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Warriors Orochi Cheats for PS2
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Warriors Orochi PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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Warriors Orochi

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Unlockable Cast 95%
Wu Forces
Xiao Qiao Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 3
Da Qiao In Wu Story - Gaiden 5, meet Da Qiao before the enemy does
Huang Gai Clear Wei Story - Stage 5
Gan Ning Clear Wei Story - Stage 6
Lu Meng Clear Wu Story - Stage 3
Sun Quan Clear Wu Story - Stage 7
Sun Jian Clear Wu Story - Stage 7
Sun Shang Xiang Clear Wu Story - Stage 5
Taishi Ci Clear Wu Story - Stage 2
Lu Xun In Samurai Warriors Story - Gaiden 3, escort Lu Xun to your HQ
Zhou Yu Clear Wu Story - Stage 1
Zhou Tai Clear Wu Story - Stage 6
Ling Tong Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 5

Shu Forces
Guan Yu Clear Shu Story - Stage 7
Zhang Fei Clear Shu Story - Stage 7
Zhuge Liang Clear Shu Story - Stage 7
Liu Bei Clear Shu Story - Stage 8
Ma Chao In Samurai Warriors Story - Gaiden 2, make sure that all peasants escape and Ma Chao survives
Huang Zhong Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 1
Jiang Wei In Shu Story - Gaiden 2, succeed in initiating Jiang Wei's ambush plan
Wei Yan Clear Shu Story - Stage 3
Pang Tong Clear Wei Story - Stage 4
Yue Ying Clear Shu Story - Stage 2
Guan Ping Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 1

Wei Forces
Xiahou Dun Clear Wei Story - Stage 4
Dian Wei Clear Wei Story - Stage 7
Xu Zhu Clear Wei Story - Stage 1
Cao Cao Clear Wei Story - Stage 7
Xiahou Yuan Clear Wei Story - Stage 4
Sima Yi In Samurai Warriors Story - Gaiden 6, foil Sima Yi's strategy by killing the 2 retreating Orochi generals
Zhang He In Wei Story - Gaiden 2, rescue Zhang He and defend the HQ
Pang De In Shu Story - Gaiden 3, rescue all of the Hojo (yellow) generals
Zhen Ji In Wei Story - Gaiden 6, defeat all magicians and the fake Cao Pi by yourself as fast as possible

Unaffiliated / Independent Forces
Diao Chan Complete 5th Wei Gaiden- Diao Chan must survive
Lu Bu Impress Lu Bu by defeating him in all stories - Gaiden 8
Yuan Shao Clear Shu Story - Stage 5
Zhang Jiao Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 3
Meng Huo Clear Shu Story - Stage 4
Zhu Rong Clear Shu Story - Stage 4
Zuo Ci Finish all 4 stories
Da Ji Clear all stages in the game, including Gaiden stages
Orochi Unlock all characters besides Orochi
Dong Zhuo In Samurai Warriors Story - Gaiden 4, prevent all money supply troops from reaching Dong Zhuo

Samurai Warriors 1 Forces
Sanada Yukimura Clear Shu Story - Stage 3
Uesugi Kenshin Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 7
Oichi Clear Wei Story - Stage 6
Okuni Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 3
Saika Magoichi Clear Shu Story - Stage 2
Takeda Shingen Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 7
Mori Ranmaru Clear Wu Story - Stage 1
Kunoichi In Wu Story - Gaiden 4, escort all peasants
Ishikawa Goemon In Shu Story - Gaiden 4, break all of Goemon's treasure boxes
Maeda Keiji In Wu Story - Gaiden 6, make sure all ally reinforcements are alive and reach Keiji's base before time limit shows 10 minutes remaining

