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The Sims 2: Pets Cheats for PSP
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The Sims 2: Pets PSP Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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The Sims 2: Pets

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Free pet food 92%
Description: Buy a telescope and skywatch.then aliens will take you .when they leave you ,you will have free alien pet food that fulls yours pets needs
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Monkey Paw 90%
How to: Sit on a bench at town square. Press X and select "Search Bench". Try this various times and you will find the paw. This also works if you buy a sofa.
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Renovation Warning 88%
If You Have A Work And Your Sim Is In Work And You Renovate Your House Don`t Do That Because You Will Miss Your Work And Keep it up and your FIRED! That`s The Helpful For Player Who Want to Renovate House :)
Happy For Serving you :)
By: branwelweak88(19)
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Alien Abduction OHMY! 86%
Description: ALIENS!?! Use this trick to have your Sim get abducted by aliens (the icon is a green saucer). Buy a telescope at the "Buy" menu and select it. Choose the "Stargaze" option. *** The "Spy" option will not work. Suddenly a light will appear from the sky and your Sim will be abducted. A few hours later, the Sim will return. If that Sim has a job, do this on Saturday or Sunday to avoid missing work.
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Saving Time!!! 82%
Don't have enough time to upgrade skills points OR want to upgrade skills points to get better job and high salary in short time?

Firstly, buy skills item at 'Buy Menu' > 'Sort Objects by Type' > 'Skill'.
Secondly, put to your house and select that skills item again then press UP and choice 'Add to Inventory'.
After that, go to Town Square and press START > 'Family Inventory' > press R R {Other Objects} > select the skills item > put to Town Square.
Finally, use the skills item to upgrade skills points.

-Check the clock before go to Town Square and compare the clock before you go to Town Square and after you go to Town Square at house.
-Don't forget put your skills item back to your 'Family Inventory' before go home.
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Cheat statue 81%
Description: As you are playing the game, press:
L(2), R, X(2), Up
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Cheats.... (:-D) 70%
Activate the cheat gnome:
While playing the game press L, L, R, X, X, Up when you are home or
in front of your house near the mailbox.

Unlock Pet points option on the Cheat gnome:
Activate the cheat gnome, then press Triangle, Circle, X, Square, L, R
during game play near the Cheat gnome.

Unlock Advance time option on the Cheat gnome:
Activate cheat gnome code, then press Up, Left, Down, Right, R
during game play.

Unlock Simoleons option on the Cheat gnome:
Activate cheat gnome code, then press Triangle, Up, Left, Down, Right
during game play in front of your house near the mailbox.

Find Monkey Paw:
Sit in a bench at town square. Press X and select "Search Bench".
Try this for several times and you will find the paw.
Note: This trick will work also, if you buy a sofa.
By: hamiel10(249)
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Fast Way Of Promoting 70%
If You Want To Promote Then Go To Start Menu And Personal Info And R 2x where there is career Then This is Example

Cleaning=Bookshelf Or Even U Clean
Mechanical=Bookshelf Or Even U Repair, Chess
Cooking=Bookshelf Or Even U Cook
Logical=Chess ,Telescope
Body=Treadmill,Exercise Machine(Weight Lifting)
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Break Up Hints 69%
If You Want To Break Up With A Sim And Don`t Want to let move out of a sim then if Then Go To The Sim(That Is Not Truly Your Sim Before It Get Married) and then break up and see it will not leave

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Parties 67%
Don't let other people (besides your family) stay too long on your house. If they stay to long, they will live on your house.
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Town Square FIRE 67%
If You Have Many Pet Point Then Buy Many Items At Emporium And Go To Family Inventory And then Go Place All You Have Buy (Example 15 Cat House) And Then If Back to game There`s A Fire In Town Square!
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Stop Wasting Your Time 67%
In The Sims 2 Pets Yoou Can`t Have A Baby So Don`t Waste your time
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Rockets+goverment=money$$$$$$ 65%
First go to buy menu go to sort objects by type then get to the skill buy the blast off rocket buy it put it at backyard make a rocket when he finished government will pay 1-10 $
By: edmon36(59)
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House Fire Warning 63%
If Your House Having Fire 3x then you can`t buy anymore items unless it`s you delete more items you cant build anymore becoz it helps you to no fire

