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Hazard Ball Cheats for PC
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Hazard Ball PC Cheats

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Hazard Ball Cheats

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Hazard Ball

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Warps & Level Tips 100%
After you rolled through the 1st teleporter, roll up over the arrows. Roll behind the small ice area on the hole and press the action button. Warping to Level 4.

Roll over the bridge to get the 2 construction blocks first. Now roll to the large area below. In the upper, right edge you can see the power ball. You get it by building a block over the hole. Roll below to the part of the level where you can get the green key. Roll through it until you arrive the part where the orange gem is placed. The wall exactly above the teleporter is breakable. Use your booster to destroy it. After you used the teleporter, you're in level 5. Yahoo!

Roll from the start to the right. You will get to the entrance to an area with many explosions. Don't roll into this area! Roll in front of it upwards and to the right. There are some holes down from you. Roll onto the outer right hole and press the action button to warp to level 8. ZOOOM!

After you come get back from the 1st teleporter in this level only build one bridge to the right where you normally have to build three. Now roll onto the next hole to the right and press the action button to warp to level 11. NICE!

In the area with the breakable floors and the arrows in front of the exit is a secret warp near the exit. Roll onto the top most hole in the 2nd cell from the right. Press the action key to warp to level 15.

The secret warp is nearly before the checkpoint. It's a hole you can arrive when the pressure pad is pressed and the pressure floors are visible. So from the checkpoint roll up until you arrive the curve. Then roll onto the 2nd hole from the top on the right side and press the action button and warp to level 16.

You need a small ball for this trick. So play until you're ball becomes smaller. Now roll down to the place you build the bridge but do not roll across. With a small ball you're able to roll beside the wall even when there is no platform. Roll slow and maybe use your keyboard instead of the mouse becaus eit is a bit tough to do. It's helpful to hold the UP-ARROW-key constantly and only press sometimes the RIGHT-ARROW-key. You have to roll to the right side. There are many edges, but it's possible. After a short time you should be exactly under the place where the 'small-ball' tool is placed. Roll one field to the right. Now you have to roll down on the hole and press the action button. Welcome level 18!
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