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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Cheats for DC
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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing DC Cheats

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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

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Taunts 100%
During a fight hold X + A or Y + B to taunt your opponent.
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All characters 100%
Select championship mode and enter your name in as pod 5! to get every character.
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Easy Money 100%
Place a bet on a prize fight and if you win place your winnings on the next fight if it looks like your going to lose quit the match and try again.
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Alternative Outfits 100%
Press X + Y when your selecting a boxer and your fighter willbe wearing a different costume.
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Change Corner man Voices 100%
At the character select screen press X + any direction on the D-pad to toggle corner man voices.
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Fighting Arena 100%
In 2 player mode while selecting a boxer press the left trigger to fight in the 2 tier arena and the right trigger to fight in championship arena pressing L + R will get you the gym.
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Inexpensive Training 100%
Highlight Rumble Aerobics and press left, while screen is scrolling press A. You get Rumble Mass for $500 instead of $25,000.
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Recover Energy 100%
While your opponent is on the canvas rotate the analogue stick to build up lost energy.
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on career mode if you go on a prizefight then cancel it you can fight a different opponent.
you can carry on doing this until you face sum1 who you know you can beat.
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Afro Thunder's Sucka punch 100%
Press down, down, up, Y.Mega Combos :
When your character is on rumble hit a, b a, b a, b and keep hitting them to pull of a nifty combo.
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Enter your gym name as..
Rumble Bumble" unlocks bronze class.
Rumble Power" unlocks silver class.
Pod 5!" unlocks champ class, hidden fighters.
Mosma!" unlocks gold class.
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To play as Leprechaun 98%
Go to character select screen and press X + Left shoulder + Right shoulder together.
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