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Dogz Cheats for NDS
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Dogz NDS Cheats

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Rating: 2/5 VOTE

Sparky 63%
Sparky is a code
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Dogz hint 58%
Train your dog 5 hours per day.then the rest build on your friendship.if you have all of 1 do the other one
By: 3hailey8(290)
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Strees goes away 53%
To keep your dog from getting stressed, DON'T
1. Train it to hard very often
2.ignore it

To prevent stress, DO
1.Play with it often
2.Groom it often
3.Let it outside sometimes
4.Spend time with it.

Hope this helps! :)
By: Umbreon21(51)
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To build Relationship (hint) 39%
Play Whith your Dog, Stroke it , Feed it, etc.

But train your dog aswell.Once your days are up You should have at least 1 or 2 Friendship hearts.Now you can start building your way up to full friendship with your dog.
By: Playgb2(65)
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You should.. 38%
Go to the store each day.
By: 3hailey8(290)
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Fun cheat 5%
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Dogz 267214How do I get my dog to do the fishing task? Answers: 2
Dogz 512215How to earn money Answers: 1
Dogz 521269What are the place codes for the game dogz pack Answers: 0
Dogz 521878How do you get your dog to win the show on the stageheart level? I Keep trying the doooodli cheat but the dog falls down like a domino. Someone help! Answers: 0
Dogz 949183How do you get to the vet in dogz? Answers: 0
Dogz 974889How do you get more than 1 dog? I tried everything and nothing happened! Answers: 0
Dogz 478313I am trying to deleat an old game file and I can not figure out what the new game button I or where to go to deleat Answers: 2
Dogz 366502In the game Petz Dogz Pack, how do you get from your house to the adoption center. Answers: 1
Dogz 415848Hi, I want to know how to delete saved games off the game card. I have tried everything, but nothing works........HELP! Answers: 1
Dogz 53101How do make it age? Answers: 6
Dogz 438066How do you delete a saved game... I tried everything! and nothing will work help please! Answers: 1
Dogz 636612Can I play another dog wit out seeing the other persons dog? Answers: 1
Dogz 764748How do you enter cheatcodes for dogz ds Answers: 2
Dogz 828369Can I get a weiner dog on petz dogz pack?! Answers: 0
Dogz 201793Ok I was thinking of getting this game but what breeds are in it Answers: 7
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