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Disney's The Lion King Cheats for PC
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Disney's The Lion King PC Cheats

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Disney's The Lion King

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat Mode 74%
Type the word DWARF at the title screen.
The message "CHEAT ENABLED" will appear.
Now, during gameplay, pressing :
L - warp to the next level
H - full health.
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Disney's The Lion King 788076The dwarf cheat is not working please tell us we love this game please Answers: 0
Disney's The Lion King 864946How to defeat the last boss Answers: 0
Disney's The Lion King 878099How do I get pass the last girafe in lvl 2 ? Answers: 0
Disney's The Lion King 885348I have Fusion 3.51v, but I cant use this cheat code Answers: 0
Disney's The Lion King 903397What if a can't write 'dwarf' on title screen to cheat Answers: 0
Disney's The Lion King 312318How do you pass second level after riding on the ostrich? Answers: 1
Disney's The Lion King 683930Where is the title screen for me to type in dwarf it's not working for me Answers: 0
Disney's The Lion King 144635How do you pass level four when the rock is chasing you and hers a porcipine is in the way Answers: 2
Disney's The Lion King 297864Dwarf cheat doesn't work. Entered it in the start and whenever I could. What do you mean by title screen? Answers: 7
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