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Spectrobes Cheats for NDS
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Spectrobes NDS Cheats

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Spectrobes Cheats

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Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Lots Of Gura 100%
Once you get to planet 6 (aka Himuro) look around and you should find lots of pearls. once you get a pearl go too Nessa area one and sell it you will get 10,000 gura. I sold five pearls and got myself a Plate gear.
By: Oldninjaman(115)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Rare Minerals 98%
If you like collecting minerals, and want some rare ones, well here they are! After you win the game go to Ziba's blue moon. Go to the zero gravity steps right before the cave thing, go North of where you are, and search in the corner. Tap the bottom right sparkle, and you should find a Uranium, Titanium, or Chrome mineral. Go down the steps until the screen flashes, and do it over again. In just one day I got 20 Uranium, 11 Titanium, and 14 Chrome minerals!
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Card Port Machine Passcodes 95%
Here are the codes that can be used at the card port machine that is unlocked by the Upsilon cube. You find the cube on Kollin 1. To locate the museum on Kollin 1 and go up and left to find a headquarters under some trees. Alternatively, download the cube from the wi-fi section for 1 point. The codes are entered as:


The A to L locations are preset on the code entry machine:>

A The end of the upper left arrow
B Above the word "the" on the 1st line of text
C Above "port" of the word "portion" on the 1st line of text
D The end of the upper right arrow
E To the left of the 1st "the" on the 2nd line of text
F The letter "d" of the word "card" on the 2nd line of text
G The 2nd "the" on the 2nd line of text
H The letter "s" of the word "arrows" on the 2nd line of text
I The end of the lower left arrow
J Below the "T" of the word "Touch" on the 3rd line of text
K Below the "een" of the word "Screen" on the 3rd line of text
L The end of the lower right arrow

Passcode List
4123 CHK Danilob
2134 AFJ Gristar
2134 BGJ Emerald Mineral
1243 BED Grilden Biblad
3412 IDG Grildragos Drafly
2134 DAL Aobasat Apex
3412 HCI Cyclone Geo (must beat game)
1243 AHE Danaphant Tuska
4123 CHK Danilob
2134 AFJ Gristar
1243 AHD Hammer Geo (must beat game)
4123 EHI Harumitey Lazos
3412 DAG Ice Geo (must beat game)
1243 ECD Inataflare Auger
1243 CHL Inkalade
1243 KDA Iota Cube
3412 DIF Komainu
4123 HKA Kugaster Sonara
2134 FIH Mossax Jetspa (Custom Color 1)
1243 AFI Naglub
2134 GHA Plasma Geo (must beat game)
1243 KEH Samukabu
2134 HDI Samurite Voltar
2134 LJE Rho Cube
3412 BGK Ruby Mineral
1243 BFK Sapphire Mineral
3412 GED Segulos Propos
3412 CGL Seguslice
4123 IHG Shakor Bristle
3412 LIH Sigma Cube
2143 DEI Spiko
4123 HEB Tau Cube
4123 IAH Thunder Geo (must beat game)
4123 AEJ Vilagrisp (Custom Part)
2134 JHI Vilakroma
3412 HFE Vilakroma (Custom Color 1)
4123 ACL Vilakroma (Custom Color 2)
1243 ICL Windora
4123 ADC Windora (Custom Color 1)
3412 FLI Windora (Custom Color 2)
2134 ELC Windora Ortex
1243 ILD Windora Ortex (Custom Color 1)
4123 ICD Windora Ortex (Custom Color 2)
3412 LAK Windora Sordina
2134 IKD Windora Sordina (Custom Color 1)
1243 HAJ Windora Sordina (Custom Color 2)
4123 IJL Wing Geo (must beat game)
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Golden Bridge 91%
You can only do this when you win the game 4 times. Go to Himuro, and keep going until you come to 3 rectangles. Go to the one on the right, and keep going until you come to 2 bridges. Go to the one on the left, search, and tap the 1st blue sparkle you see and tap it. It should be a gold mineral. Then go into the green circle and do it over again. In just a few minutes I got 3 Gold minerals!
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Incubater evalution!!!! =) 83%
This is the complete list of evolutions. Childs and Adults IN ORDER. ALL ARE THRER. Please keep bumped. im not too sure WERE to get them, so if you ask plaese dont expect to get an answer, or right awy anyways.I made this to stop all the threads made by people asking for evolutions FOR ONE spectribe at a time. Hopefully this will serve it's purpose and stop those threads and spam.
With no further ado....THE LIST!
Hope this would be helpful

Incubator--15 min.
JUST incubator

Incubator--2 hours

Incubator--30 min
JUST incubator

Incubator--1.5 hours

Incubator--45 min.

