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Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats for NDS
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Diddy Kong Racing DS NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE
Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats

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Diddy Kong Racing DS

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Key in dragon forest 100%
Go to boulder canyon and race not the touch challenge when you cross the brige get a blue ballon and hit the little bell turn around real fast and use your bost to go up the brige . now you will be on a little lege with the key!!! grab it and exet the racc and then the key door will open race t.t and win to unlock part of the t.t. amulet!
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The Four Keys 98%
Description: Four secret keys are located on the tracks in the game. Once you find all four keys, go into the door the locked door. You will now be asked to build a race track. After racing T.T., you unlock a piece to T.T.'s amulet. The locations of the keys are as follows:

1) Ancient Lake track: At the near beginning of the track, you will see a ramp. Get a blue balloon and use it while on the ramp, you should get the key.

2) Boulder Canyon track: On the draw bridge there is a blue ballon and a chain with a bell. Get the balloon first and ring the bell. Turn around and use the boost while going up the ramp to get the key.

3) Creasing Island track: There will be two paths, choose the left one. Next, you should see two palm trees; go past them turn left and the key will be in the water.

4) Snowball Valley: Go past the igloo and go as far left as possible; do not turn, just go straight. There will be a gap. Turn left and there will be the key.
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Sand Drawings 98%
Thereís a sandpit in the game where you can draw with your DS stylus. Within the sand itself, you will see some dots. Follow the dots to make a pentagon shape, and you will get a free Scratch Card. Make the shape of a balloon and you will get a free Golden Balloon. If you make a circle shape, you will get some free coins.
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Coins $$$ Coins 98%
There are 2 repeatable cheats for getting coins:

1.This cheat can be used infinite times! Take the stylus and shake trees that are in the area around Taj's Tent. Do this by taking your stylus and tap the trunk of a tree. Do this until you hear a creaking sound. Once you hear the creaking sound, move the stylus back and forth quickly. When you do it right you should hear a sound and the coin will appear on the ground near the tree. Once you shake all the trees in the area go away and come back and you will be able to do it again.

2. Go to the coast near the water fall that is under the log tunnel. Once your there, you will see little dots in the sand. This area is to the left of the water level's entrance. When you are nearing it, you should also see a hand icon. Tap the hand and you will have an overhead view of the sand. You will notice 2 round shapes formed by the dots. Connect the inner dots as best as you can by making a small circle from connecting them. After you are done, push the back button
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Find Hidden Balloons 98%
Go to the icy section of the world map.
Locate a ramp that zig-zags upwards. A balloon is frozen in an ice block at the top. All you have to do is drag the frozen balloon down the ramp to the water. The warm river will melt the ice.

Here is another balloon:
You will encounter a monolithic henge of stones on the left side of the ocean section of the world map.
Click on the stone henge.
Now try to draw a balloon shape that touches all the stones.
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Find Drumstick character 98%
Throw a frog at the green shaped frog picture in the world map. Then stomp the frog that comes out.

All you have to do is get a frog to jump on top of the frog shaped area. This area is surrounded by water. Fly around the main area until you see "Frog Island."

Jumping instructions: When you approach a jumping frog there is a hand icon. That means there is a stylus involved. Take the stylus and stroke the frog the direction you want it to jump. Notice as you are stroking it that it stretches in the direction you are stroking it.

When you let go, it snaps into the air depending on how much you stretch it. You are trying to get one to snap into frog island. If you do then you will receive Drumstick as a universally playable character. Now you have one of the 5 hidden characters. Good luck finding the others.
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Torches 98%
To easily blow out torches in caves, try blowing into your DS unitís microphone. If you are near enough to the torch you are trying to blow out, it should go out with little fuss.
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Super Boost 98%
Let up on the acceleration button to get a much faster and longer lasting boost then usual before landing on a zipper or using a blue balloon. This boost will look & sound differently then a normal one too.
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Bonus Coin Card 98%
This is found by going into the log on the mainland and there will be a cracked wall with an image of wizpig. Draw around his head, outside including ears, and the wall will crack. A bonus coin card will be on the other side of the wall.
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Taj 98%
Pretty easy just complete Adventure 1 to unlock.
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op righ 92%
. If you did it correct, you should hear the same sound as you do when shaking the trees. There will appear about 10 coins. This cheat can be used multiple times but it will stop later.

Submitted by .:Silent:. Davis
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Walrus boss 64%
On the island stage the boss is easily beaten if you make sharp do this hold left or right on a turn the whole time then once done with turn hold forward to go strait.
By: cheatperson(269)
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cocanut trees 57%
Down on the beach there are cocanut trees you can pull them back then shoot cocanuts at the wall some parts break.
By: cheatperson(269)
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Unlock Drumstick 55%
Go to where a frog is look for a frog sillouette stroke the screen when a hand comes up and aim at the frog silloette and fire and you should unlock Drumstick kill the thing that comes out and you should unlock Drumstick
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Unlock wizpig 1 race 55%
Beat every boss in each world and you will collect pieces of an amulet wich will open the head of the wizpig statue where you race.
By: cheatperson(269)
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Easier way to get T.T 44%
An easier way to get T.T is to get an action replay and find the code to have all characters.
By: cheatperson(269)
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Unlock future funland 42%
You must complete the first wizpig race.
By: cheatperson(269)
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Unlimited coins! 33%
First go to taj's tent.then with finger or stylus shake the can repeat this as much as you want!
By: cheatperson(269)
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Unloc wizpig 33%
To unloc wizpig beat adventure one when unlocced beat adventure 2
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