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Pokemon Battle Revolution Cheats for WII
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Pokemon Battle Revolution WII Cheats

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Pokemon Battle Revolution Cheats

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Pokemon Battle Revolution

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Courtyard Colosseum - Battle Tips. 100%
If you have beaten the Mysterial on PBR, some Colosseums will change what you can do.
The Courtyard will turn onto Survival Mode. In this, you must defeat 100 reasonably weak trainers. Every 10th battle is with the Colosseum Master Kruger. The first Pokemon on your Pass will go first, and every completed battle gives you the chance to recover HP, PP, used items, etc.

1) Although it isn't TOO helpful, it may be worth having a weak 'Boom Wall' Pokemon. Certain Pokemon, such as Skuntank, will explode on the first turn of battle. It can be frustrating to see your sweeper (A Pokemon who can One-Hit-KO Pokemon frequently) go down when your foe goes boom, so you can switch into a weak Pokemon you don't need and save it. The weak 'mon will go down, sure, but it will be a worthy cause.

2) If you can't use that wheel very well, try get a powerful Sp. Atk-er with Giga Drain (Such as Roserade). Although this is only effective for the Pokemon itself, you can recover health suprisingly easy.

3) Give your Pokemon items corresponding to their moves and stats. Got a Pokemon with high HP? Give it Leftovers! Got a Pokemon with Leech Seed? Use it on the first turn while the 'mon is holding a Life Orb so it regain it's lost health! Got a 'mon with high Attack? Give it a Muscle Band!

The Life Orb reduces HP with every direct attack, but boosts the power of moves. If your 'mon has Magic Guard (the 'mon can only be hurt by direct attacks) then they won't be hurt by Life Orb, but still have the effects.

4) Breloom, a Grass and Fighting type, has the ability Poison Heal. The move Facade doubles in power of the user is poisoned, burnt, or paralyze. The item Toxic Orb (16 BP) poisons the holder after the first turn of battle. Assuming you want to do this, you'll need to know how, as it's very effective.

Step One: Obtain a Breloom with a Jolly Nature. It's Speed is boosted but it's Sp. Atk falls, but since the Sp. Atk stat isn't needed, you'll be OK.

Step Two: use Protect first. You don't want to be KO'd before you even start.

Step Three: since the Toxic Orb has taken effect, Facade will be extremely powerful. Breloom will have a lot of power on it's hands, and it'll be healed from the poison each turn.

Step Four (Op): Use Fling on your opponent. You're already poisoned, so you won't need the orb, so you can poison your target, too!

Well, that's enough for now. If you need any more advanced tips on battling, for any main Pokemon series game, email
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Unlockables List 93%
Complete the colosseums to earn the following listed unlockables:

Bronze Badge Gateway Colosseum
Gateway Colosseum Rank 2 Gateway Colosseum
Silver Badge Sunny Park Colosseum
Magma Colosseum Sunny Park Colosseum
Golden Blade Courtyard Colosseum
Star View Colosseum Courtyard Colosseum
Crown Star View Colosseum
Flat 50 Star View Colosseum
Pikachu Badge Main Street Colosseum
Neon Colosseum Waterfall Colosseum
Crystal Colosseum Waterfall Colosseum
Sunny Park Colosseum Neon Colosseum
Pikachu Jacket Neon Colosseum
Surf Pikachu All colosseums
Surf Diamond & Pearl Download All colosseums
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Pokémon 92%
How to unlock: Head to the in-game cheats menu and insert the following passwords to unlock the specified Pokémon. To unlock an Electrivire, insert: BA16-X4SH-E2AT. To unlock a Magmortar, insert: JL49-05KN-ODNV.
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Leader Outfits 91%
Defeat the required colosseum leader with lvl. 50, All Rule to unlock the following costumes.

Electivire Beat the Crystal Colosseum leader.
Groudon Beat the Magma Colosseum leader.
Kyogore Beat the Waterfall Colosseum leader.
Lucario Beat the Sunset Colosseum leader.
Pachirisu Beat the Main Street Colosseum leader.
Roserade Beat the Neon Colosseum leader.
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Trade Pokemon in the Trade Battle 83%
After you beat the Stargazer Colosseum go and try out the new rule at the Gateway Colosseum. If you win a battle you can trade Pokemon on your Rental passes. This is the way to get all new Pokemon you have never seen before. So have fun trading!
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Leader Outfits, For You! 82%
After beating the game go to battle the colosseums but do level 50 all. After beating it you'll get the leader clothes. Do it again to get the SHINY! leader clothes.
By: Hunner96(370)
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Neon Colosseum! 80%
If you are experienced at the roulette wheel plan on getting only the best pokemon. here's how!: When the pokemon you want is on the 9 o'clock mark shoot at the 6 o'clock mark. When you're marker is landing the wheel still spins so it should land on the wanted pokemon!
By: Hunner96(370)
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The Commentater 80%
If the guy that's always talking during the battle is annoying you you can choose to turn his voice off. Go to options from the main menu, pick commentater and choose off.
By: Hunner96(370)
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A weird battle strategy 67%
Put a Snorlax that knows belly drum, body slam, and anything else. Give it a sitrus berry. Have a Metagross with psych up, Meteor smash, magnet rise, and Zen headbutt. Give it either a psychic plate or a steel plate for more power. Put these two pokemon in a double battle. Snorlax uses belly drum to maximize attack, and restore it's health with sitrus berry and Metagross uses Psych up on Snorlax to maximize IT'S power. Keep using physical attacks to go through every pokemon pretty easily. If one faints, bring either a Kyogre or a Shaymin if Metagross faints. If Snorlax faints, bring either a Cresselia or a Rayquaza. This is a pokemon catastrophe!
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Magmorter for D/P 64%
On the main menu select profile then select self introduction then enter the following code
under mystery gift you will be able to buy the heated suprise gift send it to your D/P and you will get a Lv 50 Magmorter that knows, flame thrower, psychic, hyper beam and solarbeam
By: doggg95(22)
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What all Trainers want the big battle! 56%
Finally you have gottern to the Stargazer Colosseum. I surpose you want a guide to the trainers. And the trainers are all old freinds.

