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Def Jam: Icon Cheats for PS3
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Def Jam: Icon PS3 Cheats

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Def Jam: Icon

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

It's Going Down - Yung Joc 100%
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Fighting Styles 96%
Description: The following Fighting Styles can be unlocked for your Build-a-Label character.

Beat BoxerAchieve "Mogul" Status
Black PantherAchieve "Producer" Status
Ghetto BlasterPick at start / Achieve "Hustler" Status
Jah BreakaAchieve "ICON" Status
Muay FlyAchieve "Hit Maker" Status
Street Kwon DoPick at start / Achieve "Hustler" Status
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Fighting Styles 75%
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Fighting Style in Build-A-Label mode:

Beat Boxer: Achieve "Mogul" status
Black Panther: Achieve "Producer" status
Ghetto Blaster: Achieve "Hustler" status
Jah Breaka: Achieve "ICON" status
Muay Fly: Achieve "Hit Maker" status
Street Kwon Do: Achieve "Hustler" status
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Get anything from any store for free 57%
Note: You must first have enough money to pay for the desired item. Buy the item, then equip it. Go back to your crib, then press Start and exit but do not save. Then, go back to Build A Label mode and continue your story. You will still be wearing the item you just bought, but will have your money back. If you change it, you will lose the item however, you can repeat the trick as many times as desired.
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Unlock Fat Joe 54%
When it says press start press Down,circle,X,Right
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Unlockable: Hidden Songs 42%
To unlock the hidden track "It's Goin Down", press the following button combination at the title screen: Down, Circle, X, Right. To unlock the hidden track "Make It Rain", insert the same password.
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All fighters 38%
At the start screen press circle,x,x,l1,l2,r2,r2
By: MADDEVIL1(2117)
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Unlock evrything 36%
On start screen enter
triangle down x x box
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Play as Fat Joe 36%
Enable the "It's Goin Down by Yung Joc song" and "Make It Rain by Fat Joe song" codes to unlock Fat Joe. Note: Fat Joe cannot be saved you must enable the codes each time the system is reset.
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Be chris carver in build a label 18%
On start screen enter
x down box left right
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Play as Dr. Chang 11%
At the "Press Start" screen, press Down, Triangle, Right to unlock Dr. Chang. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.
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35 Trophies
Def Jam: Icon - The Big Burn The Big Burn
Solo Hard or Ranked: Torch your opponent in the Flaming Gas Pump
Def Jam: Icon - Too Loud, Too Old Too Loud, Too Old
Solo Hard or Ranked: Defeat your opponent by using the speaker blast at The Club
Def Jam: Icon - Hit The Lights Hit The Lights
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the Light Wall at The Club until it's lights out
Def Jam: Icon - Joy Riding Joy Riding
Solo Hard or Ranked: End the fight with the lowriding impact at the Block
Def Jam: Icon - Heads Up Heads Up
Solo Hard or Ranked: Knock your opponent out with the Swinging Light Rig
Def Jam: Icon - Feel the Power Feel the Power
Solo Hard or Ranked: End a fight at the studio with an electrifying experience for your opponent
Def Jam: Icon - Marshmallows Marshmallows
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the fireplace in the Penthouse to finish off your opponent
Def Jam: Icon - Window of Opportunity Window of Opportunity
Solo Hard or Ranked: Throw your opponent out of the window at the Penthouse
Def Jam: Icon - Killer Sound System Killer Sound System
Solo Hard or Ranked: Bring your opponent's health to zero with volume at 11 at the Office
Def Jam: Icon - Going Down Going Down
Solo Hard or Ranked: Throw your opponent into the Elevator Shaft in Troy's Office
Def Jam: Icon - Caution: Wet Floor Caution: Wet Floor
Solo Hard or Ranked: Shock your opponent to victory at the Rooftop
Def Jam: Icon - Smacked Down Smacked Down
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the helicopter tail whip as your finishing move
Def Jam: Icon - Look But Don't Touch Look But Don't Touch
Solo Hard or Ranked: Let one of the dancers defeat your opponent
Def Jam: Icon - Mixtape Mixtape
Play your "Def Jam Icon" Saved Playlist in My Soundtrack
Def Jam: Icon - Bling Bling
Have a record go gold in Build a Label
Def Jam: Icon - Bling Bling Bling Bling
Have a record go platinum in Build a Label
Def Jam: Icon - KaChing Bling KaChing Bling
Have a record go multiplatinum in Build a Label
Def Jam: Icon - BMF BMF
Complete Build A Label Mode on Hardest Difficulty Level
Def Jam: Icon - Producing Mogul Producing Mogul
Release 6 songs in Build a Label
Def Jam: Icon - Top of the Charts Top of the Charts
Have an album reach number 1 on the Charts
Def Jam: Icon - Fashion Icon Fashion Icon
Reach 500,000 Style Points in Build a Label
Def Jam: Icon - Ladies Man Ladies Man
Have 4 satisfied girlfriends simultaneously in Build A Label Mode
Def Jam: Icon - Represent Yourself Represent Yourself
Change your Signature
Def Jam: Icon - Getting Hot Getting Hot
Ranked: Win 5 online fights in a row
Def Jam: Icon - Critical Beat Down Critical Beat Down
Ranked: Win 15 online fights in a row
Def Jam: Icon - Get Your Mode On Get Your Mode On
Ranked: Achieve 50 online wins
Def Jam: Icon - Rollin Rollin
Ranked: Achieve 100 online wins
Def Jam: Icon - Ornery Bastard Ornery Bastard
Ranked: Achieve 200 online wins
Def Jam: Icon - Domination Domination
Ranked: Have your Taunt Tag appear on your dominated opponent's screen
Def Jam: Icon - Straight Clownin' Straight Clownin'
Win a ranked match with 100 total taunts
Def Jam: Icon - Reversals Only Reversals Only
Beatings with Bass: Solo: Hard: No Strikes, Directionals, Get Up Attacks, or Grab attempts.
Def Jam: Icon - Directional Attacks Only Directional Attacks Only
Beatings with Bass: Solo: Hard: No Strikes, Get Up Attacks, Blocks, Reversals, Taunts, or Grabs.
Def Jam: Icon - Protect Your Crib Protect Your Crib
Complete a Fight without the glass wall breaking in your crib in Build a Label
Def Jam: Icon - Troy's Trophies Troy's Trophies
Be Troy Dollar and protect your trophies while fighting a solo match
Def Jam: Icon - Brother's Store Brother's Store
Be Dr. Chang and protect your brother's convenient store during a solo match

