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SimCity DS Cheats for NDS
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SimCity DS NDS Cheats

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SimCity DS Cheats

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SimCity DS

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GameStop Exclusive Washington Monument 95%
Input the following in the museum cheat-password menu:

kipling Anglican Cathedral (UK)
gaugin Arc de Triomphe (France)
kawabata Atomic Dome (Japan)
orwell Big Ben (UK)
hanafuda Bowser Castle (Nintendo)
gropius Brandenburg Gate (Germany)
kerouac Coit Tower (San Francisco)
rodin Conciergerie (France)
mishima Daibutsu (Japan)
shonagon Edo Castle (Japan)
camus Eiffel Tower (France)
twain Gateway Arch (USA)
f.scott Grand Central Station (USA)
mahfouz Great Pyramids (Egypt)
ataturk Hagia Sofia (Turkey)
kivi Helsinki Cathedral (Finland)
hokusai Himeji Castle (Japan)
durer Holstentor (Germany)
mlkingjr Independence Hall (USA)
thompson Jefferson Memorial (USA)
soseki Kokkai (Japan)
hemingway LA Landmark
melville Lincoln Memorial (Washington DC)
dickens Liver Building (UK)
damemelba Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia)
austen Metropolitan Cath. (UK)
allende Moai (Chile)
hiroshige Mt. Fuji (Japan)
yuantlee National Museum (Taiwan)
beethoven Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)
hugo Notre Dame (France)
bunche Palace of Fine Arts (USA)
cervantes Palacio Real (Spain)
daumier Paris Opera (France)
callas Parthenon (Greece)
zewail Pharos of Alexandria (Egypt)
phu Rama IX Royal Park (Thailand)
goethe Reichstag (Germany)
dali Sagrada Familia (Spain)
basho Shuri Castle (Japan)
pauling Smithsonian Castle (USA)
haykal Sphinx (Egypt)
defoe St Paul's Cathedral (UK)
tolstoy St. Basil's Cathedral (Russia)
mozart St. Stephen's Cathedral (Austria)
pollack Statue of Liberty (USA)
bergman Stockholm Palace (Sweden)
tagore Taj Mahal (India)
maugham Tower of London (UK)
joyce Trafalgar Square (UK)
amnesty United Nations (UN)
poe United States Capitol
capote / copote Washington Monument
greene Westminster Abbey (UK)
steinbeck White House (Washington DC)
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Population Buildings 90%
Description: By achieving certain levels of population in your city, new buildings will become automatically unlocked that would otherwise not be attainable. Below is a list of those buildings (on the right), along with the necessary population needed for those buildings to be unlocked (on the left).

100Post Office
5,000Mayor's Mansion
25,000Court House
80,000Medical Laboratory
100,000Center for the Arts
300,000Fusion Power Plant
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Easy $$$ Money 83%
How to: At the end of the month, with only a day or 2 to go, raise the residential tax to 22%. After the money rolls in, change the rate to 0% for the rest of the month. You can repeat this to gain money and you will not lose population.
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Effel tower password 67%
The password for the effel tower is camus in sim city ds
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Item unlocking etc. 45%
100-post office for multiplayer playing-free
3,000-Museum Raisses education level of adults no longer attending university-$1,500
5,000-Mayor's Manor a useless item-free
25,000-City Courthouse raises land value significantly and commercial demand-free
100,000-Center for the Arts raises land value slightly, not much else-free
100 years-Med. research lab boosts life expancity of the entiere city, raises land value significantly-$75,000
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EASY way to get your cities population up FAST! 43%
First start a new city,then name the city any name,then go two the basic funds,then build some roads that are in sqaures,next make a HUGE amount of land (as much as you can afford) in "high resedential zone",lastly watch your population grow!
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EASY way to get up your cities population FAST! 38%
First-build a new city (any name)
Secondly-make a HUGE area of the land high resedential zone(as much as you can afford)
thirdly-make roads to the resedential zone
fourthly-Watch your population go up FAST!
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EASY pollution DECREASE in about a minute!!!!!!!!! 38%
If your pollution is HIGH and you do not no what to do,first if you have MORE than 1 coal or other kind od plants,DELETE them until you have only 1,then you should notice a FAST decrease in pollution

NOTICE:This hint/cheat is best if used in a biger city
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Easy population 37%
So. first name your city then put income really low.(0 or 2 percent is good)
then place some LD homes and supply them with power and water.
then, watch population grow!
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