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Skate Cheats for PS3
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Skate PS3 Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Dem Bones 95%
Hidden character called Dem Bones
You can unlock by breaking each bone in your character's body 3 times. Check the injury log for your progress.
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All Characters (for Free and Party Play) 94%
Description: On the title menu, enter this code to unlock all characters for Party Play and Free Play:

L1, L2, R1, R2, Down, Down, Square, Triangle
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All Locations (for Free and Party Play) 92%
Description: To unlock all locations for Free Skate and Party Play, enter this code at the main menu:

L2, R2, L1, R1, Up, Up, Triangle, Square
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Plan B Warehouse 92%
You need to beat Ryan Gallant's pro challenge to unlock the Plan B Warehouse.
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Best Buy Clothes 83%
To unlock the special Best Buy clothing, use the following cheat code in at the main menu:
up, down, left, right, X, right bumper, Y, left bumper
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Unlock Dem Bones 52%
To unlock Dem Bones just run into a bunch of cars really fast. After you break all of your bones three times you will unlock Dem Bones.
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Play as rodney mullen 40%
X, x, x
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Plan b warehouse 33%
To unlock it beat ryan gallants pro challenge
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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44 Trophies
Skate - Fashionista Fashionista
Buy 50 Items
Skate - On Your Way... On Your Way...
Earn 1 Milestone
Skate - The Graduate The Graduate
Complete all the tutorials in Career Mode
Skate - Footy = Footage Footy = Footage
Save a Replay in Career Mode
Skate - Afternoon Freeskater Afternoon Freeskater
Spent 5 hours Freeskating in Career Mode
Skate - Fanboy Fanboy
Beat all the Pros
Skate - Access San Vanelona Access San Vanelona
Unlock 1 Location
Skate - Year's Best Year's Best
Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag
Skate - Skater of the Year Skater of the Year
Get the cover of Thrasher Magazine
Skate - X-Games Gold X-Games Gold
Earn Gold in both X-Games events
Skate - Urban Legend Urban Legend
Own all the Spots
Skate - Halfway There Halfway There
Complete 50% of all Milestones
Skate - Tricked Out Tricked Out
Performed all Tricks in the Trick Book in Career Mode
Skate - Keep Playing Keep Playing
Beat all Challenges
Skate - Master Flicker Master Flicker
Earn all Milestones
Skate - Amateur Racer Amateur Racer
Reach Amateur status for online races
Skate - Amateur Trickster Amateur Trickster
Reach Amateur status for online trick events
Skate - Pro Racer Pro Racer
Reach Pro Status for online race events
Skate - Pro Trickster Pro Trickster
Reach Pro status for online trick events
Skate - Icon Racer Icon Racer
Reach Icon status for online race events
Skate - Icon Trickster Icon Trickster
Reach Icon status for online trick events
Skate - Online Addict Online Addict
Complete 50 online game sessions
Skate - Try Online Try Online
Join an online session
Skate - Voyeur Voyeur
Watch an online session on skate. TV
Skate - Exhibitionist Exhibitionist
Upload Footage to skate.Reel
Skate - Skate's Top Model Skate's Top Model
Upload 6 photos to skate.Reel
Skate - Skate Celebrity Skate Celebrity
Reach 20 reviews on a single uploaded photo or piece of footage
Skate - Warming Up Warming Up
Win 3 consecutive ranked online matches
Skate - En Fuego! En Fuego!
Win 6 consecutive ranked online matches
Skate - Enduring Icon Enduring Icon
Earn 2000 Online EXP Points
Skate - You're a winner! You're a winner!
Win 20 ranked online events
Skate - Host with the Most Host with the Most
Host an unranked online session
Skate - Keys to the City Keys to the City
Unlock all locations
Skate - Headhunter Headhunter
Beat 1 Pro Skater
Skate - Flow & Style Flow & Style
Do a 10,000 Point Line in Career Mode
Skate - Rocketman Rocketman
Perform a Rocket Air in Career Mode
Skate - Am Skater Am Skater
Complete a Shop Film to become an Amateur
Skate - Hooked Up Hooked Up
Earn all 4 Sponsorships
Skate - Pro Skater Pro Skater
Earn a Pro Model Board
Skate - Without Footage it's Fiction Without Footage it's Fiction
Beat all Film Challenges
Skate - King of the Highway King of the Highway
Beat all Races
Skate - Contest Pro Contest Pro
Beat all Contests
Skate - Photogenic Photogenic
Beat all Photo Challenges
Skate - Uninsurable Uninsurable
Complete all Medical Milestones

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