt game is starting to freeze up Answers: 0
Far Cry: Vengeance 417775Were do you go after you clumb the first wall in the tower of fire? I can do the first wall but then were? Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 449508Where is Kade's safehouse? Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 473623How do I jump Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 492452How to jump Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 521148How do you escape shanty town? Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 524254Shaking the numchuck does not work to get Answers: 1
Far Cry: Vengeance 662342How do you climb the poles and which ones do you climb in the fire tower? Answers: 0
Far Cry: Vengeance 640064How do you get across the rock bridge that falls on the cliff level? Answers: 0
Far Cry: Vengeance 649198I cant climb up the tree with the broken down fence does anyone know what im doing wrong Answers: 0
Far Cry: Vengeance 673454How to get in the room with the bomb? hasnt any one noticed a pattern here? there are alot of people with the same problem! could there be a glitch? Answers: 1
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