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Overlord Cheats for PC
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Overlord PC Cheats

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Trainer by: Anonymous Aug 7,2002

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Master and Minion Multitude Achievements 86%
The easy way to unlock the Minion Multitude Achievement is to visit the Dungeon with an ultimately imbued Arcanium Sword and Armor.

Weapon: Don't balance out your minion sacrifices so that you get a little bit of everything and instead focus on increasing the damage (brown minions) and just a little of the green minions to do massive damage with the power blow.

Armor: Don't balance out your minion sacrifices so that you get a little bit of everything and instead focus on increasing the defence (brown minions) and just a little of the green minions to regenerate life slowly (about 5 to 10%).

Dungeon : Don't take any minions with you and when you go into the dungeon and approach each group of enemies slowly so that you face only a few at a time. This way if your health gets low you can run away for a bit and regenerate.

Good Luck!
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After death Power-up 85%
If you have died recently and your minions are weakened, go to either Halfling Homes or the village of Spree, and break all the objects for new weapons and armor. Heavens peak is good too once you can get in the city.
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Lifeforce 84%
Ned some extra lifeforce? Visit the tower dungeon and use the staged fights to earn lifeforce needed to make the upgrades. A mix of minions will let you set ambushes and revive any losses.
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Easy Green Lifeforce 76%
Go to the dungeon and get all green minions and fight "Puff Beetles" When you get in press "Q" when you r on the side of the dungeon and no beetles are chasing u, When the greens turn invisible go into the army of beetles and when 1 or 2 is chasing run back to the greens and they will ambush it 4 u, pick up the life force and repeat, you should get about 90 green life force per round
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Moving the egg, exploding plant, etc 60%
It took me a little while to figure out how to move one of the objects that explode or that creatures try to protect. Here is how I found to do it best. First I selected all units then hit Q to place them all at a banner. If you do not do this then you end up sending all units which can be a mess. Then I right clicked the mouse to bring one unit back to my control. Now I hit shift untl the object that I wanted to move was selected then I hold done the left mouse button. This will send the until to the object but if you continue to hold down the left mouse button the unit will pick up the object , then you can "sweep" that unit to where you need it to go.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Using Greens on Bosses 56%
I found it best to only send a few greens out to attack bosses to reduce the death rate of your minons. It takes a little longer but you save more minions. I select greens and hit Q to place them all at a banner. Then I right click to bring 5 back to my control and then send them to fight the Boss. With only 5 units you can kinda do a hit & run tactic easier. Let them attack for a few seconds them return them so they do not get hit with the "power" attack of the Boss. If you send more then that you can not get them returned intime to avoid the power attack which kills them.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Easy Brown Life force and weapons/gold 45%
Once you have made it to Heavenspeak you can always return and the sheep regenerate here. The best part is that there is several here to harvest. Just stay away from the shepherd unless you want to be corupt because he will attack you but not your minos. So teleport to Heavenspeak and head to the right. After you harvest all the sheep then head to the graveyard and pluder the crypts for gold/weapons/health/etc. It is sometimes hard to get the minions to break into the 3 crypts but keep trying. It is also hard sometimes to get them to pluder the inside but with a little practice you can get them in there ;)

If you have not cleared the graveyard yet then there is a health object there for your Tower.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Having much money 40%
When you getin the dwarf village and get ito the tunnel destroy anithing you can barels and other things and you will get a lot of money and if you get the 4 things with gold you will have more than 10.000 gold I went from 1900 to 13.000.and the bak n your palace will be full of gold!
By: Roxas(232)
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Many Green minions 38%
When you have the green minions go to their place where you get them and finish it and kill all the enemies and at the end you will have about 100 green minions!
By: Roxas(232)
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Infity mions 25%
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Kill KING GOLDON easy 23%
When you fight him for the first time do not take with you your minions and fight him (you will easy kill him) I did it without minions and I beat him veryyyyyyyyy easy and I lost the half of my first
Rectangular of my life.I swear!
By: Roxas(232)
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Invisible minions 18%
Makes your minions invisible and won't die
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Kill enemies easy 17%
If you can hold 20 minions or more to kill easy an enemy go to him and order your minions to attack him so and you and the enemy will die veryyyyyyyyy quick
By: Roxas(232)
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Overlord 542282How to find the statue of mother goddes? I'm try to explore the golden hill but still can't find. Answers: 1
Overlord 564995How do I get to pass the geysers? Someone already answered that, but the answer says "Use guard markers and sweeping". How do I do that? Answers: 2
Overlord 415291In Heavens Peak abyss I am trying to mop up the slime slugs and the rats but they keep popping up out of the hole. I dont know what to do im stuck I spent 15mins doing the same thing but nothing happens. please help! Answers: 1
Overlord 465046When you go to the party, your minions start dancing, how do you get them to stop? Answers: 1
Overlord 467255How do you kill the giant snake in the blue minion lair, uhh.. HELP! Answers: 3
Overlord 491508How can I return to the tower after returning its heart? Answers: 1
Overlord 494071Heaven peak levels, there is sword available there? if it s there, how can I found that sword, I need that sword to complete the mission... :D Answers: 1
Overlord 513768If my minion kills kahn in my place do I still get the the kill kahn achievement cause the part when you have to stab him my minion stabbed him instead and I didnt get the achievement...... Answers: 1
Overlord 587397How do you break walls of fire Answers: 1
Overlord 702851Does anybody know how to get your minions through the first geysers...ive been trying to sweep my blue minnions through but they wont go through ive also tryed to sweep a brown minnion through but he wont go either someone this is my face now :( this is my face when you help me :) Answers: 1
Overlord 749339Were r blue minion village Answers: 0
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