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Heavenly Sword Cheats for PS3
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Heavenly Sword PS3 Cheats

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Heavenly Sword Cheats

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Heavenly Sword

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

How to Revisit Stages and why 100%
You can revisit any stage in the game once you have beaten it. This is an easy way to get a full gauge on any stage you hadn't yet. Plus any emblem you've managed to unlock (3 on each stage) will remain unlocked, as long as you successfully get through the stage. However, you must build the meter up from scratch if you want to unlock any emblem you've yet to get on any stage, regardless if one or 2 are already unlocked. So head back to some of those stages and get that gauge filled up and those missing emblems.
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How to Gauge Build 96%
Building up the orange gauge is important if you want to unlock new combos and other in-game unlockables. Here is some tips on how to go about it:
Nariko: try to score consecutive hits on enemies to build the number on the left side of the gauge. If Nariko is injured or waits too long in between scoring successful hits, the number will reset but the gauge will remain.
Kai: You must score consecutive hits as well like with Nariko, but building up the gauge is much easier because Kai time constraints between hits are longer. Plus Kai's use of aftertouch when shooting arrows allows you to guide the arrow to its intended target. There you go, so off to better gauge build now!
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How to unlock Hell Mode 96%
To unlock Hell Mode you must win the game on normal mode. Hell Mode is a much more difficult version to play.
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Kratos' Gear [Easter Egg] 94%
When you head to the armory, look around at the different trophy cases. One of them contains Kratosí armor and swords from fellow Sony series God of War.
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Health Jars 93%
Health jars can be found throughout the game and they will fully heal Nariko or Kai. Plus they are also good to use filling your gauge. The trick here is to try to work in a health jar into some combos since it will give you extra points towards building up the gauge while healing you as well.
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Turn Off Sixaxis 92%
Did you know you can turn all Sixaxis features off in your options menu? If you turn it off then you will experience an overall easier game-play with Heavenly Sword without any clunky Sixaxis. Try it and see what you think!
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God of war easter egg 43%
When you go to the armory, look around at the different trophy cases. One of them is Kratos' armor and swords from the God Of War series.
By: ninjamaster(480)
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Heavenly Sword 203239How do you beat whiptale Answers: 4
Heavenly Sword 242903How do get passed were you have to turn the wheel then run pickup the sheild an then fire it at the gong before the little doorway closes Answers: 2
Heavenly Sword 645183How do we pass the stage where we need to protect master shen Answers: 1
Heavenly Sword 401124How do you guide the bombs to hit the orange circles on the catapults? I am frustrated as I see not cross hairs or! Thanx :) Answers: 1
Heavenly Sword 380344How do you unlock hell mode after you have unlock all the gliphs and combo's? Answers: 1
Heavenly Sword 424555How do you find a path through the orangatang part? Answers: 2
Heavenly Sword 422880On the level "cat and mouse", in the beginning..How do you beat the guys w/the heavy armor? Answers: 2
Heavenly Sword 511952Defeat flying fox Answers: 1
Heavenly Sword 695274On the last stand when you have to weaken the army by 500,How do you destroy the catapult's and is there any extra health jars around? Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 755926How do you get more life when you are trying to kill King Bohan? Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 758617How do you get the gate to open in 4th stage of level two? I've hit the gong 50 times and pulled the lever and I got nothing? Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 786219Hoe to kill bohan Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 805063Is there any health jars during the last battle? I get to about 450+ people and then I die. Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 891233How we beat the crow man in the second half? He have some blue and orange combos who beats me real fast. I defend my self with r1 - triangule for orange and triangule for blues, but not allways I can do it! Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 895241How is ranged attack used Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 901014Where is the armory located for kratos gear Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 903054What is the trick to beating the flying fox? Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 919501How to use the joystick to evade the arrow Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 923794How can I kill 500 people in heavenly sword with two lives? Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 934408How do you control the arrows on the aftershock Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 935092Why are there no real cheat all the cheat sights give you are walk throws and pointless things that dont help you? Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 999740How do I get past level 43 Answers: 0
Heavenly Sword 209625Shens escape >in the board shoot the snipers.How could you kill those guys before they get to shen. I kill them when they run to him from the front but then they run from the back and I dont have enough time and they get to him Answers: 1
Heavenly Sword 193817How do you do the paralyze move to not kill your klan Answers: 6
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