Round 1: Colosseum Leader Taylor
Round 2: Colosseum Leader Marina
Round 3: Colosseum Leader Rosie
Round 4: Colosseum Leader Voldon
Round 5: Colosseum Leader Terrell
Round 6: Colosseum Leader Dusty

Now the big battle...

FINAL: Poketopia Master Mysterial

Well there is your guide that you wanted. Have fun.
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Magmortar 55%
This is the codes for it...


By: MrPokemon(197)
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Phenomenal Pikachu (It knows surf)! 54%
After beating Stargazer Colosseum go to the shop in the game. Go to mystery gift. Click Shocking Gift. Send to your Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond game. It knows surf, volt tackle, thunder wave, and agility. It will be holding a light ball. This increases a pikachu's abilities. It's a hold item. To recieve your gift go to any pokemart in diamond and talk to the green delivery man he will give you your gift.
By: Hunner96(370)
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Stargazer Colosseum 53%
The trainers at this colosseum are the leaders at all the other colosseums. Use the strategies you used on them before to beat them now. If you've gotten this far then you know how to beat them.
By: Hunner96(370)
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Electivire for D/P 50%
On the main menu select profile then select self introduction then enter the following code
Under mystery gift you will be able to buy the shocking secret gift send it to your dimand or pearl to recive a Lv 50 Electivere that knows thunder punch, ice punch, cross chop and earthquake.
By: doggg95(22)
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How to get new battle passes 50%
When you beat the stargazer colloseom go to the first colloseom you battled.then the screen has options. pick the one on the right and pick any battle pass you want.ones you've did that beat that colloseom then you will win and keep that battle pass.(just to tell you I have 6 battle passes keep battleing with new battle passes at stargazer colloseom and you will have 6 battle passes).(one more one of the battle passes, sneasel is really good at battleing).
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Ultamate pass 50%
If you go to wifi battles and one of the poeple have a palkia dialga darkrai or girantina or all in one pass then beat them and if you want to trade make sure you guys both say yes and then you got a friend pass(if you trade your not realy trading its just making copy of you battle pass)
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Friend Passes 46%
If you battle on Nintendo Wi-Fi, whether you win or lose you can copy passes, here's how!
At the end of the battle it will say "Exchange Friend Passes". Press yes and you will get a copy of the opponent's card to use. It's fun to see how much hard work and training other trainers put into raising their Poke'mon!
By: Hunner96(370)
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A Pikachu that will wow your pants off!!! 45%
When you beat the game go the the mystery gift show and get the secret gift. It is a Pikachu. Send it to Diamond or Pearl. Pikachu is a girl and best of all it knows surf it also knows volt tackle, tail whip and thunder wave.
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Transferring Poke'mon 45%
If you have a pokemon diamond or pearl game then this is a fun thing to do. At the main menu you can select storage then select copy pokemon and follow the instructions. Good Luck and have fun!
By: Hunner96(370)
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Sunny Park Colosseum [The Mini's] 45%
After you beat stargazer colosseum a new challenge at sunnypark colloseum is available to you. You can only use level 5's! The easy way to beat it is to (if you have a ds and diamond/pearl) transfer level 5 pokemon that know moves like sonicboom or dragonrage that do solid damage no matter what (might need to use tm's). Good luck!
By: Hunner96(370)
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Small But Powerful!!! 44%
When you beat the Stargazer Colosseum watch the credits (I think they are cool with all the little pics). After that go the Sunny Park Colosseum and there is a new rule. You can only enter lv 5 or lower and they have to be the lowest evoved form. It's the little Pokemon's turn. There you go and have fun.
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Great Battle Team 44%
Try to balance your battle pass by getting pokemon of different types.
By: Hunner96(370)
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Attack your opponents were it hurts 43%
Here is the Pokemon Golden rule: Water-types dominate fire-types, but they are vulnerable against Grass-types. Kind of reminds you of Paper, Scissors, Rock right? This is were effectiveness comes into play. For example, if the attacker's move type is effective on the defender's Pokemon type, the damage done here will be double the damage done under normal circumstances.
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Don 41%
Do you find the commentator annoying?well you can turn it off by selecting options on the starting screen and turn off the's a lot better!
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Battle Passes 40%
To get new battle passes use a new pass and challenge Gateway Colosseum and if you win you'll rereive a new pass!
By: Hunner96(370)
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Re: Cloning - Of Course It Clones! 38%
The Cloning Cheat Is Just Plain Stupid!
The Whole Point Is That Battle Revolution Copies Your Pokemon Not Trades Your Pokemon Freom D & P!
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Mystery gift 38%
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Better start off 38%
Pick the girl pass first then win the boy pass at neon colleseum
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Electivire 37%
The Codes for him are...


