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TMNT Cheats for PSP
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Fantasy Costume 93%
From the Mission Briefing screens, enter:
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TMNT 437216Where is tmnt missing brefing on psp Answers: 1
TMNT 259019How do I get pass the traps on turtules united all Answers: 1
TMNT 472431Q: In level 10, after I go up the ramp (after gears and platforms) , I can't go down the hall, because the view angle comes back in front of the wall ,making it impossible to see my turtle. Is there a trick to this, or is it an error in my game? I can move the turtle, b ut can't see him, therefore he always falls. Answers: 2
TMNT 490948How do I beat different worlds ? Answers: 0
TMNT 675254Where is the 'M' for 'Who Is The Nightwatcher?' Answers: 1
TMNT 324740How do you get past the glass elevator on level 3? Answers: 1
TMNT 452111Tmnt for psp where is mission briefing screen Answers: 0
TMNT 677147I can't do the cheat. (left, right, left, right, up, down, up, down, X) Is there something wrong with my PSP or is it impossible to do that cheat? Answers: 0
TMNT 133307How to get passed the first generator protected by the god of air Answers: 2
TMNT 151194How do you get past the wall on ninja tag time Answers: 1
TMNT 143078What is a mission breifing? Answers: 1
TMNT 268399How can I open all levels? Answers: 1
TMNT 457735How can I destroy generators in freeing leo Answers: 2
TMNT 737177On levle 12 of tmnt for ds how do I beat the genaraters Answers: 1
TMNT 133304Freeing leonardo how to get passed air of the gods Answers: 1
TMNT 244375How do I get pass the montser that keeps smashing his hammer on the ground? Answers: 1
TMNT 136302How do you get pass the generator thing protected by the god of air?im stuck Answers: 1
TMNT 261142What screen is the mission briefing screen? what does it look like? Answers: 0
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