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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Cheats for PS2
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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Cheats

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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Sasuke 95%
Description: During the mission at the Port Village, Sasuke is capable of using Lions Barrage. This is very similar to the Naruto Uzumaki Barrage. The Lions Barrage is not used often. If you have no upgrades on your skill plate to improve your defense, this move will do as much as 75 points worth of damage. Try using the Substitution Jutsu by entering X when hit,to try and get behind him, or dash by tapping X(2) in the direction you wish move away from his punches when he tries hand-to-hand combat. *** He can use the Lions Barrage if you are airborne when you are hit.
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HINT 95%
This hint is for you to get 25% of you Chacra.
All you need to do is when its loading move the left or right anolegy stick around fast and a blue chacra will come out!
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Refill Stamina/Chakara 95%
How to: When you are at the loading screen, you need to rotate the Left Analog-stick and/or Right Analog-stick. Out will come a Blue Chakara Ball. Your unfilled Stamina/Chakara Bar will regain nearly 25%. You need to do this between loading screens with the Konoha symbol in the bottom right corner.
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Kabuto, Kakashi, and Orochimaru 94%
Description: First you must have the "Perfect Strike" skill chip. When you get to the room with Kabuto & everything else, Perfect Strike must be on your skill plate. The 2nd best skill plate is Toad until you finish this mission. When you get in, there should be five prisms. Use Naruto's new full power Rasengan (R2). You will get it from Perfect Strike on the prisms. You need to use rations to get more Chakra. Switch to Kakashi (L2). after all five are gone. Use your Lightning Blade (R1) on the big man. After he dies take his things and lock on to Kabuto. Do the same thing with Kakashi to defeat him. When Karin arrives, get some Kunai,around 5 to 8 is good. Now go to Orochimaru. When he spins and teleports, hit him and switch to Sasuke. Switch the Deployed Mark on your allies thing in the pause menu. Use Chidori (R2) and knock him down and when he gets up, use a Fire Jutsu then switch to Naruto. Get Kakashi out. When Orochimaru stands still, lock on and press R2 as many times as you can. Go to Naruto and get beat up and go Kyuubi. Hit him with no specials in Kyuubi mode. If he is not dead yet, do whatever you can to kill him, but heal Naruto from the demon form.
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Completing Shrine Genjutsu 92%
How to: You will see 3 shrines when you 1st enter this Genjutsu. Inspect the shrines and look at the shadows of the shrine. The real shrine is the one that looks different from the others. Do this up to five times and you should be out. If not keep trying until Naruto tells you how you can get out.
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Completion bonuses 90%
How to unlock: You need to finish the game to unlock the Boss battle, Gaara and Kakashi as support characters, and the shuriken pattern.
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How to defeat choji 86%
Save up the ninetails fox power and unleash it on choji
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Screen leaf symbol uses 65%
Rotate the analog stick either leaf or right.then you get a blue energy orb which will heal your chakra.pls try.n do vote for
By: arceas17(151)
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How to beat gaara 64%
If you are in the mission trouble in the sand and you are inthe part when you fight gaara use shikamaru's kunai trap every time you switch to him then use naruto's nine tailed fox note:put seal weaken skill chip in ninjutsu skill chips and put power strike skill chip whitch is in the special chips. and when you're done with the nine tailed fox get gaara to red and keep on using naruto's rasengan couple of times until you beat gaara
By: andreideloso(113)
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Multiple Shadow Possession Jutsu 63%
If you have shikamaru lock off the person your locking on. Make all enemy in front of you about 1 meter away then do shadow possession jutsu and you'll notice that he has multiple shadows. Then do those funny hand moves by pressing SQUARE and keep pressing CIRCLE for his multiple kuani knives. (this helps alot in the ? battle)
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How to beat shikamaru 62%
Use choji if shikamaru uses trap kuni or shadow possession jutsu use human bolder or partial expansion to breack it
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Lock on 61%
When you press R1+R2 together in front of a man(caution in front of a man not a woman or animal)you will use Sexy Jutsu.It allows them to be knocked and when they stand up their confused!That gives you the perfect chance to hit.
By: Poke55(122)
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Getting the tamasaburo plant 59%
In the battle dodge the enemies attacks and if you see a giant rock use choji's human boulder then you should get the tamasaburo plant
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Perfect Team 57%
Once you beat the game, use Kakashi and Neji on transport missions.
By: Aragorn360(85)
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Stronger Rasengan 55%
Just follow this. First you must charge your rasengan in full power (hold R2). Then release R2 and immediately press R1. Then a clone jutsu will appear and helps you charge for the rasengan attack. It is more powerful and very long time to finish it's attack.
By: gloom876(313)
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9 tailed fox quick release 52%
When attack ing multiple enemys hit one with normal attack so it makes a combo, then turn around and hit another enemy wiht the same thing to get better combo. (this aids in getting the 9 tailed fox out!)
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How to beat sasuke 52%
Us the nine taile fox 2 make him week then use rasengan by using shadow clown jutsu and power strick
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A replay at the start screen 46%
To see a replay on the press start screen wait until the song ends and a word should appear on the downer right on the screen the word should say now loading and when the word dissaperes there will be a replay
By: andreideloso(113)
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Tobeat choij 38%
You must not get hit if naruto is spicy use ninetalidfox
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