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DK Jungle Climber Cheats for NDS
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DK Jungle Climber NDS Cheats

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DK Jungle Climber Cheats

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DK Jungle Climber

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Challenge Game Difficulties 100%
How to unlock Challenge Games increased difficulties:
Banana Grab (Level 2)Banana Grab (80+ Bananas)
Banana Grab (Level 3)Banana Grab (Level 2, 100+ Bananas)
Banana Grab (Survival)Banana Grab (Level 3, 140+ Bananas)
Booster Battle (Level 2)Booster Battle (defeat Funky Kong)
Booster Battle (Level 3)Booster Battle (Level 2, defeat Dixie Kong)
Booster Battle (Survival)Booster Battle (Level 3, defeat Diddy Kong)
Orange Picker (Level 2)Orange Picker (60+ Oranges)
Orange Picker (Level 3)Orange Picker (Level 2, 100+ Oranges)
Orange Picker (Survival)Orange Picker (Level 3, 130+ Oranges)
Rolling Panic (Level 2)Rolling Panic (100+ Points)
Rolling Panic (Level 3)Rolling Panic (Level 2, 150+ Points)
Rolling Panic (Survival)Rolling Panic (Level 3, 250+ Points)
Speed Climb (Level 2)Speed Climb (15 seconds or less)
Speed Climb (Level 3)Speed Climb (Level 2, 20 seconds or less)
Speed Climb (Survival)Speed Climb (Level 3, 28 seconds or less)
Throw N Crush (Level 2)Throw N Crush (40 seconds or less)
Throw N Crush (Level 3)Throw N Crush (Level 2, 50 seconds or less)
Throw N Crush (Survival)Throw N Crush (Level 3, 60 seconds or less)
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Shake the Trees! 100%
When climbing in trees make sure to push to the left and to the right to shake it. You can gain gems if you do.
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New Stages 98%
Gain the following Banana Coins to unlock the stage listed. You must win the game.
10Extra Stage 1
20Extra Stage 2
30Extra Stage 3
40Extra Stage 4
50Extra Stage 5
60Extra Stage 6
70Extra Stage 7
80Extra Stage 8
90Extra Stage 9
100Extra Stage 10
105Extra Stage 11
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DK Coins 98%
Collect the listed DK Coins to unlock the desired cheat.
55 or 20 lives after game over
10Diddy Kong's hammer swings faster
15Wing Power-Up
20Torch Power-Up
25Crystal Stars Power-Up
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Oil Barrel Levels 98%
Collect Oil Barrels on the certain stages to reach a hidden stage.
Chill N Char Island (5 Oil Barrels)Little Chill N Char Island
Ghost Island (5 Oil Barrels)Little Ghost Island
High High Island (2 Oil Barrels)Little High High Island
Lost Island (5 Oil Barrels)Little Lost Island
Sun Sun Island (4 Oil Barrels)Little Sun Sun Island
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Challenge Games to unlock 98%
To unlock the listed Challenge Games just complete the stage listed.
Banana GrabCranky's Teachin's (1-1)
Booster BattleSpace A-Go-Go (5-1)
Orange PickerDefault Game
Rolling PanicCranky's Teachin's (1-1)
Speed ClimbCranky's Teachin's (1-1)
Throw N CrushRoad to Ruins (2-3)
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DK Jungle Climber 513083How do you get back to the little islands once you have closed down the game? Also where is the oil barrel in 4-3 Glass labyrinth 2 Answers: 0
DK Jungle Climber 398458Any tips on how to get through level 2 - 4 or how to roll the boulders? Answers: 1
DK Jungle Climber 450319Im playing Donkey Kong jungle climber and i'm on the lost island . The stage i'm at is im at a toy box and I do not know how to complete it. can anyone please help. this is driving me insane. Answers: 1
DK Jungle Climber 506578My DK Jungle Climber is new, I cannot get the grabbing to work either with L or R. Please help ! Answers: 1
DK Jungle Climber 588330How do you kill King K. Rool at the end,the final battle? Answers: 1
DK Jungle Climber 837023How do I kill the blue croc in panic factory? Answers: 0
DK Jungle Climber 887531Where is the banana coin in 2-4 Answers: 0
DK Jungle Climber 905874Where is the 4th banana coin in High High Island and how do I get it? Answers: 0
DK Jungle Climber 242963Cant find dk coin in fierys volcano Answers: 2
DK Jungle Climber 302128I cant find the 4th coin in ghost island-spooky woods 3-1. Answers: 1
DK Jungle Climber 252040Oil barrel in 4-2 Answers: 0
DK Jungle Climber 182649Ghost island-panic factory Answers: 0
DK Jungle Climber 486697Where is the dk coin in 4-4 fiery volcano? Answers: 0
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