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Spider-Man 3 Cheats for PS2
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Spider-Man 3 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE
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Spider-Man 3

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE

Black Suit 74%
Beat the main story and collect 50 spider emblems to unlock.
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It works 72%
Warning the cheats dont work I tried them ALL they just dont work
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Ride on cars 69%
When standing on a car press triangle and you can ride on it
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Arena Mode 67%
How to unlock: Simply win the game in full.
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How to know if you are near a meteorite fragment or Spider-Man emblem. 64%
In the game if you r near a meteorite fragment or a Spider-Man emblem and you don't no it you will hear a strange sound.
By: 2000sponge(123)
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Opposite side sit on wall (glitch) 64%
After crawling onto a wall put the camera and take some photos then close the camera and you will see spidermansitting opposite on wall! (99%works)
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Vault over him and kick or punch as you vault. ( must first buy vaut kick , vaut jabb) reapet util he dies by wernher sabate
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Become a black spider man 63%
Up down x x x x x triangle
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How To Swing Faster 62%
There are 2 ways you can do this:

1. Aim your web at a building farther away than usual.
2. Swing closer to the ground. (It's not as fun, but you'll get to places faster!)
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Best way to get a picture of the lizard 62%
Before you walk right in to fight The Lizard the easyist way to get a pic of him is to stand in the doorway, take the camera out, zom in on him, wait for the thing to go green, and then if you r using a P.S.2. push the R1 button and you got an easy pic of The Lizard.
By: 2000sponge(123)
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How to easily find Spider emblems and Meteorite pieces.. 59%
Getting fustrated about finding the emblems and pieces? Its easy for me. All you have to do is move around ontop of the buildings or around them (Most likely to find ontop) to hear a Fwrp Fwrp Fwrp sound. Like a radar. It wont get louder unless you are at the piece. But it lets you know its around there somewhere. If you leave it wont have the sound anymore. But come back and you can hear it. Its not very loud so you have to listen closely.
By: ChaseN(80)
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Stronger with Black 59%
When you unlock the black, venom suit, You can make the ground shake a little and put a hole in the ground. But in a few seconds, the hole will dissapear. You can also hurt people more.
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Extra health!! 58%
When you r spidey and swinging around, if you spot a ambulance most of them have health packs on them.
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Spider-man symbiote suit 57%
To get the black suit in spider-man 3 the game= beat harry osborn/the new goblin.Or if you are finished with the spider-man 3 game and think that you can not get the black suit ever again you are sadly mistaken just collect all 50 spider emblems and you will have the black suit forever.P.S=you wont be able to collect all 50 spider emblems until you beat the whole spider-man 3 game.
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How to defeat venom 57%
Go to the hero upgrades and buy vault jab smash and dive bomb and when he is not glowing vault over him use all your combos and bang this pig!.Then when he glows for the first time vault smashover him but this time dont use your combos just use your dive bomb and keep on confusing him till he glows for the third time and this when you vault over him harry will you knock him up it will you to press triangle continue this until he dies.
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Chopping feet 56%
(Hold and press L3+R3) Then press triangle.After,go and jump off the wall and press circle on the enimy,it will allow you to kick and kick the enimy.
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Easy Venom kill 56%
In the final Venom fight if your health bar is nearly empty it is a good idea to just keep on vault smashing Venom (L2 and left stick towards enemy) and use web cannon (L1 and O button) when your adrenaline bar is full.

NOTE: You must first purchase the vault smash from the hero upgrades screen before you can use it.
By: t0t0X(68)
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Giant jump 55%
While running hold x and then let go of x and you will be sent flying
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Spiderman hit cheat 55%
If you are fighting people on top of a building you can kick\punch them off then they will die
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How to get your frist spider token 55%
To get your first spider token (needed to get the black suit back) all you have to do is beat the game once and when you load it your first token will be there and after you collect all 50 or 60 of them you get your black suit back.
By: t0t0X(68)
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Hint 55%
Spider man can jump from eny hite and not lose life
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Easy strstagy to kill venom 55%
To defeat venom easyr, jump up & tap triangle to attach him. Do this till he tranceforms once. Then do it agean, but this time lit him do his combos of punches, wait till hi dose the last punch, then do it, till he tranceformes the second time. Then you know the drill.
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Spiderman's Black Outfit 54%
How to unlock: Defeat Venom at the end of the game.
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Glitch Mode 53%
Eject the disk on your ps2 and then the game will still run but soon there will be buildings on streets, car driving up walls, and then the people start looking really weird
By: PokeMan91(49)
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X,x,x,up,down,up,down,square,square 52%
Full health
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Kill them by one attack 50%
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Sp3 -ps2 50%
When your in the part where you have to fight lizard its useful to turn from black to normal.
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Laughing gas dosent work 50%
If you pick someone up from out of the laughing gas and put them back in they wont laugh
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Never get Black Suit off 49%
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How to unlock Black Suit Spider-Man AFTER you beat the game 49%
Collect 50 spider emblems
By: Bojan(124)
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Mission impossible operation surma 49%
There is only one cheat and you must hold down L1 R1 triangle circle all at the same time. (PS2) Game ONLY this'll give you all levels this is not for spiderman3
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Spider-man hints 48%
To be able to collect the purple meteorite rock pieces with the pink glow Spider-Man has to be wearing the Black suit. When Spider-Man is then near a meteorite you will hear a pulsating sound which will get louder the closer he gets.