By Clint
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Cheat Gnome At Your Home(Near At Your Mailbox)100% Working (Tested) 61%
If U Really Want to get the statue at in Your House(Near The Mailbox)
Then U Must In Your House and type [L,L,R,Triangle,X,X,Up] And Then See It Work If Others Can`t Work Then U Type A Wrong Code See Carefully The Code! This [L,L,R,X,X,Up] Is In Town Square Only
And Directly Control Pet Is Not Working If U Want To Learn More About The Cheat Then Comment To Me.. And Dont Forget To Click The Helpful Link :) Happy Cheaters!
By: branwelweak88(19)
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You get books...For FREE!!!!! 60%
Just buy a bookcase and grab a book then put the book down then sell the bookcase!
By: Coolboy24(1305)
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Easy Money (Not Going to buy Rocket Bench) 57%
You`re Going To Buy "Independent Expressions,Inc,Easel($750) its located in Sort By Type And Then Skills Tab And Paint If Your Creativity is level 8 your paint sells $64
And You`re not going to buy Rocket Bench Becoz it`s Expensive($2,000)
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Upgrade 55%
To upgrade a store like the implorium you need 5000 simpoliens then change them to pet points with the atm and buy the cheapest item over and over again then sell them and do the same thing again!
By: ishe(125)
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First you go to the buy menu than you buy a bookshelf after you put the bookshelf on your lawn go up to the bookshelf and take some books off and put the books on the ground than sell the bookshelf and you get to keep the books you have on the ground to read from and keep your money you spent on the bookshelf.
By: flameboy777(37)
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The cheat statue. 50%
The cheat statue. To get it press L L R X X up at town square and at the end of the sidewalks there will be a statue with 2 rings and a sim symbol.
By: Coolboy24(1305)
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Cheat statue 48%
During the game enter L, L, R, X, X, UP. The cheat above is how to get the cheat gnome but what it doesn't explain is that you have to go outside (your Sim's house) after you have done it and you will see a kind of statue.

Press the X (CROSS) button and there will be a blank space. Click that and you will go into the cheat gnome. Input UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, R to will advance time by six hours. Do it a second time (repeat the code) and you have an option to give your Sim 9999 simoleans. To give a sim pet points, input CIRCLE, SQUARE, CROSS, TRIANGLE, R, L.
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Upgrade Pet Emporium 48%
Cheat code: Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up

Note: This will fully upgrade the Pet Emporium in Town Square.
By: rhandy344(276)
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The sims2pets cheats 44%
At your house enter l,l,r,x,x,up when u are at home (infront the mailbox)

if u want simeleons press up,left,down,right near the mailbox

pet points-triangle,circle,x,square,l,r

that's the only i have :) hope it works
By: markoniko2(11)
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The disapering act 1 41%
If you have less than 200 simoliens call the cops.she will then arrive then charge you. no cash will go then she willget a ray gun then zap a object and its gone!
By: ishe(125)
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Sims 2 pets hint for aliens 41%
To get abducted by aliens, you have to buy a telescope then stargaze for two or three hours!
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Get a job not from newspaper 40%
If you want to get a job not from newspaper is easy some times there's no newspaper in your lawn you need to buy a computer press the find a job you will get your job and even it can fulfil your talking motive
By: sirnebger100(69)
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To get a lot of pet points play with your pets a lot then you can buy stuff.
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The disapering act 2 38%
Do the same thing as the first disapering act then block the cop from geting out from the door[best done in the bed room]. she will then fall through through the floor!
By: ishe(125)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

More layouts 35%
First fill the wants side panel and press start and press R trigger and go where the cup is and then see how much did you fill by filing filig you will get a notice that you have unlocked thank you for reading
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Easy money 33%
Get a reely high level shop in the town square then spend all your money on the pet points buy loads of good things from that shop and sell them for more money
By: wellofpets(21)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Break up 32%
If you want to break up without lossing money,go to town square and make your money to pet points.ten break up .you will lose the half money.then go to town square and buy stuff,and sell them at home!
By: hellasgiannis(108)
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!!!How to get Pet points!!! 24%
Hi people this 7 steps help you to get Pet points:

1st:Build your own family.
2nd:Make sims do not make 4.
3rd:Do a/some pet/s.
4th:Go to Town Square and get pet/s with you.
5th:Find where you want to sell/buy pet/s.
6th:Choose all of them and press sell/
7th:Repeat the method but don't make a family edit this time.

!This is how to make pet points in 1 day I get 10,000 Pet points!
By: Ryan23lolies(17)
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Money 23%
Motherlode = 50,000
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People have same 2nd name as you 22%
If you are new or wanna start a new game on 'The Sims 2: Pets' go to start new game and choose an empty neighbrood, next press 'Create new family', Now you create your family and when your done click name and goto 'last name' finaly press it to change the 2nd name!
By: Cheatingcheat12(15)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

To make money 9,999,9 18%
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