Incubator--2 hours

Incubator--45 min

Incubator--90 min.

Incubator--1 hour
JUST incubator

Incubator--150 min.

Incubator--45 min.

Incubator—150 min

Incubator--60 min

Incubator--4 hours

Incubator--45 min


Incubator--15 min
JUST incubator

Incubator--120 min

Incubator--30 min

Incubator--150 min

Incubator--30 min

Incubator--2 hours

Incubator-- hour
JUST incubator


Incubator--60 min

Incubator—4 hours

Incubator--15 min

Incubator--1 hour

Incubator--1 hour
JUST incubator

Incubator--3.5 hours.

Incubator--1.5 hours

Incubator--4 hours

Incubator--60 min.
JUST incubator

Incubator--3 hours

Incubator--90 min.

Incubator--5 hours...(longest one)

Iincubator--45 min.

Incubator--2.5 hours

Incubator-- 90 min

Incubator--3.5 hours

Incubator--15 min

Incubator-1 hour

Incubator--1 hour

Incubator--2.5 hours

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Gura voyage 80%
First, travel to ziba area 3, then keep hunting for minerals until you come across the gold mineral,note:dont use the giga , you wont get it, return to the ship and then travel to nessa area 1 , once you land there find a guy which will buy your minerals ,after youve spoke to him , sell the gold mineral and you will then have 100000 gura , more valuble than sapphire
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Gamer 1 80%
In spectrobes beyond the portals the dark lake after you get rid of the lake it should be dry go and excivate a fossil and if its purple thats a dark spetrobe fossil p.ssorry for the spelling
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Unlimeted evolve minerals 75%
After the boss on Meido is defeated, go back to Nessa, Area 2. Using a corona search spectrobe, walk over to the 2 tanish rocks connected by a pole-shaped rock and go to the top. Walk right for a second and search. You will either find a rare fossil or an evolve mineral. If you find the fossil, go to your ship, beam up and repeat the proess to find the mineral. This can be used infinite times.
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Strongest geo 71%
If you have got all the bars filled from your supports use the wing geo and it will cause 298 x2 damage I use it all the time and always win all my battles!
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Best way of to get minerals 67%
Go to the 2nd area on meido and seek for a pit (the black hole in the ground), then run to the stairs but don't go up them yet, scan for minerals/fossils there. then run up the stairs and keep heading north till you can't go further, scan there. go down to the stairs and repeat. you should get 5 minerals (2HP 2 Def 1Atk) and 3 fossils. if you want 2 Atk you should go to approx the middle of the side of the stairs (the wall at the stairs) and run east to approx the middle of the area that you are in.

Hope it helped
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Easy Money 67%
Go to the ice planet (dont know the name) and go north until you find a portal then walk south just a little and search for mineral on the bridge and you will find a gold mineral. Go to the shop and you can sell it for 100,000$
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Just a few hints 67%
If your fighting bosses hold the a button until its full then press y and the l + r buttons to freeze time and do a super move experiment with different spectrobes and for searching I recomend using a grilda for searching the gossil is a grilapod or something
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Colorful Spectrobes 66%
Try doing this after you win the game. Go to Nessa, the 4th planet. Go down to the first place you can excavate, and tap the blue sparkles only. At least one of those will be a Chroma mineral. Get it, go back to the ship, and do it over again. Reapeat this a lot, and then feed the minerals to the spectrobes. Before you know it, you will have lots of colorful spectrobes!
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Mining sapphire 65%
You can mine saphhire in these locations. daichi where the diamond is, himuro up the path infront of the water, and on meido hope this helps)
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The final boss... 65%
Never use the geo first! Wait till he is under 500 hp before you use. That is the most common mistake.
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How to find the most spectobes 64%
Look near any clifs or rock ledges. Rocks do good to.
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Diamond mineral 63%
After you beat the boss in daichi go to the same area.There will be ablack hole.Beat the challenge .After you do use your searcher spectrobe in the same area.Once you find the flashing blue dot,dig down and you will find a diamond. cant use it to lvl up your spectrobes,sry!
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Different Moons 62%
I was searching both of Ziba's moons the other day, and I figured out that the red moon had more fossils than minerals, and the blue moon had more minerals than fossils. So, if you want fossils go to the red moon, and if you want minerals go to the blue moon!
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How to get alot of evolutions money or both 60%
Now this does take a while so I won't bore you also NEED TO BE LEVEL 2 or higher. 3 is reccomended

