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Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Cheats for GBA
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Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World
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Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Cheats


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Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Colored Yoshis 98%
Get different colored Yoshis by going to star road. Each color has a diffrent power which will work once you eat a koopa shell.
The colors and powers are:
Blue Once yoshi eats a shell he will get wings.
Red Once yoshi eats a shell and spits it out it will make fire.
yellow Once yoshi eats a shell he can make sand clouds.
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Unlock Princess Coins 98%
Once you collect all of the Dragon Coins in the entire game, they will turn into Princess Coins.
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Fruit 98%
If Yoshi eats 10 fruit it will make an egg. For every different color Yoshi there will be a different surprise in the egg:

Green yoshi mushroom
red yoshi fire flower
blue yoshi flying feather
yellow yoshi super star
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Get Extra Lives in World 2 Easily 98%
First unlock the Top Secret Area in World 2, then go in there and get Yoshi. Now exit, and then re-enter. Hit the block that you used to get Yoshi again, but now a 1-Up will come out of the egg instead. Repeat this trick as many times as you want to get more 1-Ups.
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Secret Area in World 2 96%
You will unlock a secret area where you can get lots of power-ups. First get a cape & then enter the ghost house in the 2nd world. Fly all the way up above the begining point and go through the hole in the ceiling. Continue on to a door and exit through it.
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Freeze! 86%
In boss 2 or 5 they walk on the wall then fall from celing.well here's how you dodge that.when morton or roy falll down jump past them.if timed right you will land without freezeing.hope I helped!:):):):):):)
By: berry895(296)
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Easy way to bowser 85%
Once you have unlocked world 2 you need to get to the secret ghost house. Then after that you go through it and eventually you will find a door in mid air, go past this pick up the switch and bring it near the floating door. Jump on it then you will see tiles appear, go to the door and jump then grab the vine and hold B and up at the same time at the top. If you did it fast enough you will see a blue door. Go through it and you will see blue blocks and a 2 small ghosts and one large one. Then you press and hold B and hold up until the big ghost is above you then let go of B. Do the same thing 3 times an you will get to the star world, but to get to bowser you need to beat the places the secret way. You only need to beat 4 places the secret way to get to bowser.
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Mario/Luigi Freaks out 80%
Once you've beat Bowser at his castle, press and hold up when your around the part with the fireworks. Then Let go at the credits.
but then the character you were playing (Mario/Luigi) Flips his head up and down while clapping his hands or something. But whatever, it's kinda funny.

P.S I'm not sure if this is a glitch or what.
By: Coey890(14)
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How to get to the back door of Bowsers Castle 79%
On the 2nd level of Valley of Bowser, above it there is a fortress. To get there, you need to pass the first and second parts of the level. The moving up and down ground with the birds and then the constantly moving up and down. On the third part of it, you immediatly drop from a tube down to a floor that automatically starts moving, pass that and then the gopher.On the floor above the gopher, there is an open space in the ceiling. Though you won't be able to see yourself, go up that space and go to the left. You won't see yourself but keep going. It WILL let you. Then you will see a key and a hole!
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Top Secret Area 79%
Go to the Ghost House in Donut Plains with a cape on. NOT the Secret Ghost House. Once you're in the level, go to the first gap and stop. Now, go back to the beginning of the level (running), jump, and fly untill you reach the platform. Run to the right untill you fall in a big hole with four blocks and a door. The four blocks have 1-ups in them. The door leads to the exit. At the map, the Top Secret Area should be above the level you just played.

The Top Secret Area is just an area with 5 blocks. The middle has a Yoshi (any). If you're small, the others will be mushrooms. If you're big, the blocks to the left of the middle block will be Fire plants or whatever you call 'em. The blocks left of the one in the middle will be feathers.

Hope this was usefull, Anominys (I problably spelt it wrong).
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Star World 70%
Note For this cheat you will need a Feather Cape and to Activate The Color Block Switches

Alright Go to the first area in the Donut Plains and look for the wall that either has none Usable Blocks or Green. If they are Green walk up the Wall and There will be a Key and Key hole there go up and place the key in the hole

Now at the new Donut Secret When You reach the Check Point There will be a Power
Switch Keep going until You Reach a area with Brown blocks and a Mystery Block and Hit it The Power Switch will allow you to get the Mystery Block wich comtains a Key Now take it to the Key hole to your right

if it took you to the Secret Ghost House Make sure You have a cape Go there and Go pass the First Big Boo now go through the door and go pass all the little Boos untill you see a Power Switch now turn around and Fly to the sealing untill you are right above the blocks you should see a Yoshi Coin Hit it and go through the Ghost Door and now you must beat the big Boo use the blocks you are walking on throw them when he is a solid.

