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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Cheats for NDS
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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
NDS Cheats

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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

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The spells with low MANA are best to learn from an enemy. This is because their casting cost increases for you when you learn them.

Transform spells for gems are good spells to learn and are always useful. These allow you to generate 4-of-a-kinds when the board sets up in certain patterns. Examples include the Imp's Burn spell and the Frost Giant's Freeze spell.

If not playing as a Druid and you need some cheap healing, learning Regeneration from the Troll is a good use of Blue Mana. It is not the cheapest spell to cast, but it doesn’t end your turn unless your enemy Resists Magic.
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Never spend your Leveling-up skill points on skills that cost 3+ points. Buy these skills from the Temple instead.

Spend most of your Leveling-up skill points on skills that cost 1 point. Target a few skills only is the key.

The Cunning skill, which determines who goes first, is an important skill to increase, either via the Temple, or from Leveling-up. If monsters seem to be taking the 1st turn too often, it is time to increase your Cunning skill.
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Giant Rat mount is good. The Giant Rat is easy to beat in the training game, and at a high Level it will allow you to avoid road monsters. The Giant Rat adds a valuable Cunning bonus in combats, and it moves slowly so cities have time to generate monthly gold income.

When training a mount at high Levels (timer is 4 seconds or less), it is often best to just put on a Mirror Helm, Mirror Shield and Mirror Armor. This will allow you to damage the mount when you match Skulls, or when the mount matches Skulls against you.
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