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NBA Live 07 Cheats for PSP
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NBA Live 07 PSP Cheats

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NBA Live 07

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Misspelling 96%
While loading the 2 Ball mini-game, a loading screen with a message will appear. On the 3rd point, it tells you how to bump the opponent's basketball. On the 2nd basketball in the point, they spell "basketball" as "basektball". You can see the same misspelling by going to "NBA Live FAQ", then "General", then "2 Ball". The same screen will appear.
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Slam Dunk Contests Help 67%
Dunks that wil gets you most of the time 50.

The Honey Dip - L+square+triangle
1. L+circle+circle
2. basic alley-oop button+L+squre+triangle
3. x+x
4. 720 Dunk(hardest)- hold L button the hole time, then as you press triangle, rotate the analog stick completely 2 times (720 degrees), then press triangle again to finish.
5. Hold L button the hole time, press R button and SELECT with a alley-oop button,then square+triangle.

Okay-Dunks (scores 40-47)
1. L+CIRCLE+Square
2. L+CIRCLE+triangle
4.Hold R the Hole time, then press square. After that press whatever (square, triangle, circle, or x).
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Teams good to play with 50%
If your a beginner, play w/ the rosters and make your favorite team the best, with following roster.

Starting Team
C Amare Stoudemire
PF Kevin Garnett
SF LeBron James
SG Kobe Bryant
PG Gilbert Arenas

C Tim Duncan
PF Shawn Marion
SF Andrei Kirilenko
SG Tracy McGrady
PG Allen Iverson
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Street tricks every game 40%
First make five 3 pointers then do tricks with sqaure then shoot if u make it the cheat has been activated
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Cart wheel in dunk contest 40%
Hold down L and click O and let go and click O again
By: benji85(6)
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Infinite turbo 37%
Up down left right x x r l
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Ultimate three 23%
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NBA Live 07 239836How do you get an assist and 3 awesome dunks are run up and hold r and l then tap circle and then hold circle again in slam dunk competition if you get it rite you get 50 Answers: 1
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NBA Live 07 70889How do you unlock michael jordan Answers: 6
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