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Toontown Online

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Walking Underwater 100%
Go anywhere underwater where your head is under. After that, click on a random toon and click report. You don't have to actually report them for it to work. After you click report, then you should be walking underwater.
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Thought bubbles 82%
How to put speech into a thought bubble:
*You have to have free chat to do this*
When you type something in the speech box, put a period in front of it.
For Example:

Instead of: Hi, Try: .Hi

Hope it works for you!
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Tips for Cogs 80%
Cogs are evil robots created by Scrooge Mcduck. They come in all different sizes. They can not take a joke, so to defeat them, you need to use special thing called GAGS to defeat them. Each gag track has a special use.

Toon Up: gag track heals other toons that have been hit by the cogs. Trap drops the cogs somewhere to where they fall.

Lure: track lures cogs so they do not hit you for many rounds or, they fall into a trap. Throw & Squirt are thrown and squirted at cogs. Sound, makes noise to where the cogs get so annoyed, they blow up. Drop, has gags that drop onto the cogs. That track is very powerful, but misses commonly.

Follow along with what the other toons. If you use a gag that will mess up what they are trying to do, all the cogs in that battle will go for you only. Best to follow along unless you can lead a battle then they'll have to follow after you.

Here is a little tip to help you encourage other toons to battle cogs.
Go to Pajama Place
Go to the shop called "Talking in Your Sleep: Voice Training"
You need to say 'Would you like some help?" to the shop clerk and she'll give you a phrase on "Emotions" called the Resitence Salute.
Now you can tell other toons 'Toons of the world Unite!" Good Luck!
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General Hints 80%
The Cogs: Cogs are evil robots created by Scrooge Mcduck. They come in all different sizes. They can not take a joke, so to defeat them, you need to use special thing called GAGS to defeat them. Each gag track has a special use.

Toon Up - gag track heals other toons that have been hit by the cogs. Trap drops the cogs somewhere to where they fall.

Lure - track lures cogs so they do not hit you for many rounds or, they fall into a trap. Throw & Squirt are thrown and squirted at cogs. Sound, makes noise to where the cogs get so annoyed, they blow up. Drop, has gags that drop onto the cogs. That track is very powerful, but misses commonly.

Hit Points - a cog takes away from you.And yes, they have gags,too! That is why, you should always be careful in battle so the cogs do not get you sad.
What you have to do is follow along with what the other toons. If you use a gag that will mess up what they are trying to do, all the cogs in that battle will only go for you. So it is best to follow along. Unless you can lead a battle.They'll have to follow after you.

Now, just a little trick to help you encourage other toons to battle cogs: go to Pajama Place and go to the shop called "Talking in Your Sleep: Voice Training"There, you need to say 'Would you like some help?" to the shop clerk and she'll give you a phrase on "Emotions" called the Resitence Salute. There, you can tell other toons 'Toons of the world Unite!"
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Jellybean Combinations 79%
Description: Below is a rather large list of jellybean combinations. In parenthesis next to each name, you will find a number representing how many jellybeans are needed to create that particular variety. Have Fun!

