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Super Castlevania IV Cheats for WII
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Super Castlevania IV WII Cheats

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Super Castlevania IV Cheats

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Super Castlevania IV

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Invisible Staircase 100%
On the level right before Dracula chamber, there is a staircase leading into his domain. There is also a huge drop from the platform into the depths. Fortunately, things are not as they seem. If you take a large jump off the edge of the platform, you will find yourself on an invisible ledge that will lead down some stairs going to the left. Go as far as you can to the left and several powerups will fall . Collect 99 hearts, a triple boomerang, and the best whip. Just be careful not to fall off the edge when going back.
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Secret Stash 100%
Those of you with Nintendo Power should remember to make a jump at the bottom of the stairs to Dracula's chamber. The invisible platform on the bottom left will drop meats, big hearts, a boomerang, and weapon multipliers for the last fight. Enjoy!
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Easy Death 100%
During the fight with Death, the boss shoots little scythes like homing missiles. Simply stand on the left (or right, but left is safer), hold the WHIP button and press UP to easily pass this phase of the fight.
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