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NASCAR 08 Cheats for PS2
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NASCAR 08 PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 1/5 VOTE

EA Sports Stock Car 89%
Want to unlock the EA Sports Stock Car?
Just use the cheat code "EA Sports Car" in the cheat menu.
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Fantasy Drivers 85%
Want to to unlock all in-game fantasy drivers?
Just use the cheat code "Race the Pack" at the cheats menu.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Chase Mode Cars 83%
Want to unlock all Chase Mode cars?
Just use the cheat code "Checkered Flag" in the cheat menu.
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Carl Edwards 75%
Enter the name Carl EdwardsCar to unlock Carl Edwards.
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Passing cars 64%
To pass a car share draft wth it. then when you start rubbing the back of the car stop sharing draft. you will then be bump drafting. this will make you and the other car go faster. now wait until your blue draft bar is full. when it is pull out to that has more room and the momentum will carry you ahead. also called slingshot.
By: moskoman88(21)
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Wal-mart track and car 56%
Enter Walmart as a first name and EveryDay as a last name
By: piepie(39)
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All chase plates 50%
Get all chase plates go to earn your stripes mode and type in this firstname chase last name plates
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A helpful hint when racing on a banked track, stay low on the turns. Then when on a strait away stay towards the middle. This will reduce the number of cars pasing you if done correctly.. have fun and good luck.
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Turns 43%
On turns stay to the inside!
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Cheatcodes 35%
Walmart everyday and ea sportscar are the only codes that will work walmart everyday will only work if you purchased it at walmart. I hope this helps.
By: moskoman88(21)
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Uedguasiue 11%
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NASCAR 08 256522On earn your stripes , when you make enough money ,how do I buy a team Answers: 2
NASCAR 08 291768How do you buy teams? Answers: 2
NASCAR 08 417028How do you use the team communicator? Answers: 1
NASCAR 08 879759How do you get the carl edwards cheat to work Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 293639I can't get my cheat codes to work. Do you have to enter the "quotation" marks around the words? Or do I just enter the words without the "quotation marks? And after I do enter the cheat codes what do I do next? Do I exit Earn Your Stripes mode and then enter a different mode to see if my codes work? Answers: 4
NASCAR 08 358219Is thre anyway to speed up you pit stops? Answers: 4
NASCAR 08 445539How do you play online Answers: 2
NASCAR 08 867842How do you split the cheat code from first name and last name in "earn your stripes" Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 894882I tried all this stuff and did it from what I been reading, and still haven't got any to work. Can someone help me step by step on how to do this stuff? Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 898405How to get all three license challeges Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 925591Where I enter the cheats? Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 939828How do you exit the game? Answers: 1
NASCAR 08 949468How do I use the carl edwards cheat code Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 960228On nascar 2008 how do I make my car faster oon ps2 Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 972134I cant get carl edwards and I did the cheat Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 980602What happends when you complete earn your stripes mode? Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 980725How do you unlock daytonainfield Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 998935How Do Add More Laps On Earn Your Stripes Mode Other Than The 25% Race Length. Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 228064How do I get a gold in earn my stripes at daytona? Answers: 6
NASCAR 08 232956How do you slingshot Answers: 1
NASCAR 08 444458How do put cheat codes in for nascar 08 for ps2 Answers: 2
NASCAR 08 236232Do 3 golds and a fail = silver or gold Answers: 1
NASCAR 08 204139How to boost career when you start earn your stripes Answers: 0
NASCAR 08 196651Can you use your car configuration during online play? Answers: 1
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