1. you need to have gone through the story at least to the search for the diamond mineral but it is okay if your not there
2. you need the giga tool (buy the giga tool at kollin talk to the guy in front of the yellow ship it costs around 2000)
3. have komainu (orange color) with you it is the first spectrobe mr. x gives you
4. go to daichi go west from the ship you should find a mineral
5. that is the start now you must search THE WHOLE AREA 1 don't go to the cave and get nothing but minerals

use the giga tool on minerals that you have already dug up CAUTION:do not use the giga tool on fossiles or minerals you haven't dug up yet if you do FAILED.

after you have done that you should have some pearls or platinum and a whole truck load of minerals.
now you choose the path sell everything or level up your spectrobes

now if you are at the diamond minerals evolve your spectrobes

to sell them go to nessa area 1 go to the 4 way sqaure thing go west talk to the guy on the lowest floor and sell.

i hoped this helped you get alot of money or stronger spectrobes

you can do this all you want
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Best minerals 59%
The best minerals are chrome titanium and uranium they all max out bars for instant level up but lowers the other 2 bars by 16 minergy and gold only lowers every bar by 15 minergy trust me I checked k)
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How to find minerals, cubes and fossils...... 56%
The way I find minerals, cubes and fossils is to go into corners and you can usualy find a group of 3 or 4! hope I helped
By: jimjim4052(54)
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Cheats for spectrobes ds 56%
If you guys help i'll give 2134dal 3412hci 1243ahe 4123chk 2134bgj 1243bed 3412idg 2134afj 1243ahd 4123ehi 3412dag 1243ecd 1243chl 1243kda 3412dif safire and ruby emerald mineral cheat's 2134bgj only 5 times you can put in rubby 3412bgk sappire 1243bfk
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Where to find new fossils 54%
Go to ziba's moon aobishi (a.k.a. the blue one) run to the furthest point and then jeena will pop up and then tell you that there is no krawl's nest here but then a big krawl will fall from the sky and challenge you... once you beat it take your child spectrobe and search there you will find all kinds of NEW! fossils all over the place some that you have never seen before
By: cheater dude(14)
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Easy friendship 52%
You know that spetrobes that are friends have a stronger combo attack? Well to get your best spectrobes friends just put them in the incubator (it should say that you have no spectrobes, just say no,) and walk around for a while and when you check they should be friends if not then just keep walking around. This is great to power up your spectrobes for boss fights.
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Which Planet Has Which 51%
The following list shows which planets have more minerals than fossils and which planets have more fossils than minerals.