Car Petunia (7)Blue (x4), Light Blue, Purple (x2)
Chili Lily (5)Light Blue, Red (x4)
Chim Pansy (2)Light Blue & Orange
Corn Rose (4)Orange, Red, Yellow (x2)
Crazy Daisy (7)Green (x4), Orange, Red, Yellow
Daffy Dill (2)Green & Pink
Dandy Pansy (1)Orange
Dilly Lily (8)Blue (x2), Light Blue (x2), Yellow (x4)
Freshasa Daisy (4)Light Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow
Giraff-o-Dil (4)Green, Pink, Yellow (x2)
Hazy Daisy (8)Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Purple (x3), Red, Yellow
Hybrid Carnation (3)Pink, Red (x2)
Indubitab Lily (7)Blue (x3), Light Blue (x3), Purple
Instant CarnationPink & Yellow
Istlla Rose (8)Blue (x4), Pink, Purple (x2), Red
Laff-o-Dil (1)Green
Lazy Daisy (2)Pink & Yellow
Lily-of-the-Alley (1)Light Blue
Lily Pad (2)Green & Light Blue
Livered Lily (4)Light Blue, Orange (x2), Pink
Marzi Panzy (4)Orange, Red, Yellow (x2)
Midsummer Daisy (3)Green, Red, Yellow
Model Carnation (7)Green (x5), Pink, Yellow
Onelip (5)Blue, Purple (x3), Red
Platoonia (8)Blue (x2), Orange, Pink (x2), Red, Yellow (x2)
Potsen Pansy (3)Orange, Red (x2)
School Daisy (1)Yellow
Side Carnation (5)Blue, Green, Pink, Red (x2)
Silly Lily (6)Light Blue, Purple (x4), Red
Smarty Pansy (6)Blue, Orange (x2), Pink (x3)
Stinking Rose (7)Light Blue (x3), Orange, Pink, Purple, Red
Summer’s Last Rose (3)Red (x3)
Threelip (8)Orange, Purple (x3), Yellow (x4)
Tiger Lily (3)Light Blue, Orange (x2)
Time and a Half-o-Dil (5)Blue, Green, Pink (x3)
Tinted Rose (6)Orange (x2), Pink (x2), Red (x2)
Twolip (6)Purple (x3), Red (x3)
Upsy Daisy (6)Blue (x3), Light Blue, Purple, Yellow
What-in Carnation (1)Pink
Whoopsie Daisy (5)Orange (x3), Red, Yellow
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The Resistence Salute 73%
To get the Resistence Salute go to Donalds Dreamland, Then go the street Pajama Place. Go to the building Talking in your sleep:Voice Training and say Would you like some help? (In the Friendly section of your speedchat) And TADA you get the resistence Salute
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Walk while fighting cogs 72%
Make a group in sellbot hq factroy. Get into a battle, and press go. then click the x on the message that comes up. Voila! You can walk while attacking cogs! (If you win, you will keep dacing even after the gag points leave your screen.)

P.S., I like to hit cogs in the back of thier heads! XD
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Big and White 71%
First go to the brrgh! Then go onto the Street Polar Place. Next go to the building Hibernation Vacations, and say Howdy! (In the Hello section of your speedchat) You will be Big and White, but only in the Brrrgh!
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Make A hide out! 65%
Go to our estate and into your house, then click 'Move Furniture' and turn your wardrobe so it's facing the wall. Just go to the side of the wardrobe and click the X or the Tick, either way, it still works. Just run around and make your own little hideout my moving some furniture out with you.

Also. If a friend is around your house, then turn the wardrobe to the way it started! :)
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Move without walking 64%
First get toons of the worlds unite catch phrase. if you dont have it you go to talking in your sleep voice training and say howdy. there you have it. now say it but run imidiately after saying it and you will be moving without walking. add me my toons name is peppy wonder!
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Go into your toon's house and turn the closet backwards facing the wall.Then you can walk though it try that then... YOUR OUTSIDE
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Big And White 60%
1. Go to the Brrgh and go to polar place.
2. Find a place called hibernation vacations ( if its a cog building take it over )
3. Say to the clerk howdy!
4. You will turn big and white

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12000 jelly bean 58%
Press f8 then go in option and codes then in enter code and put (sweet)
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Get into cog buildings without membership! 55%
Ok, lets say there is a cog who goes into a toon building. Right as the elevater opens you can go in and defeat the building with your fellow toons! (Please note that I HAVE expierinced this so it isn't somthing form youtube or anything.)
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Outside your house 50%
Go to move furniture, take your dresser and make the door touch the wall, go to the dresser, you'll use it press 'X' or check it and you'll be standing in a green world.

you also can go to move furniture and walk outside of your home, but this is faster cuz you just place it and use it over and over.

USE: heres a fun way to use this, invite your friend, run inside, use the trick, move the dresser back, and you can see an area with flowers ( or whatever you see out your wind ) and stand in that area, they will be able to see you through the window and they'll try all kinds of stupid ways to get out of your house, and even if they know the trick they cant use move furniture so theyll get angry if you don't come out, you can also time how long it took them from entering the house to seeing you ( you'll know cuz they'll say something about the moment or jump at the walls). choose the window in the living room so its harder for them to see you. also a fun thing is to put all your furniture out of your house ( not your dresser of course). I'm Mitchel on toontown find me or send me a message and we can arrange a meeting so I can so you this myself, ENJOY AND VOTE
By: whatsthat(179)
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Toontown cool cheat is kinda wrong no offence but here is where u go!!!! 48%
Ok go to the brrrgh then the place hibornation vacation on the street of lawbot hq and say howdy ( IN SPEED CHAT! ),And you turn big and white!( But it will wear off, when it does just do it again!).
By: amber10(42)
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Dead Man's Float Cheat 47%
Hint: by team SpongeyAce
(1 First of all, you need the Resistance Salute.
(2 Go to Donalds Dock.
(3 Jump (CTRL) into the water
(4 In the air, use the Resistance Salute
(5 When you splash into the water, you will be swimming without doing anything.