Earn 3 Experience points when you select any of the four gang patrol missions (Dragon Tail, Waste Tribe, Apocalypse or H-Bombers) and defeat ALL of their marked territories which are identified by the matching logo.

Unlock Symbiote Spider-Man's Story Mode:
Complete the game as Spider-Man to unlock Symbiote Spider-Man's story mode.

Finding Tokens:
When you are swinging through the city and you are close to a Token you will hear a chime.

Thank you
By: ninetailfox(135)
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Spider-man 3 symbiote 46%
Defeat harry to get the symbiote for the 1st time.For the 2nd time collect all spider emblems.P.S=you can only collect spider emblems after you beat the whole spider-man 3 game.
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Warning!:this cheat works."infinite health" 45%
Pause the gamesuccessfully press O 10 times then it should have infinite health I only got it to work once so if you do it long enough it will work!have fun!
By: spidey venom(90)
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Sandman 45%
Up down left x triangle square
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Extra Story Line 45%
When you have completed the game enter X, square (3X) triagle, up, up ,down select.
and a new mission will apear on your map go to it and its The Carnage storyline!
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Be Venom 44%
L2 R2 L1 square circle triangle x
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Unlock black spidey 43%
Collect all 50 spidey emblem
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Unlock everything 43%
To unlock everything press x,triangle,x,x,R1,L1,up,down
By: trishaad(86)
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Spider-Man III - The Meteorite Emblems 40%
Not sure if this is still an issue with some of you, but if it is then maybe this will help you out a bit. Now sure on its authenticity, but its better to check it out then to continue sitting at home wondering how it would be to unlock the some stuff in the game. ^_^

Photograph of the Meteorite Emblems


Video of the Meteorite Emblems

By: Krahams(57)
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Unlock new moves 40%
Press start then press hero upgrade then use the arrow keys to move and if the numbers are white press x 2 times.
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X,circle,x,circle,up,up,down 40%
Wear black suit
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To beat venom vault over him then smash him up like a circus monkey and repeat this until he dies
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Spiderman 3 40%
Press up up down right left
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By: SPARKLE(292)
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Unlock venom 39%
Collect 100 meteor peices
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To defeat the h-bombers mad bomber 39%
When the mission start you need to keep up with him and doghe the rockets while you gettiing near him and when 1 or 2 cut seaces show you need to hold your daiy bagiel boss around because there around his neak to destroy it When the batte starts ingore the normal h-bombres the boss look like a metal flying suit around might know that he,s proteated by a fore feild around him to disable the fore field he,s shooting rockets hit you but you can disable it by use your web to throw the rocket back keep on doing this and you come when he,s talking and you can,t move and you come to a fast button touching momet and you will beat him
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Infinite health 38%
To do this, pause the game and press triangle, circle(3), X, square, X, and trinangle(3)
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Easy way get black suit 38%
The easiest way 2 get the black suit iz 2 defeat new goblin @ the begining
By: hyperkid162(30)
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Full life 36%
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Unlimuted upgrade tokens 36%
Up down down up right in the settings menu
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Skip 36%
Press L1 L1 L2 L2 Select
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Big punch 36%
(Hold and press L2+R2) then do a combo,(any combo is a loud that is displayed on this game).
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Flock 35%
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Unlocks all costumes 34%
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Be peter parker 34%
Up up up down left x x x x x x
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Venom 34%
Up down left x circle triangle
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Awsome! 34%
After you go at the second apartment get 3 heals then press
triangle, square,hold R(or L I think) while pressing TRiangle

i think this only works if you go forward

oh and very effective on bosses

well hope I helped!
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Super high spidey 34%
Super fly spidey needs things higher charged jump highest charged jump 2 speed upgrades and 1 health upgrade
and the upgade super fly spidey first you buy all of those then you go to the highest building ever in the game charge you jump then when you are free falling press X alot of times there you have it super fly spidey
By: gurllover95(17)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

All characters 33%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Be sand man 33%
Ex ex triangle r1 l1 r1 r1
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X,square,circle,circle,x,circle (twice) 33%
Play as venom
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

By: SPARKLE(292)
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Invisible 32%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlock venom 31%
R1 l1 circle circle triangle l2 r2
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All spider emblems 31%
Hold down r1 and l1 and press o x x o
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Spiderman 3 for ps2 31%
To use the black suit again after you beat the game you enter: R1,L1,L1,R1,up,down,left,rightleft.
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Venom 30%
Venom:L1 L2 R3 Triangle Sqaure Circle Ex Ex
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

To become venom 29%
Venom 3
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Be venom 28%
X,square,circle,circle,x,circle (x2)
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How to get cheat menu 27%
Press X O O up down square, where it says press start button
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Map for Meteorites 24%
Go to the Empirer State building on the very top and you will see a map. Hit triangle to get it. I t will lead you to all the meteorites!
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Every part of the game using Newgoblin and Sandman and Venom 24%
Use Newgoblin every time of the game and sandman and venom
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How to be venom 17%
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