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Bioshock Cheats for PC
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Bioshock PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Mega Trainer 1.1 Intl. by: Caliber Jan 8,2008
Mega Trainer 1.1 Steam/No-DVD by: Caliber Jan 8,2008
Mega Trainer 1.0 V3 by: Caliber Oct 9,2007
Mega Trainer 1.0 V2 by: Caliber Sep 18,2007
DEMO Trainer by: Caliber Aug 21,2007

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Bioshock 2009 pc cheats 100%
Neverdie f10
ghost 1
fly 8
give5000$ 7
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Easy money: 100%
When you find any slot machine, use Incinerate Plasmid to corrupt the machine.
You will nearly always win money when you use the burnt out machine.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Save game recommendation: 100%
After becoming a Big Daddy, make a new saved game. At this point you are near
the end of the game. If you missed something you can go to the bathysphere and
explore Rapture again, but also you are a Big Daddy now so the splicers will
not harm you, security cameras will not set off alarms, etc.
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Built in Cheats 96%
Find and open defuser.ini in your BioShock installation folder. Find the key you want to bind the code to and set the bind (for example, "F10=god").

Save the file and start the game, while in game press the bound key to toggle.

*** The cheat can be deactivated if a video cutscene appears or if you move to a new area.

walk Disable Fly and Ghost cheats
god Become Invulnerable/Invincible
ghost Disable Clipping
fly Fly
teleport Teleport to Crosshair
killpawns Kill All Enemies on Level
slomo Slomo Mode
suicide Kill Self
givehealth Gives Health
givebioammo Gives EVE
igbigbucks Give $500
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Big Daddy Kills: Trap Bolts 82%
If you have Trap Bolts for your Crossbow, you can execute this technique to kill Big Daddies easily. Give yourself about 20 feet and shoot your Trap Bolts so they hang between you and the location of the Big Daddy you want to kill. Then shoot a round with another weapon at the Big Daddy to anger it so it comes towards you. It will stumble across the Trap Bolts you've shot and die, since it only takes two of them to take one down.
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Easy Splicer Kills 73%
Simply use Telekinesis on one to hurl a body at others. This method usually results in a one-hit kill and is especially useful against higher-level Splicers.
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Cheat Codes: 67%
Note: v1.1 of the game is required to enable all codes. Some, but not all, codes
can be used with earlier versions. This procedure involves editing a game file
create a backup copy of the files before proceeding. You will need to allow hidden
files and folders to be shown in order to edit this particular .ini file.
Use a text editor to edit the "User.ini" file found in the following locations:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Bioshock\
Windows Vista: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock\

Set a key binding in the User.ini file to any of the following codes (for example,
"F10=fly"). Then, press the key during game play to activate the cheat function.

Any active codes are disabled when a new area loads or intermission sequence plays.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Big Daddy Vs. Big Daddy 64%
You need the Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid and the Natural Camouflage Tonic for this trick. Now just use the Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid on a Big Daddy so that he protects you. Now for the fun part! Just simply find and attack another Big Daddy and your own Big Daddy will attack it to protect you. Pretty Cool huh!
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Security Drones 64%
Use the Electric Shock Plasmid to temporarily disable security drones before you do anything else in a room that has one. Sometimes you can time it right to get under them without them seeing you to hack them. If you can not reach them because they are to high, try to jump. Now you need to run up to them quickly ( five seconds) and hack them! You'll have security drones on your side in that area now so retreat to there for some added help if you need it.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Free Health Packs 60%
While you can buy health packs at health stations for $10( hacked), you can get them for free by simply smashing the machines with your wrench. After a few hits, between 1-3 health packs should lie on the floor for you to grab.
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Big Daddy Kills: Electric Gel 60%
Try using Electric Gel in the Chemical Thrower. It takes about 3/4 of a tank, but the Big Daddy won't be able to move as you shoot and kill him.
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How to defeat Fountain Easy 58%
Once the elevator opens in the room to fight Fountain you have time to setup. You need to take ADAM from him 4 times and he will not attack until you take the first amount. After each time you drain him, he will attack and have his health back. You need to lower his health 3 times and run to his healing station before he heals clear up to drain the ADAM. To Drain the ADAM, you do not equip anything. You just move close and will be prompted to drain him.

The first trick is to use the Trap-Bolt from the crossbow. Once you leave the elevator you can go either right or left and go around the wall to set your traps. Use three bolts at one location. Shoot about straight out and move a bit to the side so the trap sets that way you can crawl under them yourself. You can setup similar trap area and just run from Fountain and he will chase you to these areas. Set up theses trap areas first before you first drain him of ADAM.

The second method uses the grenade launcher. There are several areas around this room that have the barrels or gas tanks. Just use the proximity nades on one barrel in a cluster. When Fountain goes in this area, all tanks or barrel will blow up to cause massive damage on him.

The third trip is when he is not Fire. You have to defeat him first when he is on fire then he will fight you with ice then electric. If you use some plasmid or weapon to inflame him, he will run behind his station to a water area. Once he steps into this area, use your electric shock plasmid or electrical weapon on the water to cause extreme damage.

You can mix these methods up and easy defeat Fountain!
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Quick Reloads ( Crossbow & Grenade Launcher) 58%
While shooting either weapon, you can quickly reload by pressing the left trigger, then quickly after pressing the right trigger. This will allow you to start shooting without having to wait longer (several seconds) for your weapon to reload. This is especially useful against powerful enemies like Big Daddies.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Crossbow - Reuseable Ammo 55%
The Crossbow does a lot of damage and there is an upgrade for it that increases the chance that the bolts will not break when shot. So when you waste a slicier you can retrieve the bolt(s) that was used. You can also retrieve them if you miss like I do but you have to remember where you shot. This makes this weapon really nice!
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Cheat codes 50%
Result Code
God mode - god
Disable clipping - ghost
Flight mode - fly
Disable fly and ghost codes - walk
Teleport to pointer - teleport
Obtain indicated Plasmid or Tonic - exec [filename]
Fully replenishes EVE - givebioammo
Full health - givehealth
$500 - igbigbucks
Kill all enemies on level - killpawns
Slow motion - slomo
Commit suicide - suicide
Set jump height - setjumpz
Set gravity "0.0" is no gravity - setgravity
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Big Daddy - Grenade Launcher 45%
Once you get the Grenade Launcher and the Proximity Mines, this trick can be used. Find a red fuel tank (trash can looking and found frequently), and cover it with about 6 Proximity Mines or so. Next, use Telekinesis to lift the massive explosive device and hurl it at a Big Daddy. This deals massive damage, leaving you with minimal effort to finish the job. Just be careful not to have the bomb blow up before you get there. Bonus tip: (The Grenade Launcher can be upgraded so that it deals no damage to you incase your to close on this trick.)
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Open doors with broken door access 44%
Some doors have access units beside them that do not open the normal way. However you can use your electric plasmid in the unit and open it.
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Big Daddy 37%
Use armor-piercing rounds, as they will deal considerable damage compared to regular rounds.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Sander Cohen 35%
Sander Cohen will ask you to take 4 pictures for him to complete his masterpiece. Afterwards however, you can kill him at your convenience.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Good/Bad BioShock Ending 25%
There are 2 possible endings for BioShock that depend on how you treated little sisters in the game. If you choose to "harvest" more than one little sister, you will get the Bad BioShock Ending. If, however, you "harvest" no more than one little sister but "rescue" the others, you will get the Good BioShock Ending.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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