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Mega Man Star Force: Leo Cheats for NDS
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Mega Man Star Force: Leo NDS Cheats

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Mega Man Star Force: Leo Cheats

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Mega Man Star Force: Leo

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Card Traders 98%
The Card Traders in the game have a set order for the cards they give, so giving them better cards will not affect the cards you get back. Itís a progression. So just keep at it.
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Mega Man.EXE 98%
By putting any GBA Mega Man Battle Network game into the GBA slot on your DS, you can unlock a sequence of events (after saving your game) where you can meet up with Mega Man.EXE.
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Optional Bosses 98%
There are 3 optional Bosses and are [listed below in table]:
CancerChat to the red-headed boy in The Wave, and then fight him in the Amaken Foyer EM Road
ThunderChat to the ghost after beating the game. Fight him in the City Dump EM Road
WoodsChat to him in front of the stage at Nancyís, then fight him in the EM Road of the stage
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Cipher Mail 96%
When you compose an e-mail in the game (by sending it to yourself via the proper satellite) with certain contents, you can unlock various cards. Simply put the word Cipher as the e-mailís subject, and then the cheat-password for the card you want in the e-mailís body. To make the card appear, exit back to the main screen and then look in your inventory and the card should be there. ***Any "|" in the cheat-password to be inserted into a Cipher Mail arrangement represents a line break, and should not be inserted as part of the cheat code.
Brother Action|RPGQnOphiucaSP
Dec. 17, 1986ChainBubble3
Legendary|Master ShinDragonSkySP
Letís form a|BrotherBandTimeBomb3
Star Force,|the ultimate|power!LeoKingdmSP
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Star Rewards 96%
When you accomplish certain feats in the game, the New Game/Continue screen will change a little. Below is a list of what must be done in-game in order for you to receive these so-called Star Rewards. By getting them all, a super-hard version of the final boss will also be unlocked.
Collect the one hundred fifty Normal Cards
Collect the five Giga Cards
Collect the thirty Mega Cards
Complete the main quest
Defeat PegasusMagic
Defeat Seijin
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Battle Network Blaster 94%
Want the Battle Network Blaster [ BN Blaster ]? Put any Mega Man Battle Network GBA game into the GBA slot on your DS. Then go to the doghouse in Echo Ridge (in EM Wave form), where you will see a wave ball. Go up to it - sum1 will say some data was stolen. If you head to Vista Point and beat Jammer in the computer system and then head back to the wave ball you earlier found, Mega Man.EXE will take the data you retrieved and give you the BN Blaster.
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Kizamaro 91%
Try the following cheat to add Kizamaro to your Brother Band but after beating the main quest. Speak to Kizamaro in Kodama Town, and then head to the gym at school. Head into the network via the Piano in the gym and chat to Jamminger within. Youíll start a battle sequence that is many battles long, but upon winning, you can chat to Kizamaro again and add him to your Brother Band. Try it!
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Some GREAT B. Combos 63%
B. Combos are created when you use 3 or more Standard (battle) chips in one Custom Gauge session and it causes 300 or more points of damage to a boss/FM-ian. Listed below are some that I have created that are VERY powerful and helpful!

1)WideWave3: 120 + BraveSwrd1: 100 + BlazngEdge: 160 + JetAttack3: 200 = 780pts of damage

2)BreakSabre: 200 + BraveSwrd3: 160 + BraveSwrd2: 130 = 690pts of damage

3)Recover 150: 0 + JetAttack3: 200 + JumboHmmer3: 190 + BreakSabre: 200 = 590pts of damage but also recovers 150pts of health.

**I find what was very helpful (until I got used to creating B. Combos) and with many other sections of this game was to jot down everything in a notebook. Especially since you can ONLY save seven B.Combos.**
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WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 44%
Dont use the ar cheatsfor ANY! of the starforce 1 games exept infinite money if you do the you are stuck in the screen your at after 10 uses the one cheat you dont want to use is all standard cards
By: shadowlucario(16)
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Lvling up! 40%
Do You know how to lvl up? well I do the only way to lvl up is not by deafeting viruses or bosses! its the only way to lvl up is by getting a lot of hp memories!
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Best Combos 40%
Best combos are Standard cards that do three hundred damage or more. Here I have some very powerful combos that will destroy any opponent you face.

1. Blaze Edge (160), Tidal Edge (190), Blaze Edge (160), Tidal Edge (190), and Barrier(100). All together that is 700 damage plus a Barrier 100!

2. Freeze Knuckle (160), Stun Knuckle (160), Poison Knuckle (160+hp bug), Tidal Edge (190), Blaze Edge (160), and Recover 300. (Hp bug does rest of damage) That does 830 damage + the hp bug. If you do a wirless battle, make sure that is in your folder.

3. This third one I did not make but I know that it will work perfectly. Freeze Knuckle, Stun Knuckle, Freeze Knuckle, Poison Knuckle, and Freeze Knuckle. That should do 800 damage and leave your opponent Frozen. If you wait until you gauge is full, you should be able to finish off the enemy if it has HP left.
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Cipher mail 33%
Fly away for
skies unknown! =cygnuswingSP
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