NOTE: When you come out of water, you'll need to start over.
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Outside chip and dale's 47%
Stand next to fence and tell someone to telleport to you. then the friend will be outside and then you telliport to them. if it doesnt work first time, try in a different possision. eventullaly you will be outside fence :D
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Fly in any cog hq 45%
Go to any cog hq then press esc then click on a toon then press esc and report at same time then you should be able to walk around then click cancel and esc at the same time then go to map on book then click go home then click ctrl and then ull be flying.
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THE END OF TOONTOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45%
Go to donald dock and then where the tunnel to the brrrrh is go to the fence left of it and then there will be a hole but you dont rly know its there so go til you go thruoh the fence and then you get to travel the outside of the playground
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Walk in air 43%
To do this I gotta thank youtube.
Someone on youtube showed me so now I tell you all.
First go to donalds dock on the island.
Second stick only head out of water.
Third jump back and open the shtiker book.
Fourth hit go home and start walking forwards.
Fifth keep walking forwards to go up and forwards.
Sixth Walk back to go down again.
It takes a little time to get used to it so.... Enjoy :D
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Get Connected 43%
Open your shticker book to the "Options" page, select the "Secret Codes" tab at the top of the page. Enter "get connected" into the textbox, and select "Submit". You will receive a free shirt with a picture of a fire hydrant on it in the mail.
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To turn into a ghost 43%
1. go home
2. go inside your home
3. stand right at the door and before you leave click "attic"
4. you're now invisible
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Out side :PPP 43%
Ok this one is super easy!
1.go to your house/estaet what ever move funitur
3.move camera to door (its actualy moving your toon not the camera you just dont see your self :p) done then run to the corner at the same time! its imprtant! if you fail do it again

and there you go its simple oh and almoste forgot you can move funtiure oust side too and its you new

and you can go 2 meters away it wont stop I think

hope it works for you!

oh and the 2 cheats I know are expired that are:
silly meter
get connected
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How to go outside your house whilee still inside 38%
1. click on move furniture
2. then walk around (even though your not there) the camera should move
3. walk to a wall then click on stop moving furniture ,you should be outside on the green/gray landscape.
By: pablo2demax(27)
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Toontown Fly Glitch 38%
Go by parties then press exit on your keyboard, click a random toon, then ignore them and press exit on your keyboard at the same time, then go in parties and press cancel ignore, then exit parties and press exit on your keyboard at the same time, exit tt ( toontown ) and press jump at the same time.
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Friends with cogs 37%
Step#1: go to any place with cogs

Step#2: go to your friends list

Step#3: click on the new friends icon

Step#4:then click on the cog that you want to be friends with

It's REALLY easy!
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Outside your house 3 37%
Take an item, put it in storage and put a different item inside your house touching the wall, take the chosen item and move outside your house and take the item out of storage move it inside and quickly pull it over the inside item and drop it outside the house real fast and leave move furniture and the item will be below your feet THIS WILL TAKE A LOT OF PRACTICE
By: whatsthat(179)
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How to walk in the air 33%
1.go to donalds dock. 2.go to the island in the middle. 3.jump backwards into the water and while your in the air open your sticker book. exit toontown click yes and just KEEP WALKING FORWARD if you start to leave PRESS ESC EMIDETLY OR IT WILL NOT WORK. or just look for woofdog at any random time in welcome vally ok so thats pretty much it. p.s thank you for taking the time to read this
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The lazy jump 33%
Go to Donald dock. Go to the island and have only your head sticking out of the water. Next press the jump button(Ctrl)while doing the resistance salute. Ta da your doing the lazy jump.
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Party Hat Glitch 33%
1: Go to Toontown central.
2: Go to the party hat by Silly Street.
3: Stand by the corner of the left side of the party hat.
4: Keep walking foward and turning left/right unitl you are behind the hat.
5: TA DA! You are now doing the party hat glitch!
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Fish in water 32%
It happens sometimes! when you go infront of the fishing stand you go in water infront of it! you keep running into it and there you go.
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Invisible glitch and cog suit glitch 32%
-Go home
-go inside
-turn around to fae door
-hit attic at and walk outside at same time
-go in your pond and go backwards into fishing stand
theres your inv glitch but read on for cog suit glitch