Genshi: more fossils than minerals

Daichi: more minerals than fossils

Kollin: more minerals than fossils

Nessa: more fossils than minerals

Ziba: more minerals than fossils

Himuro: more minerals than fossils

Meido: more fossils than minerals
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Hint.never use the gold mineral 50%
Dont use the gold mineral on your spectrobes because it will drain 5 points of your spectropes minergey
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Need Lots of minerals? 50%
The easyest way to get minerals is you go to the6th planet Himuro and look in every corner there is about 3 or 4 in each corner.
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More evolve minerals 50%
After getting the geo for sequence battles you cn do them again to get more evolve minerals.
By: ghreg(525)
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Card input system 50%
If you have a card input system use it! If you got the game new it should come with the input cards(it has holes it in it) hope this helps! =)
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How to get the diamond miniral 47%
To get the Diamond miniral you must go to Kollin and buy the Corona suite for 12500 gura and put it on then go to table top mountain but make sure you have all Corona spectrobes or all your other types will drop health to 1% once you get to the top you will hve to fight a huge Krawl with 600hp so be prepared to battle after go to the center of the peak and touch your spectrobe and get the miniral mke sure you dont fail or you will have to do it AGAIN!
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How To Equip Custom Parts 46%
If you don't know how to equip custom parts, then here's how! All you do is go to the incubater, put the spectrobe that you want to have a custom part into it, and then click what looks like a claw. Press left or right to choose which custom part you want to equip, tap it and press ENTER. Break open the case, and you have your new spectrobe!
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LOTS OF EVOLVE MINERALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45%
Go to nessa area 3 go west . there you can find evolve minerals and spectrobe # 19 & grilpod
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How to get Power A and B minerals fast? 45%
Go to the planet Nessa (area 3) then walk out the ship and carry on walking in a straight line then stop at the rocks then touch your spectrobe then get the 2 then go back in the ship then go back out and keep on doing it until you had enough
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Ruins 45%
This cheat are for people who cant find the Ruins so first go to the 3rd planet then get out from the ship go left then go down from that place then go left again then go up then you'll find 4 stones like this:go straight again until you see the Ruins go to the right until you see the entrance go in then WALLA!THE RUINS!

ps:sorry for the long words and please vote for me helpful but if you think it really is bogus then i'll be sorry to hear that.Enjoy!
By: Keosky(71)
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Unlimited Platinum 42%
Do this after you win the game. Go to Ziba's blue moon, go all the way to the end, right before the zero gravity steps. Go up a little and search. You should find a platinum mineral. Get it and go down the steps until the screen flashes, then repeat. If it's a mineral it will for sure be platinum.
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How to to get your spectrobes life not to go down on daichi's mountains 41%
Heres what you do switch your spectrobes to cornea types only then when you step in the light nothing will happen to your spectrobes.
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One Way Of Training 41%
Here is one way of how to train with your spectrobes. All you do is bring only one evolved spectrobe to fight with you, find a black vortex, and go inside. Go to any spot and make your evolved spectrobe stay there by pressing L or R. Then press B. If any Krawl go near your spectrobe, hit them away with your glove. Try beating the Krawl using only your weapons.
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Easy Excavation 38%
If you want to excavate minerals easy, then here's how! All you do is first get the sonic tool, find something to excavate and tap it. Select the sonic tool, turn the volume all the way up, and then close the Nintendo, but keep the light on. Next blow into the microphone and then it will excavate on it's own.
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How to get all spectrobes 38%
If you defeat the final boss den you must must turn it off and turn it on
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Krawl glich 34%
Ok this is how you do it

1 you need to go to the desert planet (not the ruins)

2 go to the purple things

3 if you hit one of the krawl its a 40% chance it will stick to the purple wall thing

4 if they do they can not attack you so you can kill them

(Warning this can also happen to your spectrobes)
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Omega spectrobes 34%
Gives you all spectobes including: Dark Komanoto ,Zyrdrake ,Ryzdrake.
Heres the cheat:
100035a4 52ed00000
00000000 000000000
00000000 000000000
00000000 000000000
edc67935 3425671cd
20000000 000000000

It worked 4 my friend ,but I haven't tested it!
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Easy money 33%
Get easy money by selling pearls for 10000 gura each, sell saphhire for 15000 each, and gold for 100000 gura each you can also go to the sequence battles and get loads of money and hey all this worked for me
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Awesome Training Technique 32%
If you want to practice using your weapons, heres how! All you do is try fighting the leader Krawl without using your spectrobes. I did it in just a few minutes!!!
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Newyorker365 29%
For defeating the 3rd boss. first of all your spectrobes should be at least levels 80+ my. hers what I did. I used my level 100 komadoros/ level 72 vilamasta. first I had my vilamasta used his cannon attack. (it will miss and the boss will hit hit u. let it happen) then run straight and then down. it worked for me
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Unlimeted Minerals 28%
Go to the planet where you found Aldous/Mr.X. Follow the wall and search when you come to the first V. There should be 2 minerals. Then search again in between two piles of rock. Then go back into the ship and go right out again. Keep on doing this and you will have a lot of minerals. This can also help you get money.
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Lots of codes u have to use 15%
Bacd hep,cdab lgm,abdc eli,dabc glo,bacd fkn,abdc fih,cdab mhk,bacd ein,abdc elh,dabc ilm.
By: evig22(7)
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