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Def Jam: Icon 445410Is there a code to unlock fatjoe? Answers: 2
Def Jam: Icon 336377I learned dat you gotta sign people in certain order to get different people. wat people do you gotta sign to get ghostface killah on yo label Answers: 1
Def Jam: Icon 361713After you complete build a label mode, wah else is there fah you to do in tha game? story seems quite short _ Answers: 1
Def Jam: Icon 390885How do you sign T.I. Answers: 1
Def Jam: Icon 936562How many fights do you have to fight to get the penthouse Answers: 0
Def Jam: Icon 963509Playin as Ti vs Big Boi in build a label and I want to know how do you beat him Answers: 0
Def Jam: Icon 505668WhEN and where wiLL I enter the cheat codes Answers: 1
Def Jam: Icon 109149How do you beat the guy when your sean paul and troy invites him to his ofice in ny to meet the guy you fight. Answers: 2
Def Jam: Icon 220949How much do have to pay for this game Answers: 2
Def Jam: Icon 682125How do you switch songs Answers: 1
Def Jam: Icon 489291Whose better to sign Sean Paul or Ghostface killah? Answers: 1
Def Jam: Icon 498417How do you become an icon? Answers: 2
Def Jam: Icon 544367When your paul wall how do you beat the police officer Answers: 0
Def Jam: Icon 250237After you fight whetley is that the end can you keep going through the levels? Answers: 1
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