Samurai Warriors 2 Forces
Imagawa Yoshimoto In Wei Story - Gaiden 4, prevent all ploy troops from entering the village
Honda Tadakatsu Impress him in all stories - Gaiden 7
Inahime Clear Wu Story - Stage 5
Ishida Mitsunari Clear Wei Story - Stage 2
Azai Nagamasa Clear Wei Story - Stage 6
Shima Sakon Clear Wu Story - Stage 3
Tachibana Ginchiyo Clear Shu Story - Stage 1
Naoe Kanetsugu Clear Samurai Warriors Story - Stage 7
Nene In Wei Story - Gaiden 3, defeat the 2 Nene clones within 4 minutes after their appearances
Fuuma Kotaro In Wu Story - Gaiden 2, defeat him after all supply troops have reached your HQ
Miyamoto Musashi In Shu Story - Gaiden 6, open the dam and keep all the swordsmen (yellow) alive
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Impressing Honda 95%
Impressing Honda by doing a variety of tasks on each Stage X7 that are fairly obvious, but these are known to work:

SW Story X7Escort the messengers to the escape point, defeat LuBu, wait for reinforcements, do not allow your blue units to be defeated (any yellow ones are okay, unless it is Honda), and then defeat Masamune Date
Shu Story X7All peasant units must survive to the escape point, defeat LuBu and ambush parties, Honda must survive
Wei Story X7Rescue both Honda (yellow) units and do not allow them to be defeated, defeat LuBu
Wu Story X7defeat the weak Honda at the altar, defeat the 2nd powered-up Honda appears in the northeast within 2'00" after his appearance, defeat Date and Dong Zhuo
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Impressing LuBu & Unlocking Stage X8 94%
While the other X-stages are unlocked by completing story stages and other X-stages, stage X8 may only be unlocked by meeting certain conditions in stage 7. Although you can meet the following conditions with 2 players, each player must meet the require by themselves for the condition to be satisfied.
Once the Stage X8s are cleared, simply march staright up to LuBu and defeat him in all 4 X8 stages to unlock him.