- go to a cog hq
-go to battle cog boss with a group
-u wont be able to battle cogs though and group has to win
u stay as cog anywhere when you leave the cog battle of the boss
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Toontown walking to the sun 30%
in you toons estate you have a fishing pond. go to the pond and jump back at the same time as you press the f8 key. then excited out of toontown, then run up to the sun. pretty simple.

~ toontown freak lolli
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Cheats 29%
When you are battling a cog and the circle in the middle of them is red than use the weakest gag you have not the strongest
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Easy come 29%
Go to toon hq say howdy to an hq officer and you get a free catelog item each day you say it
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Flotting in air in donlad dock 29%
If you are in donald dock go on the ilandput the water up to you waste and jump back and click your book then you hit exit toontown and at the same time click the up key and then you can walk around
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FIND A NEW MOONToontown Online 28%
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Toontown cool cheat 27%
Go to the brrrgh and go to heat get it whilst it's hot and go and say howdy and he will make you big and white
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The stage 27%
When your in a cog HQ and you cant get up on the stage all you have to do is go in the corner by the ice cream bin that gives you laugh points you go in the crack in between the ice cream bin and the wall then open then close your book then your in a gray area turn around and keep walking youll see the stage so all you have to do is walk right on to it
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Cogtown 27%
Defeat a sellbot and then a cashbot then log off then it should say that you are on cogtown then make a cog then if you die you will see your self being fixed
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Get connected 27%
Get connected
gives you a free shirt
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FLOATING EVERY WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 26%
1. go anywhere the resistence salute and jump at the same time and hold down the up arrow button
3. you will be gliding on the ground
4. you will stop when you let go of the up arrow button
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Free talk 26%
When using chat to stop it from denying a word capitalize it all, but please use this responsibly
By: whatsthat(179)
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Free Code 25%
The codes is Get Connected you get a shirt
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Out side the map 25%
In toontown central gi in to loppt lane go in till you find two trees walk stright go over the vence and you can jump right throw the buliding
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Making cogs dont touch you 25%
To go to places without cogs coming to you its kinda easy

go somwere that has cogs (not cog hq's) and walk on the pavment. cogs dont go there.


go on the stairs or behind the statue so they dont come.


go in the large circle.

SELLBOT FACTORY go to the tunnle that takes you to the second bit and stay inside.


stay behind or between the large boxes


behind the golf cars
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Get outside your house 24%
In you river you put the water up to your neck than you jump back and click your book hit the down key at the same time that you click back to the playground it. might not work the first time if it does no work hit exit toontown at the same time you hold down the down key.
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Go into your toon's house and turn the closet backwards facing the wall.Then you can walk though it try that then... YOUR OUTSIDE
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Frst go in to ttc (toontown central). and then go in a strret. then when you see a small filed neer a toon bulding,go in it. and finaly go jump into the corner of bulding.and then you see the SUPRISE!
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Toontown 21%
When you are in donalds dock go under a tree jump back while pressing the spacebar then walk backwards then you will be up in the air ta da.
By: lulumax(33)
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Disney's Toontown 20%
Go behind the worker is easy all you do is wait until a toon comes in the shop and when thy are dont teleport to them when there close to the door and if you get to the you will appear in gray view and run to the back of the worker
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Outside your house 4 20%
When outside your home walk into the magical green wonder land and your home will fade away and you wont be able to open your book. SO DON'T SPIN AROUND OR FORGET THE WAY BACK
By: whatsthat(179)
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Membership 19%
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Toontown 19%
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All gags 18%
First walk up to a other toon say you stink then say ha ha after that go to a coq hq then look at your gags in your book and ta ta
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Outside your house 2 16%
Also when your outside your house jump and you will be in the air in jump position and move around like normal until you go back in.
By: whatsthat(179)
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Farting toon 13%
Ok now this is so so so funny first go to your house then invite a friend over then leave his friends list then say to any toon please be my friend then go to toon town central then ta ta
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Pc 11%
Jump on your home
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