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The House of the Dead III Cheats for Xbox
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The House of the Dead III Xbox Cheats

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The House of the Dead III

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Quarter Life Item 100%
Clear Boss Mode with five red stars on all the bosses to unlock.
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Unlimited Credits 100%
Clear training mode and boss mode with 5 red stars in each section. Get at least 2 stars in the "Fight All" section.
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Unlimited Death Shots 100%
Clear training mode with five red stars in each section.
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Big Big Bonus 100%
Clear original mode without losing any civilians and with a score of 1000,000 points or more.
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Bruno Costume 100%
Get 70,000 points to play on the "Sin" difficulty in original mode. Get the Bruno costume/outfit when a maid comes out of a secret room and hands it to you, and wishes you good luck.
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Rogan Costume 100%
Play original mode and select "2.0 Bullets" and "Double Score" items from the trunk. Rescue all civilians except for the 2nd person on level 4. Clear the game to enter the bonus room at the end. A Rogan Costume and Infinite Credits will be in the room.
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Goldman Costume 100%
Clear original mode and the costume/outfit will appear in the trunk of the car in the next time you play original mode.
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Red Blood 100%
Clear the game in original mode.
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Unlock Unlimited Credits 100%
Clear game with an "A" rank, then increase the credits past 9 until "Free Play" appears in the options screen.
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Extras 100%
While riding the elevator down, the door will open a couple of times. Shoot all the enemies as quickly and as accurately as possible to get items for original mode.
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Fully Unlock House of the Dead 2 100%
Win the game once on any difficulty. House of the Dead 2 in all of its splendour will now be playable.
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Automatic Calibration 100%
When turning on the game, make sure only regular controllers are hooked up to the system. Go into any mode like survival mode, and then pause game. Now take out the controllers and plug in the lightguns and your lightgun should be aligned properly.
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