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Overlord Cheats for XBOX 360
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Overlord XBOX 360 Cheats

Rating: 1.7/5 VOTE
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Rating: 1.7/5 VOTE

Quick Power-ups 98%
If you died recently and your minions are now weak then go to either Halfling Homes or the village of Spree. There you can break all the objects for new weapons and armor.
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Master & Minion Multitude Achievements 96%
The wasy way to unlock the Minion Multitude Achievement is to visit the Dungeon with an ultimately imbued Arcanium Sword & Armor.

Weapon: do not balance out your minion sacrifices so that you get a little bit of everything and instead focus on increasing the damage with brown minions and just a little of the green minions to do massive damage with the power blow.

Armor: do not balance out your minion sacrifices so that you get a little bit of everything and instead focus on increasing the defence with brown minions and just a little of the green minions to regenerate life slowly (about 5 to 10%).

Dungeon: Don't take any minions with you and when you go into the dungeon and approach each group of enemies slowly so that you face only a few at a time. This way if your health gets low you can run away for a bit and regenerate.
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Dungeon Force 96%
When lifeforce is harder to come by with the advance smelters, visit the tower dungeon and use the staged fights to earn lifeforce. A mix of minions will let you set ambushes and revive any losses. The only downside is that your have no spells to use but it is a lifefource generator ;)
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Pumpkin Hat [Easter Egg] 93%
In Spree or just outside of Melvin's Kitchen & smash some pumpkins. Occasionally, minions without hats will pick up a pumpkin & plop it on their head.
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Forge Glitch 91%
Upgrade your equipment without sacrificing any minions: As you are upgrading or forging , wait until the camera goes above the upgrade area. Before the minions actually come out, press start and exit the game. Now, reload your game. You’ll find that no minions have been sacrificed but the game has still upgraded your gear!
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Easiest Life Force 90%
First get the arcanium smelter and then add reds and browns to the sword. The reds do good fire damage. The armor should be greens for health regeneration. The helmet is good for 15 extra minions. When I went to the dungeon with this, I got 200 life force each and lots of gold.

I'm kinda trying to get the Minion Multitude achievement.

by IJN
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The overlords master of villages 71%
Hint:all villages you have been if you take all of the villages kill all the people then if you have enemies to go in villages and keep all of your men in there. You will see homes blow up and caos will be evey where if you do it right.Can you do it right?
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Easy way to get life force. 67%
After you have gotten all types of minions and have a large maximum hoard size (30-35) go into the dungeon and fight a type of beetle. When you choose your minions only select the blue and green minions. When you go into the arena put all of your minions on a guard marker close to the back of the arena but not all the way back. After you have done that walk close to the beetles and lure them towards the guard marker but don't get too close but close enough so that the green minions attack the beetles. By choosing the blue minions you can revive the ones that die in battle. (tip: if your minions are not standing where they are supposed to, kick them and they will go back to the gurd marker. Also try and equalise the amount of the two different types minions)(tip: try and get a strong wepon more than anything so you can protect your minions)
Hope this helps you. )

