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Lost in Blue 2 Cheats for NDS
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Lost in Blue 2 NDS Cheats

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Lost in Blue 2 Cheats

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Lost in Blue 2

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Wild Animals 100%
Always dying while fighting an animal? Want a way to avoid dying entirely? In fact, do you want to avoid getting any damage at all?

When in fighting mode, continuously click the right button. Just keep on pressing it. The animal will jump at you but will miss because you keep on step-siding to the right. (or left -- just go in one direction constantly is the trick).

You need to hit the animal when it starts to go back into its resting position. Repeat the trick as many times as it takes to kill the animal. Using this trick you can actually kill an animal easily with just your fists!
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Serious Survival Mode 100%
You must win the game in regular survival mode to unlock Serious Survival Mode .
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Improve Partner's Cooking 98%
Step 1: Go and gather carrots, roots, mushrooms, or anything else you find on the ground
Step 2: Give them to your partner to cook. Get some fish or meat to cook and eat alongside of her/his cooking
Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for about 10 days. You should see a remarkable inmprovement with cooking.

Remember, you won't fill yourself up of their burnt veggies! Get fish and eat those, as well! Using meat works, but it's generally a waste until partner gets better.
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Hoe to get the Oil Drum 96%
The Oil Drum is an extremely helpful item to gain since it holds 30 full servings of water. Plus it's simple to get thank goodness. Wait for a tsunami to strike, and then head to Beach 3 the following day (the beach near the jungle). Pick up everything on the beach you can find like seaweed, rocks, oysters, etc. You won't be able to hold everything there in your inventory, so continue to discard these items as you pick them up until there's nothing left on the beach. Now, go back into the Water Cave, go back to Beach 3 again, and the Oil Drum will be on the beach. TADA!
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Fish,animals,food. 67%
There are wolfs on the beach a 10:00 pm you come at 9:00 and run on the grass then you can kill one only if you spot em.ok food sick of your parter burning food all the time get some vegeis,seaweed you know sea food but not MEAT(fish),(animals).then you let them practise on that then you give them meat. :)Hope it helped:) im only a begginer so if you have help put it on this web it helps me :):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Thank you Bye danie
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Make a Rope 60%
1. Go into the jungle.
2. Find some vines.
3. Return to the cave and put the vines in the vine basket.
4. Ask your partner to make ropes out of the vines.
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To cook 50%
To cook your first meal, you must go to the farthest right of the rock to the left of the cave and click on it.
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Traps 45%
Ok has any one said about traps well im on day 285 and I just found out how to make fish traps and ground traps all you need is bemboo and put it into the bemboo basket and tell your partnar to make a basket in one day and you will know when he is done becoase he will be standing up ok now go over to your patner and talk to him he will say he has finished the job ok now get the bemboo basket out of the basket and go find trigs and go to build with the stones icon in the menu and go to build a trap put the twigs in and the basket and click build and you will have a ground trap and now you know how to catch little animales and by the way when you get one grab it fast it runs away fast bye
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Get rope 18%
Its impossible to find rrope in the jungle so dont even try to build ur tree house. it will never work!!
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Lost in Blue 2 327004How do you make rope? Answers: 5
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Lost in Blue 2 395168What is action replay? Answers: 2
Lost in Blue 2 594516Where do I find the radio? Answers: 2
Lost in Blue 2 734022What are good lunchbox ideas to use that include only small meat and include the cooking method and any spices. (Make sure it gives over 30 for food) Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 754602So i've just pushed that boulder down to the Wolf Part but when I get there im on LOW ENERGY and I start dying. HOW CAN I GET INSTANT ENERGY OTHER THAN RESTING? and...CAN I choose to ignore that silly wolf and not fight it? Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 351186How do I get in a treehouse? Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 395632How do you get to serious mode? Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 620944How do I move that rock on the other side of the river where you water? Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 744791A tsunami has hit and I cleared beach 3, entered the water cave and came back onto the oil drum. is it because the orange boat is on the beach? if so, how do I move it? Answers: 2
Lost in Blue 2 787179Where do you build the 2nd tree house Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 832118My partner is almost dead and I dont want to risk leaving her she is on 1% but I reli dont want to start the game all over again someone help is there anyway around this Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 867172What do you need for each trap? I know the small one, large one and fish one but there is another one, it has stick and twig but what is the 3rd item needed? Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 927642What cind of mushroom is edible and is the highest food from all the mushrooms? Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 927792How do you get a chicken so you dont kill it? Answers: 0
Lost in Blue 2 928751I just built the first stage of my 1st tree house...should I be able to climb it? Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 964602Where is the vines pile in the cave? Answers: 0
Lost in Blue 2 967771When can you make the bed? its been 17 days and yet no bed Answers: 0
Lost in Blue 2 981174Im playing Amy and I saved the game when Jack had 8% health, I dont have any food I have a fire started. Always when I try to go out and get food I give it to him but I cant go to sleep because I just woke up and when I rest he dies and im too hungry to sleep and when I grab 2 types of food he dies before I go to the tree house. Please help anyone! Answers: 0
Lost in Blue 2 1002392How do you kill/capture a trapped deer. Answers: 0
Lost in Blue 2 609544How do I put vine into my basket?!?!? Answers: 1
Lost in Blue 2 376280Im at the really beginning of the game and jack got made at amy and disappeared but he's dying and I cant find him...where is he? Answers: 2
Lost in Blue 2 348352Iam in the building mode of the tree house , I have all logs and ropes I need, but I dont know how I can fix it together I am at the 4 build-step, can anybody make some screenshots ? Answers: 1
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