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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 Cheats for PS2
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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 Cheats

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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

S Rank Missions 83%
To unlock all of the S Rank Missions in the game, win the game once through in its entirety.
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Characters 82%
Unlock the characters below via the listed requirements.
Sasuke To unlock Sasuke Uchiha in just about every mode, you need to beat story mode twice
Itachi To unlock Itachi Uchiha, you need to win the Kakashi Gaiden, which you get by beating story mode once and completing all of the missions. You unlock him at the same time as Kisame
Kisame To unlock Kisame Hoshigaki, you need to win the Kakashi Gaiden, which you get by beating story mode once and completing all of the missions. You unlock him at the same time you unlock Itachi
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Uchiha Itachi 79%
Complete Kakashi Gaiden.
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Kakashi Gaiden Story 78%
To unlock the Kakashi Gaiden Story you will need to beat all in-game missions.
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Invincible garra 78%
When you play chapter 9 then you have to escape the mantion just use garra and the fire wont hurt you and when the puppets attack you the sand will portect you
By: ssj4 abdulkarem(159)
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Great strategy 73%
When you are with Shikamaru and naruto.Do shikamaru's shadow possesion jutsu and press triangle then do naruto's perfect rasengan.Then do a heavensward kick(square,square,square,square,triangle).
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Lee or guy hidden lotus 73%
To perform this jutsu. first you need lee/guy primary lotus skill chip. then go to mission. you must fill up their spirit gauge. then you open their inner gate and press r1 and r2 at the same time. instead they perform a primary lotus they do the hidden lotus
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Gentle fist 72%
Do gentle fist and keep tapping square and triangle. it should get 32 hits make sure you have enough chakra
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Invisabule naruto 71%
You need the unlimaded chakera and the sexy justu for this one. on the first mission deffet all the enimes that's standing in you way. affter you deffet the bandits use the shadow clones to detect the area that you are apost to go. once you found that spot and before you hit the square button. use the shadow clones and activate harum justu and quickly spres the square button. then the minny movie comes bla bla BLA, press the start button quickly befor the minny move starts and WAZAAM you my freind are invisabule. NOTE: if you want to change back use the harum justu or change charictures to be visable again. sorry my spelling is wrong :(
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Sexy jutusu for naruto 71%
Press r1 and r2 when you are a little far from your enemy.(in 2p battle mode)
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Cool Cheat 71%
If you beat all mission you get kashige saga/ Im a Boss :)
Hope you Enjoy
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Refil your chakra 69%
Spin the left or right thum stik relly fast wen'its loading when you see a chakra orb keep spining heres a nather hint the longer you spin it the more chakra you gete
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Lots of virtue,RYO,and ration X 68%
First make sure you've beaten the game.Then try to have the reccomended following skills:hokage's wisdom,tai-d A-B,virtue orb bonus,war chest,spoils of battle,and orb absorb X (these are very reccomended).Now go to missions and scroll to S rank missions.Then,choose Shirogane's Shadow.Choose only one person,and start the mission.Leave the village now.Don't bother going after the villian.Just run around the map.In no time at all you'll come face to face with a bunch of strong puppets.They're strong,but you can still beat them.Some puppets might drop RYO coins that are worth 120 RYO.If you got every virtue orb in the battle,then you have obtained 360 virtue.Feel free to go back to the village to fully heal yourself,level up,and shop.When you want to get some money,chase after the villian.If you can beat her then you'll get...OMG 1800 RYO and 3 ration X.If you want,you can sell the ration X for 120 RYO each.Have fun!
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Defeating the giant wasps 68%
To get rid of these, use kankuro and lock on to it, then press X then triangle really fast after each other and he will perform a high attack to the wasp(if you don't press them fast enough he'll just quickly jump up) but watch out for the sting and sometimes it will release a small wasp/bee thing and you just do a high attack on that too. hit it 4 times and then it will fall for about 5-7 seconds, maybe less, then it will get up. during this time, if your using kankuro, naruto and lee, use lee to hit it 3 times with triangle or use naruto's clone and release 3 lots. stand back quickly though because when it gets up it will spin and damage you a bit. hope it helped you! xx
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Hidden lotus rampage 64%
First make sure lee have the skill chip primary lotus .when in hidden lotus with lee (i never tested it with gai) press r1 and r2.instead of primary lotus lee will do a cool move
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Characters 64%
beat 2 story mode

