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Final Fantasy VI Advance Cheats for GBA
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Final Fantasy VI Advance GBA Cheats

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Final Fantasy VI Advance Cheats

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Final Fantasy VI Advance

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Group Targeting with Magic 100%
Do you kow how cast a spell on more then one member of your party or more then one enemy at one time? To cast spells on multiple members of your party, or multiple members of the enemy party, simply hit the R or L buttons to toggle between single-and-multiple targets.
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Music Player 100%
Finish the game to unlock.
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Rippler lore 100%
You get rippler the second time you face the blue dragon-in the dragons den. it was the first move he used on me but it might be a random move I have never seen this move posted online, it exchanges status effects with one enemy, cost 66 mp I really cant see a situation it would be good for though
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Gilgamesh Esper 98%
You will need 500,000 gil first. Then go to the Jidoor auction. The auctioneer will eventually show a sword called Excalipoor and you must keep bidding until 500,000 gil.

After buying Excalipoor, go to Dragon's Neck Coliseum, located north from Kohlingen. Go straight to the guy who asks if you care to fight in the coliseum, say yes. He will asks what weapon you would bet on and that's where the Excalipoor comes in. Bet the weapon, choose your fighter and your 1st opponent is an Onion Mage.

After the match, a mysterious character threatens to take away the item who is Gilgamish. The mid 40s is a good level to muscle through. Have Sabin in your party to throw in the Phantom/Bum Rush followed by Gogo's mimic to duplicate Sabin's attack.

After defeating Gilgamish, you will be rewarded a relic item called Merit award, an item which lets the wearer equip any weapons and armors, and the esper: Gilgamish. The spells to learn from Gilgamish are Quick and Valor.
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Dragon's Den 98%
Kill 8 Dragons in the World of Ruin to unlock.
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Berserk Cyan 98%
There is a trick for Cyan to attack continuously:
Step 1: Kill Cyan in battle.
Step 2: Revive him again (Best is you equip the relic Knight Code Relic on sum1 else to protect him)
Step 3: Have Cyan use his Level 2 Bushido, Sky
Step 4: Quickly cast Imp on Cyan, or he might attack with Sky even there's no enemy attacking him! (Sky is used and it is wasted, so it is recommended that the person which cast the Imp is directly right after Cyan's turn on using Sky)
Step 5: Wait for a short while, and get ready to pull your hair in surprise as Cyan strikes the opponents,until all is dead.

How you may ask? Well, as you kill and then revive Cyan, the game thinking that the enemies are attacking Cyan non-stop by that time, so Cyan automatically use Sky right after you use it, that's why the casting of Imp's timing must be perfect.

Secondly, as you cast Imp, it made Cyan use Sky, but this time, the Imp spell had made the game move Sky a bit. So Cyan attack continuosly because Cyan is actually countering his own attacks! Cool Huh !
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Bahamut 98%
You'll find him in the World of Ruin. To get him, you have to beat Deathgaze while flying to unlock.
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Music Player 98%
You must finsh the game once to unlock..
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How to get 8 Attacks A Turn or even 16 94%
Want to know how to get 8 attacks each and every turn?
Equip the Genji Glove and the Master Scroll relics.
Equip weapons in both of their hands.
This will allow that character to attack 8 times in a single turn!
Want 16 attacks? If you cast the Quick spell you will be able to attack a whooping 16 times in a turn! Woohaaa!
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Obtain espers Leviathan and Cactuar 80%
Leviathan: In the World of Ruin you need to go to Albrook and take the ship to South Figaro, then Leviathan will appear and you must defeat him. He absorbs water. After that, you will get the magicite Leviathan that teaches flood x2.
Cactuar: Go to the desert near Maranda in the World of Ruin and kill 10 cactuars. For killing them you can use Sabin's blitz or Edgard's tools. After that a Gigantuar will appear and when he is already defeated, he will use 1000 needles like 6 or 8 times so be careful. Then you will recieve the magicite Cactuar that teaches hastega x5, teleport x20 and vanish x10
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How to kill Kefka in the world of ruin 44%
Your party must:
then your espers muust:
-Setzer:what do you want
-Sabin:Lakhsmi(you must already learn curaga)

first,Relm must summon Fenrir,second,Terra Must summon Ghost,then Sabin must cure all your party(press curaga,then press R or L then press A.)after that you use a echo screen to setzer for can use joker Doom,then all your party defend accept Setzer,Setzer use slots and your slot must like this "7 7 7" then press a.he will use a joker doom and Kefka will death.
By: terlaluuu(6)
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Be able to defeat Intangir in WOB 43%
Enter battle and immediately cast Stop. It's now visible and pound it with every strong attack you have. The person who cast Stop on Intangir in first place, do it again about every 2 turns. I'd suggest using Cyan's Fang, Edgar's Chainsaw, Locke's attack of Hawkeye, and Gau can use his Stray Cat Rage to do "Cat Scratch" every so often. Each of these attacks should get about 1000 damage or more if equipped with Hyper Wrist+Gigas Glove. It will take maybe 25-30 hits before it dies and attacks with Meteor.
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How to change Odin to Raiden 17%
First,you speak to odin and he transform to esper,then you go to queen's chair in right or left,then you take 5 step and press A button to switch,after that you go to queen's bedroom and you go down,then you will see a blue dragon.(if you want to kill blue dragon you attack with thundaga/thundara because thundaga/thundara are the weakness.)then you speak to the queen and odin transform to raiden. REMEMBER:if you want to learn a magic name meteor,don't speak to queen first because if your esper is Raiden you can learn a quick.
By: terlaluuu(6)
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