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Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE

Play racquetball 98%
How to: Talk to the mayor's grandson and he will give you a racket. You can only play until night but playing more, you will get money, more games, and better rackets.
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Accessing the island 95%
How to: Go directly to the island from the boat at the port. Make sure you have 10,100 Simoleons remaining. If you are short by a small amount of money, talk to the tourists and make them love you to get more. Go by the bay side until you see a blonde rich girl named Elizabeth. If you make her happy she will ask if you would like to buy a house. Buy the house. The house has a pool, three rooms, a gate, and a big flower bed. She will tell you more about her and become a best friend.
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How to get the 2-5 stars!! 94%
You have to find the first tourist and get him/her in a good mood. Some events will not be triggered if you do not do this.(the tourist is near the fountain)
In the morning:
Talk to Ashley in her shop(flower shop. ashley is the florist.) in the morning.
Rescue Olivia from herself.
Talk to Joseph (the fisherman. He is in the port area.) and get him in the mood to introduce himself.
Meet Sophie the furniture maker.
If you still have time, talk to Tim until he gives you a racquetball racquet. Play at least one game of racquetball and then talk to Tim again.
In the afternoon:
Return to Ashley and start making leis.
Return to Joseph and get him in the mood to remember your name.
Talk to Ewan the cop and take a picture of the Symbol Tree for him.
Visit Tyler the tailor at his shop.
In the evening:
Return to Joseph in the evening and get him in the mood to give you a fishing rod.

Meet Charlie the baker.
Meet Marie the highlands ranger and help her decorate the highlands.
Play racquetball five times and Tim will introduce a new game (Target 1).
Help Sophie name her store.(to do this first you need to go to her shop and talk to her. Now, return the next morning)
Return to Marie the ranger in the morning and test drive her paraglider.

Meet Foster the forest ranger and help improve the forest area.
Buy at least 5 pieces of furniture from Sophie to trigger her shop's advancement.
Meet Nicki the boat operator and take the boat to the Entertainment area.(the ticket costs $50 to get there and another $50 to return.)
Meet Elizabeth and buy her pet house, if you have the money.(you do not need to buy the house to get the points)
Help Marie the ranger improve the highlands area some more.
Play the Target 1 racquetball game until Tim opens up the Target 2 game.
Make 5 small leis and Ashley will ask you to start making regular leis.
Make 5 regular leis and Ashley will ask you to start making large leis.
Visit Sophie the next day and buy her new furniture. I believe the magic number is 5.
Visit Sophie again the next day and she will ask you to make a design for your furniture.

Meet Tracy the mountain ranger and dig up stuff for her around the cabin.
Keep digging for ore until you get enough points to exchange for a statue head and body.
Take the statue parts to the mayor.
Return to Tracy the next day and test out the paraglider for her.
On your way to Tracy's, stop and talk to Foster. He will ask you to make animal feed and whether you do or not, you do not get any points but you need to talk to him to trigger the next (Foster) event.
On the next time segment, return to Foster and he will ask you to help him with the forest for the last time.
Help Marie improve the highlands for the 3rd and last time.
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Preview clothes 94%
Location: Go in the pink house on the entertainment island.
How to: You will need three stars to get it. You can now preview some clothes that Tyler the Tailor will make in the future.
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Extra house 93%
How to: After completing Star 3, go to the island. Talk to Elizabeth. and will offer you a home valued at $300,000,000,000,000,000. Your offer $10,000. This can be used as storage or your home. This house includes a camera, three rooms, and a pool you cannot go in. She used this as a pet house.
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Money $$$ Money 93%
How to: After you do the "Lots of $$$ Money" cheat or the "Unlimited coins" glitch, get 99 video game companies and sell them to the store. They will be worth $5,000 each. *** You can do this as many times as desired. If you run out of coins, do the coin cheats mentioned again.
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Wii version references 93%
Description: Talk to Helen during the night. She will talk about her niece, Rosalyn, which is the mayor of the Wii version.

At one point Charlie will talk about Chief Gino, which is the chief in the Wii version.
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Elizabeth's Fashion Review 93%
Description: For Elizabeth's Fashion Review, the following are the outfits you must have on your Sim to win.

HighlandsPurple and pink custom shirt with black roll-up pants
ForestGreen and brown custom top with brown pants/trousers
TownRed and black custom top with blue jeans
Port AreaCustom top of blue shades with light blue jeans
Entertainment AreaSilver and blue custom top with red pants/trousers
MountainsOrange custom top (little white is acceptable, but mostly orange) with green pants/trousers
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Fashion Review Outfits 90%
Description: After you gain a 4 star rating, Elizabeth will hold fashion reviews at various places. You can find out where a given fashion review is to be held by consulting the bulletin board outside of the casino. Head to the location of the fashion review on the appropriate day (in the afternoon) and wear the following to impress her. Keep in mind that if she says you need to be more curious, you should wear some orange. If she requires more elegance, try to wear more black or purple.

