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Surf's Up Cheats for WII
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Surf's Up WII Cheats

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Surf's Up

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Cody 100%
Description: unlock Cody
How to unlock: Insert "SURFINGLEGEND" into the game's cheats menu.
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New Characters to unlock 100%
To unlock the characters [listed below in table] just gain the listed amount of points on the stage shown given below.
ArnoldShiverpool 2 / 30,000
Big ZLegendary Wave / 100,000
ElliotPen Gu North 3 / 40,000
GeekPen Gu South 4 / 60,000
TankBoneyards / 40,000
TatsuhiPen Gu South 2 / 15,000
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Cheat List 100%
Insert the listed cheat codes by 1st going to the extras option, and then go to cheat codes.
ASTRALUnlocks the Astral board
DONTFALLUnlocks bonus missions (Legendary Wave & Pen Gu North)
FREEVISITUnlocks every championship locale
GOINGDOWNUnlocks all Leaf Sliding locations
IMTHEBESTUnlocks Tank Evans
KOBAYASHIUnlocks TatsuhiKobayashi
MONSOONUnlocks the Monsoon board
MULTIPASSUnlocks all multiplayer levels
MYPRECIOUSUnlocks all boards
NICEPLACEUnlocks are galleries
THELEGENDUnlocks Zeke Topanga
TINYSHOCKWAVEUnlocks the Tiny Shockwave board
TOPFASHIONUnlocks character customization
WATCHAMOVIEUnlocks video galleries
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