SW Story 7Get 1000 KOs
Shu Story 7All allied officers and you must flee the castle within 2'00"
Wei Story 7Defeat Da Ji within 1'00" of her defection
Wu Story 7Have Sun Jian's army join yours within 3'00" of the start of the battle
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Easier way to get 4th weapons 69%
Take 2 or 3 Lv99s and someone who can do awesome uppercut moves like Nobunaga or Musashi Miyamoto so you can kill the enemy easier.(Works best on Hard 3 star!)
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4th weapon 67%
Just go kill orochi sw chaos (if I where you I whould take 3 lvl 99 chars like lubu honda and keiji/orochi)if you kill lubu he should leave a box behind with a new weapon and then with a little luck its a 4th weapon.
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Diao Chan unique item 67%
Kill all of enemy officers before cao-cao arrive
By: Remiel(11)
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Fourth Weapon 65%
Get weapons on hard difficulty on a stage with 3 or more stars or in any stage with chaos difficulty
By: thevampire(363)
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Zhuge liang unique item 64%
In shu 8,defeat all enemy officer. First advance west swop all enemy. Then k.maeda advance with his partner,kill them quickly. Then kill Lu bu,Da Ji. And unique item,appeared in orochi base.
By: Rizeky(51)
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Easy to get lvl 4 weapon but WORST!!! 61%
You can easily get 4th weapon in chaos mode....(Hint: do this in one star difficulty and at least yo have 2 lvl 99 in your party....
By: adventureboy(595)
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Unlocking Honda's unique item 61%
Kill all officer with Honda in wu 7 as fast as possible. An unique item appeared near Da Ji's base.
By: Rizeky(51)
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Lady Noh 52%
In wu story:stage:x3
Kill all the messengers and do not let them escape. If you successfull when Massamune Date arrives , and says :"where is everybody". Defeat him on horseback with a strong character is recomended . Note: "do not use nobunaga oda for this event"
By: thevampire(363)
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Easy way 4 unlocking Miyamoto mushashi 50%
First,play with 2 player. Player1 accompany mushashi to open the dam (kill lu bu first). Second,player2 rescue swordsmen from officer's attack (5 yellow must survive). When,the dam is open water will swept the officer enemy. Mushashi miyamoto vowed to fight with you.
By: Rizeky(51)
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Cao Ren 48%
In sw story :stage:5x
Help 2 of the 3 cavarlys to reach the escape point then cao ren will appear near the escape point, defeat him as fast as possible
By: thevampire(363)
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You can go outside the map...... 42%
In SW stage 6.....go to the upper right and run through the base captain you can't go in right? but if you run for 10 seconds? to the left after that you can go through in and that..........(i'ts like a glicht.........)
By: adventureboy(595)
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King 36%
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4th weapons 33%
On chaos mode go to sw stage 1 use lu bu or nobunaga if 99 to use plus 2 other low levels or same level to get there 4th weapons also having alot of ablilities high up over 10 will be mostly helpful keep using lubu and nobunaga or one of them at level 99 with there own 4th weapon but any random character will be most certainly be helpful.
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Warriors Orochi 263365Please tell me the location of the treasure boxes because I only need to get goemon Answers: 4
Warriors Orochi 239912How do you join the sun family within 3'00"? The doors are closed and open after the 3'. Answers: 2
Warriors Orochi 296498How to get zhou ji I there is not a fake cao pi Answers: 4
Warriors Orochi 666066Is there any way you can get unique item by cheating..... Answers: 1
Warriors Orochi 306606Hi guys ive beat allthe 8x stages and killed lu bu 4 times but I cant get him can someone tell me why? Answers: 10
Warriors Orochi 279160I dont know how to get the last person in wei but I dont know who it is either? please help! Answers: 2
Warriors Orochi 265376What KARMA ability raises ? I am talking about, which things in game have depend from LUCK ? Answers: 4
Warriors Orochi 288129How do you get calvary points? Answers: 1
Warriors Orochi 240458How do I get jiang wei uniqe item pls help and how 2 get mushashi miyamoto pls help I make all yellow units survive but still cant pls help and relply Answers: 4
Warriors Orochi 262833A know that you already said how to unlock Musashi Miyamoto, but I unlocked everybody (except orochi) because I can't unlock musashi, I tried over 10 times, in easy, normal and hard mode and can't manage to make it... even if I go strai killing al the enemy officials I can't unlock him... can someone give me a detailed strategy please? Answers: 8
Warriors Orochi 263367In samurai warriors gaiden 7 I always loose 1 of my reinforcement(which is near masamune date)Can anyone please tell me how to not let that officer die because I only need to impress tadakatsu honda in this stage. Answers: 3
Warriors Orochi 265117Me and my cousin cannot get 1000 ko's in stage 7(impressing Lubu)we only get below 500 ko's.Pls answer my question please.thanks... Answers: 4
Warriors Orochi 276239Hello! I know that the question how to unlock 8-X stage of WU has already been answered, but I tried that so many time... It just can't be done. No matter how fast I am, the message that the alliance has been joined with Sun Jian and Sun Quan will appear in about 55:10. I killed all the officers around Jian and Quan in about 2:30 so I was really fast, but I still didn't unlock 8-X stage. Still appearing those stupid messages and I just cannot make it. And pausing in speaches and messages is also useless. It is not helping me at all. Please tell mi someone who unlocked the 8-X stage of WU, how did you do that. Answers: 10
Warriors Orochi 288115How do you get calvary level to ten? Answers: 1
Warriors Orochi 290215How do you get that idiotic messenger to the escape point without him running out to fight Date Answers: 3
Warriors Orochi 244927How do I get zhou yu's unique item? Answers: 1
Warriors Orochi 260368How do I unlock Yukimura Sanada's Unique item? Answers: 1
Warriors Orochi 262309How do I get the 4th weapon of mitsuhide akechi and nobunaga oda easily in chaos mode or hard.I tried many times but I am defeated every time(They both are lvl 99) Answers: 8
Warriors Orochi 263363How many money supply troops do I have to kill to get dong zhou in samurai warriors Answers: 6
Warriors Orochi 263364I defeated the 2 nene clones within 4 min but still I cannot get her Answers: 6
Warriors Orochi 267691In SW stage 7, I've tried so many times to achieve 1000 KOs but so far I only got 798 KOs. I followed some guides here but I did not work. I guess the total number of enemies won't reach 1000. Answers: 7
Warriors Orochi 276955How do you get SIMA YI in the game-------------dont now how Answers: 2
Warriors Orochi 279176I cant unlock the person in between zhang he and cao ren who is it and how can I get him/her Answers: 2
Warriors Orochi 286785How do you get calvary level 10 Answers: 1
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