By: MrPokemon(197)
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Create The Very Best Battle Pass 35%
To create a good battle pass, you need to assemble the best team of Pokemon possible that will support each other's weaknesses. Choose your anchour Pokemonand then assemble a team from there, using the second to cover the weaknesses of the first, and a third to cover the weaknesses of the second, and so on. This way you should end up with a well-rounded team that can cover all your bases.


1. Turtwig
2. Piplup
3. Chimchar
4. Meganium
5. Swampet
6. Charizard

Then if you fllow that you will have a great team!
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Secret Arena 33%
This awe inspiring arena has a name that of true potential. Lagoon arena. It's accessible only from Wi-Fi battles or DS battles. Have fun
By: Hunner96(370)
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Battle At The Exclusive DS Battle Colosseum 33%
On a small island not far from Poketopia is the Lagoon Colosseum, surrounded by a beautiful blue sea and white beach. This gorgeous arena can only be used in DS Battle Mode. Here are some tips...

Camouflage: Normal
Nature Power: Tri Attack
Secret Power: Paralyzes

Well there ya go.
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Light Ball 33%
The Pikachu from the mystery gift will be holding it.
By: Hunner96(370)
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Friend Passes 33%
After battling via Nintendo Wi-Fi you can have the option to trade the battle passes you and your opponent used. (This copies yours and gives the copy to the other player) If the other player agrees you'll get a new pass to use.
By: Hunner96(370)
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Into the great unkown!!! 30%
With the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection you can battle complete strangers connected at the same time. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you could battle trainers you didn't know, but now in Pokemon Battle Revolution you can battle people you've never met - in real time! Not knowing who they are or where they are. And best of all you don't know what they are capable of so it is a great challenge. And who knows were battles will lead next!
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Pick Your Trainer Character 30%
The six trainer you can be are...

1. Young Boy
2. Cool Boy
3. Muscle Man
4. Young Girl
5. Cool Girl
6. Little Girl

All of them have three different skin tones are available for each.
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Surf pika surf 30%
When you beat the game you go to your mystery gift and there will be a mystery item for 0 points it is a pikachu that knows surf volt tackel thunder wave and tail whip trade it to pearl or diamond
By: yahyah(122)
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Pokemon Types 27%
There are 17 different types of Pokemon they are...

1. Normal
2. Fire
3. Water
4. Grass
5. Electric
6. Ice
7. Fighting
8. Poison
9. Ground
10. Flying
11. Psychic
12. Bug
13. Rock
14. Ghost
15. Dragon
16. Dark
17. Steel

There you go now you know all the Pokemon types!
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Type Matchups! 21%
Water is good against fire, rock,& ground. Water is weak against electric & grass. Grass is good against water, rock, & ground. Grass is weak against fire, flying, bug, and ice. Fire is good against grass, ice, & bug. Hope this helps with some tough situations.
By: Hunner96(370)
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Neon Colosseum-Fortune battle tips and hints 20%
To get the pokemon you want from the wheel,keep the curser at the bottom left corner,and the pokemon wanted at the top of the spinner,press A right away and you will get your want pokemon.
By: thegamemonster(7)
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Red gyrados 19%
Grass moves are not super effective on it
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How to get arceus 18%
Beat the game then beat neon colluseum get arceus on diamond pearl or platinum transfer it over and you have it on battle revolution
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Super effective types (se means super effective) 18%
Water se on rock fire ground phycic se on ghost grass fighting ground se on rock steel fire poison steel se on rock ghost se on ghost phycic dark se on phycic ghost fire se on grass steel grass se on rock ground water electric se on water flying ice se on grass rock ground flying dragon dragon se on dragon flying se on grass fighting poison se on grass fighting se on normal
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Catchphrases 17%
You can change your character's catchphrases real easily! Just select "passes" on main menu, then click "custom passes" then choose the pass you want to change, then click the picture and choose "catchphrases" to begin changing your catchphrases! Good Luck and have fun!
By: Hunner96(370)
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Alot of tips 14%
Take advantage and use sand attack sometimes.The best pokemon team is mine.It has Lucario,Infernape,Darkrai,Arcreus,Giatina,and Heatran.Also use the Luck badge which you can get while buying cloths.
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Just stuff click here! 12%
Get an enplodean magmotar dialga or pakilda and electrive and they will win every time!
trust me it works!bye!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Only for ds 8%
Put your birthday on today and change the date to today save that then tourn your ds of then turn it back on
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