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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Cheats for PS2
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 PS2 Cheats

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Unlock All Courses 95%
Enter cheat code at the in-game passwords menu : PROOFTHIS
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Wayne Rooney 94%
Wayne Rooney (the Soccer Player) can be unlocked by using the cheat code PLAYFIFA08 in the cheats menu.
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Cheat List 89%
Cheats used at the in-game passwords screen .
CLEVELANDCleveland Golf-related items unlocked
GAMEFACEUnlock all golfers
GUYSAREGOODPrecept-related items unlocked
INTHEGAMEEA-related items unlocked
JANNARDOakley-related items unlocked
JLINDBERGJ. Lindberg-related items unlocked
JUSTDOITNike-related items unlocked
JUSTSHAFTSGrafalloy-related items unlocked
LIGHTNINGPGA Tour-related items unlocked
MACTECMacGergor-related items unlocked
MRADAMSTaylormade-related items unlocked
NOTJUSTTIRESBridgestone-related items unlocked
RIHACHINRIZOMizuno-related items unlocked
SHOJIROBridgestone-related items unlocked
SNAKEKINGCobra-related items unlocked
SOLHEIMPing-related items unlocked
TENGALLONHATMembers of crowd have big heads
THREESTRIPESBuick-related items unlocked
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More power boost & more spin 73%
Ps2. to get more power boost: when you start the backswing tap l1 & x alternately. you can get %120 or more power.
to get more spin: whilst the ball is in the air tap l2 & x alternately while holding the direction analogue stick in the direction you want the ball to go when it hits the ground.
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Unlimited $$$ Money 63%
To get unlimited $$$ Money to use in-game, go to the cheats menu and type in CREAM as your password.
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Some cheats 55%
Gameface=all charectors
proshop=all clubs
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Unlock doctor who 44%
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Rooney's truth 39%
Never use the Rooney cheat. I tried it loads of times and nothing happened. It's a Fake.
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More points earned after a match 13%
Enter at the password section (nutcracker)
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Hole in one cheat 11%
If you enter SUPER GOLFER you will get a hole in one for every hit!
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Max stats for player 10%
Enter at the password section (chipper)
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 481379I have completed all of the 2008 tournaments. Now when I go to Round 1 of the 2009 Schedule, the system Freezes, Goes out of Focus, and the sound is a constant buzz. I cannot seem to get into the 2009 Tournaments. Please help I have spent 2 months now starting over from the beginning. Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 334509How do you get through the Tracking Tiger Mode? Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 257877What is the best outfit club combo to obtain all elevens once I have obtaine all tens I have four elevens and five tens someone please help me Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 306245How can I make a big hit camera shot? I tried like in tiger woods 2006, and didn't work. I make a 115 percent shot and didn't appear the graphic effect. I need to turn off the speed play? Thankyou ^^ Answers: 2
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 323900How do you get more clubs Answers: 3
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 367636How to get all the golfers Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 381244Can I switch power/spin from 'X' to 'L1' or 'L2' like previous versions? If so how? Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 289579Is there a way to play multiplayer and still build up my bonus skills? It seems like when we play two players in stroke play we no longer get bonus skills when we are playing (like when you hit an exceptional driver, for example). Is there a way to play multiplayer AND increase skills? Thank you. Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 312713Sometimes my drives do not mimic my full swing. and becomes a chop shot Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 387701What is the best gear and clothing setup ? Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 807017How to get max power boost at all times during game play Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 403519What % does the putt meter have Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 406116What are the nubers for the best custom swing? Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 408882How can I play against somebody that in the same room or how can I add a guest so I can plaY against them Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 447093My status is classed as legend, is it possible to advance further? Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 496911How come cream doesn't work for unlimited $$$ Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 517719I cant putt its hard can you putt the way you putt from 2005 Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 536710When I am using the shape stick it only lets me move it up and down but not side to side.Is it because i'm on some kind of setting? Help Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 567615Can you get the gold golf clubs on any tiger woods games on ps2 im just wondering? please I need answer straight away please answer please answer? Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 588745Where can you see your sponsers Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 601717What things are pga tour brand? Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 611561I lost my game case need code so I can play Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 616829How do I get my Logitech game controllor working with the TW 08 game for PC? Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 621463Same problem as listed, have completed the 08 schedule and shows 09 but won't let me play. Locks up and buzzes. The 09 version is nothing like 08 and like 08 much better and would like to continue to play, how do I? Answers: 2
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