You should now see a Star This takes you to the Star Road

Star World 1
This is a Rather Simple Area in the Star World all I can say is stay to the Far Right and you should find another Key and Key hole

Star World 2
This is the one of th Most interesting areas in Star World because they give you your First new Yoshi The blue egg contains the Blue Yoshi which can always fly if you give it a shell if you want to give it the star at the beggining of the level to make it big at the start of the level now go to the very end if the ocean your in but Dont Go through the Tunnel Go to the under area and another Key and Key Hole

Star World 3
This one Took me Awhile to figure out but its real easy The yellow Yoshi can always Stomp Sand Clouds regaurdless of the color Shell it eats Grab it and take it to the Armored Koopas the Para Troopa Throws until it Becomes Big now Throw a Blu Brick at the Para Troopa and Grab the Cloud and Fly to the top from the Blue Blocks that form Stair Case You know what to do

Star World 4
This one is the Most Annoying Part of The Star World But when You think about it they made it pretty obviouse what your suppose to do when you make it to the part where the Koopa throws his shell to prevent you from making it to him Turn around and DO NOT jump walk off the edge now go back the same direction you were going to the Violet colored Blocks Spin on the side of the Mystery Block and Go to the Key Hole

Star World 5
This one was the Runner Up in the most Annoying Part of the Star World But it is Simple Go to the Right until you meet a Power Swich and Mystery Block The block is containing a Coin Trail You need to point it to the right and when they stop hit the Power Switch Now Run on the Brown Blocks until for about five seconds Literally and Fly Now you need to navigate through all these Colored Blocks to the Key and Hole to go this will open a New World Called Special World
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Glitch:Item In Wall 67%
Sometimes where there are keys/shells/items hold the item then if there is a crack where 2 walls meet jump up to the crack and fling the item up. You will now see the item is stuck in the crack and can or cannot move side to side very fast it happens sometimes.
By: pokemon27(365)
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Glitch:Fly while holding an item 67%
Fly up near a shell then fall to the shell and hit the shell while flying and fly up again you will now see mario/luigi flying with a shell on him.
By: pokemon27(365)
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Money and a prize dounout plains 57%
If you go to doughnout plains 1, there are a few things you can do: one is a chance 1 up prize. on the first pipe, (it will be blue), you hop up and go into the pipe. if you get the order of blocks, you get a 1 up! there are 4 chances to get a one up.
the other secret is to go to the 2nd pipe,(blue) and go down. you will get a feather and if you run up the side of the pipe and get the coin in a hexagon a number in the bottom left of the screen will appear. with the cape, fly through the air collecting the coins. you normally start by collecting 600 coins. and you only have normal time to collect them all! which will be less than 300 seconds!
an easy way to get all of the coins is to use luigi. he stays up in the air longer. if you get all the coins in time, you get a prize of some sort. Good luck!
by: gamer girl 101
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How to get to Star and Special Worlds Walkthrough 50%
In Super Mario World go to the Donut Plains area 1 Grab aFeather and at the very end of the Level there is a wall of either mystery or Green Filed boxes at the top there is a key and a hole go through now go to the secret area you just unlocked and when you come to a power swith grab it go foward untill you find a line of brown boxes and hit it there should be a Mystery Box hit it and a key should appear and go through the new key hole Now go to the new Ghost House ( MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FEATHER CAPE OR TWO ) and Go through past the First Big Boo Go through the door and keep going till you see another Power Switch Now Fly over the little boxes and up until you see a Yoshie Coin Now jump on it and Go through the Blue Door Now you will fight a Big Boo when he is a Solid hit him with the blocks you are given to walk on. You should see a Star and it will take you to the Star Road Beat every Level and The center Star takes you to the Special World

Note: Do Not Make things Harder than they are in order to beat each Star World Level You Must Find A Key and Fit it In Every Key Hole
By: Pokemaster35(1036)
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Castels #2 and #5 50%
Castles 2 and 5 bosses(Morton and Roy) have the same attack,climbing up the wall then falling off the ceiling and in Roy's castle the wall's move closer together. hope this helps! P.S to damage Morton or Roy:jump on his head when he is on the ground. P.S.S when you need to hit him just one more time he gets much faster.
By: berry895(296)
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Compairing castels 50%
OK so i'm going to tell you all about com-pairing castles.there are three types of bosses:the lava type(bosses #1 and #7) the wall type(bosses #2 and #5) and the pipe type(bosses #3 and #5) bosses #4 aka Ludwig and #8 aka bowser
By: berry895(296)
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How to Get the colored Yoshis 37%
Go to the Star World and When you see the Colored Egg it will hatch Take the New Yoshi at the end of the level and beat it with him you can now find him anywhere in the game at any time
By: NorthernStar(248)
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