By AgileFlame
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Unlimited money!!!! 64%
When you get to ruborian dessert village around will be alod of boxes with money in them. the bags hold about 350gold when you leave you get 3000 when you leave hope this helped!
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Easy money 60%
After you beat sir william go to his castle and break everything you see when you leave you will get about 3000 gold the just teleport out the do it again
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How do i find green minions? 60%
After you get Red minions, go to Evergreen (home of elves,hidden entrence in Spree, somewhere near crops and trees.) Once in evergreen you will need to fight a couple monsters while following the Green minions, once you get to a place where there is a cave on your left, that cave is the Viridian Caverns. (Or Viridian Caves.)
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How do i find Red minions? 58%
Well, if you're new to Overlord, after you complete all the starting off missions to get into Spree, you have to travel a bit around Spree untill you get to an area that will pop up the mission "Crash the Haflings party". After you do this mission, you will have to travel Southeast from where you came in and there will be an entrence that SHOULD be unlocked, (you might have to beat something added on,)go through and you will be near a hill or set of stairs that go a little bit downward and when you go in your minions will start to dance, which you can't prevent, then you have to go around to find another minion cave. After ressurecting a some minions, go kill all the Haflings, and the entrences they come out of. Then go to the main build that is locked and unlock it by find to handles to a spinner wheel, then go inside after you kill every enemy that comes out.
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Unlimited brown lifeforce 57%
Do the mision where you have to get the stolen food wance you have, alot of villagers come to you and ask you to put it on somwhere then the master minion will tel if you kill the villagers
and take it you will get some lifeforce(40brown) dont instead put it where the villagers want it after teleport back to the tower then teleport back to mellow hills and a woen will say
"thanks to you the flocks are flurishing take as many as yoy like" after that kill all the sheep
near the portal then walk to the sheep pen near the big wheat feild behind spree and kill the sheep there and you will get somting like 39-45 brown lifeforce then go back to the tower and do it all over again.
P.S you can also get alot of red lifeforce by killing the magma beetles near castle spree since they just come back as well(this is a good subsitute if you cant get the forge glitch to work)
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Easy lifeforce 56%
(First you need to kill all 4 types of beetles.) Go to the dugeon get only greens! Place them on a guide marker and let them turn invisable. Then lur some bettles in. Each time you kill them you should get 75 lifeforce.
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Finish your castle. 55%
To finish your castle, you need a couple things, a crane you will find in a mission for Spree, a large object you will find with your Red minions around Spree, and a Mistriss you will find by doing a mission in Spree of a Burning castle that dark ninja's have burned and destroyed.
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How do i get new weapons? 53%
Well, find a large forging object around Spree. (You need Red minions to do this.) Then go back to your tower and the small minion master will tell you that you're able to forge weapons and armor.
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54 Achievements
Overlord - Power up the Tower Power up the Tower
Retrieve the Tower Heart to power up the Tower
Overlord - Rebuild the Tower Rebuild the Tower
Retrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower
Overlord - Obtain a Mistress Obtain a Mistress
Get yourself a little company and some help spending your money
Overlord - Retrieve the Food Retrieve the Food
Retrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?
Overlord - Defeat Melvin Defeat Melvin
Puncture a Hero
Overlord - Defeat Oberon Defeat Oberon
Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.
Overlord - Defeat Sir William Defeat Sir William
Cure a Hero of life
Overlord - Defeat Goldo Defeat Goldo
End a Hero's obsession
Overlord - Defeat Jewel Defeat Jewel
Steal a Hero
Overlord - Defeat Kahn Defeat Kahn
Get angry with a Hero
Overlord - Defeat the Wizard Defeat the Wizard
Defeat the 7th Hero
Overlord - Full Corruption Full Corruption
Win with the blackest heart
Overlord - Zero Corruption Zero Corruption
Win with the clearest conscience
Overlord - Red Minions Red Minions
Retrieve the Red Hive
Overlord - Green Minions Green Minions
Retrieve the Green Hive
Overlord - Blue Minions Blue Minions
Retrieve the Blue Hive
Overlord - Steel Smelter Steel Smelter
Retrieve a Smelter
Overlord - Durium Smelter Durium Smelter
Retrieve a powerful Smelter
Overlord - Arcanium Smelter Arcanium Smelter
Retrieve the most Powerful Smelter
Overlord - Ultimate Steel Ultimate Steel
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Steel Set
Overlord - Ultimate Durium Ultimate Durium
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Durium Set
Overlord - Ultimate Arcanium Ultimate Arcanium
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Arcanium Set
Overlord - Full Durium Full Durium
Forge a full Durium set
Overlord - Full Arcanium Full Arcanium
Forge a full Arcanium set
Overlord - Minion Harvester Minion Harvester
Harvest Lifeforce
Overlord - Amass Minions Amass Minions
Harvest lots of Lifeforce
Overlord - Minion Hoarder Minion Hoarder
Harvest a huge amount of Lifeforce
Overlord - Minion Multitude Minion Multitude
Harvest a massive amount of Lifeforce
Overlord - Tower Master Tower Master
Collect all the Tower Objects
Overlord - Ultimate Horde Ultimate Horde
Get a full Horde, fully equipped
Overlord - Dungeon Dabbler Dungeon Dabbler
Defeat half the Dungeon Creatures
Overlord - Dungeon Overlord Dungeon Overlord
Defeat all the Dungeon Creatures
Overlord - Mistress Master Mistress Master
Fulfill your Mistress's wishes
Overlord - Survivor Survivor
Last for 5 minutes in Survival
Overlord - Superior Survivor Superior Survivor
Last for 15 minutes in Survival
Overlord - Ultimate Survivor Ultimate Survivor
Last for 30 minutes in Survival
Overlord - Compete in Pillage Compete in Pillage
Complete a ranked Pillage match
Overlord - Win in Pillage Win in Pillage
Win a ranked Pillage match
Overlord - 10 Wins in Pillage 10 Wins in Pillage
Win 10 ranked Pillage matches
Overlord - 50 Wins in Pillage 50 Wins in Pillage
Win 50 ranked Pillage matches
Overlord - Compete in Slaughter Compete in Slaughter
Complete a ranked Slaughter match
Overlord - Win in Slaughter Win in Slaughter
Win a ranked Slaughter match
Overlord - 10 Wins in Slaughter 10 Wins in Slaughter
Win 10 ranked Slaughter matches
Overlord - 50 Wins in Slaughter 50 Wins in Slaughter
Win 50 ranked Slaughter matches
Overlord - Dungeon Legend Dungeon Legend
Defeat all the Expansion Dungeon Creatures
Overlord - Hell Raider Hell Raider
Conquer the Mellow Hills Abyss
Overlord - Soulblighter Soulblighter
Conquer the Evernight Forest Abyss
Overlord - Demon Master Demon Master
Conquer the Heavens Peak Abyss
Overlord - Infernal Lord Infernal Lord
Conquer the Golden Halls Abyss
Overlord - Lord of the Abyss Lord of the Abyss
Conquer the Ruborian Desert Abyss
Overlord - Legendary Overlord Legendary Overlord
Defeat the 7th Hero in Legendary Mode
Overlord - Extended Survivor Extended Survivor
Last for 45 mins in a Expansion Survival Map
Overlord - Extended Pillager Extended Pillager
Win 25 ranked Expansion Pillage Maps
Overlord - Extended Slayer Extended Slayer
Win 25 ranked Expansion Slaughter matches

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