Friday, 12 February 2016
Recoil Cheats for PC
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Recoil PC Cheats

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Recoil Cheats

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Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheats 98%
During playing hit CTRL+X to enter cheat inputmode:

AMMO - all weapons
Invincibility - invincible
Cavalry - infinite ammo
Hemmit - All weapons enabled
Medic - Shields full strength
Killjoy - Free Hover Tech
HEALTH - Health complete

*** You MUST enter the correct case of the letters!

On the 1st stage when you have to take out the lasers in the forgoten city, once the big one is destroyed blow out those little red lights that spin around underneth it and go back to one of those 2 holes where a big tank was, and there is a gate, blow it away and WELCOME TO THE NUDE BEACH !!!
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Recoil 739764I am unable to destroy the m 3 power in thermal meltdown stage Answers: 0
Recoil 870920I would like to turn my vehicle to a sub. Please tell me what to do...I'm supposed to press F4 but it doesn't work Answers: 2
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