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Medal of Honor Vanguard Cheats for PS2
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Medal of Honor Vanguard PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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Medal of Honor Vanguard

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Weapon Power-Ups 88%
Weapons can be upgraded in some stages if you find a power-up. You cannot take the upgrade from one stage to another but it will benefit your weapons within that stage.

Mission 1 Parachute onto the western cliff and look for the upgrade adjacent to the boxes, near the searchlight
Mission 2 Look for this upgrade on the counter of a small building at the entrance of the courtyard
Mission 6Parachute into the western tower (the one emitting green gas) and look for the upgrade on the top floor
Mission 10Inside the tunnel after the 1st 88, the upgrade can be found behind a box at the end of the 1st corridor
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Entering a cheat tip 88%
When you succesfully enter a cheat the game will unpause if you did not enter the cheat right it will say invalid cheat
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Get extra armor 77%
While playing pause the game then pres up, down, up, down to enable cheat mode then right, left, right, down, up, right
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By: black6red26(103)
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Cheat mode 57%
Pause the game and press up down up down. In the top left it will say enter cheat code.
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Mission 9 weapon upgrade 57%
There are two upgrades. 1st: parachute yourself to the crashed plane emmiting green gas.
serch ruins to find upgrade. 2nd: when parachuting, point your to the tank on ground push forward by left anlong stick. you land in a shallow ditch. the upgrade is found in the crate.
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By: black6red26(103)
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To destroy tank in mission 4 53%
Search the entire area well you will find many rocket launchers . and you have to fire the tank with it 3 TIMES
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Upgradev thing 52%
On op varsity land in the water and therell be a cheat there
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Invisible soldiers 51%
The cheat is right, left, right, down, up, right but first you must enter up down up down
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God Mode 51%
Pause game then enter up down up down,on the upper left Enter cheat code appears
then input right left right down up right. This the armor cheat and it is a (Bullet Shield)
furthermore you will no longer see the red aura of death on the field of view. you will
be impervious to grenade damage as well as tank shells. Shell shock still occurs tho.
Input this cheat at the begining of each mission. Tested throughout the entire game.
For instance, you may walk up to any MG-42 and never feel a thing,and then cap the gunner in the head. The bullet shield is on several MOH games. ENJOY
By: voyager6(43)
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Fourth mission tank destruction 49%
The only way to destroy the tank that falls into the trench is to run up to the tank and set a charge under it and that will destroy it.
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By: black6red26(103)
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Winning 42%
I have competed mohv on the last misson use only the m1 when move in around the wearhouse stay prone and wacth out for the 5 hiden snipers in the bunker 2 the left of the werhouse at the end good hunting men
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Blood and gore 41%
To enabale blood and gore you must commplete the game 3 times without dying at all. and ta da. also with blood and gore on if you shoot an enemy with a bazooka his arms and legs sometimes blow of.
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Unlock all level 40%
At the main menu press o ten times and tadaaaaaaaaa it'll works
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Grenade launcher 35%
then right,left,right,left,down,up,down,up
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By: black6red26(103)
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All weapons 23%
By: Mystericheat(141)
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Get hitler 22%
Press up up up down down down down right right at menu
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Jurmen dascise 22%
Up right dawn dawn left right
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Cheat: Invincibility 14%
Cheat: Invincibility
If you want to give your character complete invincibility, simply just pause the game and then put in up, down, up, down on the directional Pad. After that, press in: up, right, left, down, down, and up. If inserted correctly, your character will be made invincible to enemy attack.
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Medal of Honor Vanguard 709488During Endgame, no charge is appearing on the second 88 gun in the trench. Is this a glitch or have I missed something? Answers: 1
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Medal of Honor Vanguard 799631I can't see where I am going, I need to know how to make the game brighter, so I can go through and not get lost. Answers: 1
Medal of Honor Vanguard 888418How do I get passed the crucible level as I am finding it hard when they storm the end of battle Answers: 1
Medal of Honor Vanguard 890556The user guide says to press up and down to zoom in or zoom out. which weapon has to be used for that option and where can I find that? Answers: 0
Medal of Honor Vanguard 898339In the crucible, in the begginning, where do I find the bazooka to destroy the tank? I think I found it but I dont know how to get to it. Answers: 1
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