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RayMan 2 Cheats for DC
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RayMan 2 DC Cheats

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RayMan 2

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Get To Globox Village 100%
You must 1st get the power up that allows you to swing from purple lums. Then go back to the 1st level and enter the part where you have to climb. When you reach the top, swing by the lum and you will be able to get to the village. Here you can place crystals to unlock extra features in the game.
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Hidden passage 100%
Press A, B, X, Y, X, Y in Morb_20.
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Kaleidoscope textures 100%
Press Down, A, Down, B, A, Y, X, X.
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Globox Disc access, multiplayer 100%
From MAIN MENU, hold L + R and press B, B, B, B.
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Rayman VMS icon 100%
Press Up, X, Y, Down, Y, X, Left, Right.
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Full pause screen 100%
[Pause Game] and press X + Y.
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Beat Final Boss Easy 100%
Before you fight the final boss, complete both "The Walk of Life" and "The walk of Power". Go to the crows nest and backfire the bombs 3 times. When you get to the rocket section of the game, collect the bullets and shoot them at the bosses hands. When he is in the lava, shoot him. If you have your gold glove on max , it will deliver HUGE damage!
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Map bonus at end of each level 100%
Before the "Access denied" message appears, press A, B, X, Y, X, Y.
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Full life 100%
While playing a game, tap R repeatedly.
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