completing kakashi gaiden
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Easy Survival 62%
When you want to play survival, try to customize the characters' skill plates to make sure that no useless skill chips are put it.
Note:The skill chips Naruto Spirit and Lee/Guy Spirit won't work in survival. Also, any virtiue orb related skill chip is useless
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How to beat the master puppet 62%
Keep using shadow clone jutsu to get alot of hits then turn into nine tailed fox repeat untill the puppet is dead. watch out when a sheild is under the puppet if you get hit you will die
By: jpete1(29)
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The Puppetmaster 61%
When fighting the puppet master in the beginning use naruto to hit the orbs. When he shuts down use Neji's rotation. After you would just fight him without hitting the orbs. lock on and use rotation on him
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Easy combo/lee guy 61%
Have spirit gauge full, have skill chip Primary Lotus. Unleashe spirit gauge and push square untill dobble kicks in mid air. imidiatly push R1 R2 and watch
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Sauske sideways run! 59%
OK, to do this just defeat last enemy in battle with lion's barrage(sauske's R2+L2 move) and he WILL move sideways(left and right only),it sometimes in a 1 out of 1000000 won't work but it usually does, I swear.
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Defeat final boss (all element puppet ) easily 58%
To do this you have to buy the true rasengan skill chips ( it will make more damage and enemy be slow when use rasengan with hold r2) first puppet, hit it repeatedly. (it will be 0 damage ) just do it untill it`s face turning into other face. the second face, you have to hit all the four orbs in the upstairs till it fall. beware of the thunder and other attack. after all orb fall, th puppet will fall hit it with true rasengan (hold r2) it will make damage one bar health, the puppet will wake up. do it untill it`s turning to the third face. thiss is the most difficults part. you must hit it wiyh true rasengan when it use the face that absorb all infront of it is finish, or when the third face is shot the bomb from it`s mouth. (beware of the bomb if you fall cause it press x repeatedly or you will die with the dark face). when it`s health reach zero, it will refill it health fully. watch out the puppet can use the special magic that can kill you in one special. attack it with true rasengan when it shoot the bomb from it`s mouth. keep close with it ( it will not do special magic )
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How to manage the skill plates... 54%
To get the most out of the skill plates, try to fill it completely with an even number of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu chips. Doing this will allow both fighting styles to improve by 50%! If you are really good, make the special skill chips the same number as well. Then all three effects will add 50%. With some characters such as Lee or Gai, I like to fill the plate with as much taijutsu as possible and only fill in the gaps with ninjutsu and the occasional empty chip.

For those who don't know, in order to use the skill chips, you must put them in the skill plates. That is what they are for.
By: NarutoDad(41)
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Infinite Chakra! 53%
Okay first to get infinite chakra beat all missions and complete Kakashi Gaiden(saga). Then go to the shop and there will be a skill chip called Ninjutsu no longer costs chakra. Sorry but it is for about 80000 ryo.
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Naruto 2 taild fox 51%
To do this jutsu you have to get you haed to burn really fast. then press triangle + squer and x. also when you use rasengan it will ivallve into rasengan sperall chacra spere
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Extreme combo 50%
This works better against the boss.Do a 4-hit combo and then tap r1,the opponent is in the air do again a 4-hit combo and tap r1 do this as many times and the boss will be defeat easily
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Superflash 50%
X circle up down up
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Chakra refill 49%
Win your playing and waiting while
it loads use the anolog left and right in a lot of circles
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Final boss hint 48%
Hint:to beat the boss keep punching the orbs and when all the orbs fall the final boss will fall and then that is your chance to kill him
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The most powerful orbs 44%
Blue orb: shutsdown his lightning powers
yellow orb: shutsdown that ball made of magic he makes or something like that
By: ssj4 abdulkarem(159)
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Just press sqare wait a sec and prees it again wait a sec and prees in aging ect ect and so on ect ect...............
By: ronan(22)
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Free roam 41%
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Open all characters 40%
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Naruto 40%
When you make lot of red behind the characters head at the lef corner above press triangle and circle at the same time
By: narutofan474543(36)
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Sweet 40%
If you jump over your enemy and press r1 they will kick him in the air and hit him woll inthe air
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Fire ball 40%
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Giting missin mode &servival mode 40%
Beat chapter 1
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Defeatingnarutoinchapter10 39%
Usekakashiandkeephittingnarutowiththesquarebutton non-stop
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Nine tailed naruto glich 38%
Its dumb but anyway when your fighting the puppet master if your nine tail is full when you unleash it lock on to the puppet master then jump naruto will automatically jump to him and he will get stuck and keep doing flips but its stupid cause the you will have to reset and load on when you saved on kakashi.
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To get infinant chakura 38%
To get infinate chakura you pass one persons surival
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To Unlock More Outfits 38%
Press The Right Stick 10 Times To The Right
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Complete the game 38%
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Easy combo for rock lee/gai and naruto 38%
First while on a mission be 2 player mode then use uzumaki barrage (r1+r2 while jumping) with naruto (player 1)then if his near the opponent Quickly use primary lotus (r1+r2)with rock lee/gai(player 2) and voila! now its primary barrage
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Unlock All Charaters 37%
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Unlock sasuke 37%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get everyone 37%
By: wallwe567(46)
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Temari 36%
Complete the game twice, finish kakashi gaiden and do all of the rank missions an srank and do all of survivel mode
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Infnite money 36%
On the title screen press up up down down left left right right then you will hear a sound when neji does gentle fist then pause the game the you have infnite money
By: giz jr(185)
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To do the byakugan 36%
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To do the fire ball jutsu 36%
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Select your own character in story mode missions 34%
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Sasuke 33%
How to get sasuke in uzumaki chronicles 2?i beat story mode
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Unlock saskae 29%
Hold L1and R1 and press in the main menu:square,traingle,L1,L1,L1,square.
By: coolkid525(160)
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Unlock gaara 28%
Hold L1 and R1 and press in the main menu:Traingle,square,L1,R1,L1
By: coolkid525(160)
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Reviving ur character withought using revives(only works in story mode) 27%
Wen your character dies instead of usin revives you can wait to the scene were the characters talk and after the scene is over your character should be revived with 1hp.but it only works if you continue the mission after the scene.
By: carolina(182)
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Unlimited health,charkra,and timer 26%
In the title screen press up,up,up,down,left,right
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All characters in survival mode and missions 26%
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How to unlock sasuke 25%
To unlock sasuke press l1,l2,r1,r2 at the title screen
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Naruto uzumaki chronices 2 23%
L1+L2+R1 xxooR2
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To unlock temari an easy way is to at the TITLE screen hold L1, L2, and R1 then press x,x,o,o,x,r2,o now temari should be available for 2p mode.
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