Entertainment AreaPink Gradient Polo, Pink Shorts
ForestGreen Camisole, Yellow Pleated Skirt
HighlandsWhite Polo Shirt, Purple Skirt
MountainsYellow Camisole, Purple Skirt
Port AreaBlue Hawaiian Shirt, Light Blue Pants
TownRed Hawaiian Shirt, Blue Roll-Ups
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Outfits to unlock 87%
Use the cheat codes listed to unlock items:
F3nevr0Bunk Bed
N10ng5gCamouflage Pants
Tglg0caFunky Hipster Suit
GhtymbaHourglass Couch
I3hkdvsKimono Dress
T7srhcaModern Couch
AhvmrvaRacecar Bed
Itha7daRickshaw Bed
R705aanWhite Jacket
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Unlimited coins 87%
How to: Get 10 coins & go to the Tic Tac Trump game at the casino. Bet 6 coins. Do not double then lose. The game will still allow you to bet 6 coins even though you only have 4 coins. Bet 6 coins and lose. The game will list the amount of coins you have as -2. Quit Tic Tac Trump then choose to play it again. Bet any amount and win. You will now have 9,999,999 coins.
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Want to go fishing for a aligator? 86%
All you have to do is go to the mountains and in the night go fishing you will see a big fish in the fishing pool try and get it out and joseph wil almost faint! oooops!
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Lots of $$$ Money 85%
How to: At the casino, get 20 coins from the dispenser. Head to the slots and bet 9 coins. Lose, then go over to "Tic Tac Trum." Bet 5. Choose 2 lined up cards. Double the bet and lose. After that round, press continue and bet 3. You will end up with -2. Choose 2 lined up cards again. And again, choose all of the cards and you will most likely get a bingo. When you do, You will get something around 20, but the coins in your collection turn to all 9s.
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Items & Custumes/Outfits 84%
Description: Insert the codes listed to unlock the specified item:

F3nevr0Bunk Bed
N10ng5gCamouflage Pants
Tglg0caFunky Hipster Suit
GhtymbaHourglass Couch
I3hkdvsKimono Dress
T7srhcaModern Couch
AhvmrvaRacecar Bed
Itha7daRickshaw Bed
R705aanWhite Jacket
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Jewels 78%
If you win jewels as a prize in dowsing go see olivia and she will ask for it. give it to her and she will give it to you in 2 or 3 days as a ring. give it to a tourist and their meter will fill all te way up.
By: 12jaffaloo(39)
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Fashion review 75%
In the fashion review wear this in these locations:

Town Highlands They will give you rare items and money!
red hawaiian shirt white polo
blue roll ups black jeans

Port Mountains
blue hawaiian shirt yellow camisole
light blue pants purple skirt

Entertainment Area Forest
pink gradient tee green camisole
pink pants yellow pleated skirt
By: 12jaffaloo(39)
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More Custumes/Outfits 75%
Description: Enter the following cheat codes at the pause screen to unlock additional outfits. You will hear a sound if they are entered correctly.

Samurai ArmorY, X, RIGHT, LEFT, L, R, DOWN, UP
Samurai HelmetX, Y, R, L, X, Y, R, L
Punk BottomLEFT, R, L, RIGHT, Y, Y, X, X
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Super diamond in dowsing 75%
Keep doing dowsing then eventually you'll get a big shovel.
purple=depth 1-2(points 10-20)
red=depth 1-5(points 20-90)
green=depth 3-7(points 50-150)
blue=depth 4-8(points 200-275)
timer=depth 5(no points)
money=depth 5-7(no points)
super diamond=depth 9(500 points)

also the big shovel digs quicker
small shovel:depth 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0
big shovel:depth 7,4,1,0
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Impressing Elizabeth at the Fashion Reviws 73%
Here is a list of places and things you need to wear there:
At the Highlands: Pink and purple custom-made shirt with black roll-up pants
At the Forest: Custom-made green and brown top alongside brown trousers/pants
At the Town: Blue jeans with a black and red top of your own design
At the Port Area: Light blue jeans and a custom-made top that consists of different shades of blue
At the Entertainment Area: Red pants/trousers and a silver and blue hand designed top
In the Mountians: Orange custom-designed top (a little white is OK but mostly orange is required) and a green pant/trouser should do the job
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Sky diving 71%
When sky diving look at the arrow to get some of the diamonds and get money
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Well you no the game hide and go seek when people well say your hot  your warm or your cold well digging is kinda the same
By: rosestella11(13)
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Detective Outfit 69%
Description: Unlock the Detective Outfit, enter this code at the pause screen:
Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
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Night cheat 67%
At night when the sparkles show up it depends where you are to get what item
if you are in the town you will get cake or flowers but if you are in the port area you will get a fish or a shell
By: 12jaffaloo(39)
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A Whale has Appeared!!! 65%
When you unlock scuba diving you have to beat it and then you will have to play scuba diving a few more times then when you talk to Nikki she will say a whaloe has appeared!if you wanna go whale watching start scuba diving then you have to take 3 really good pictures of the whale and have Nikki score them I got 500 on all of them and I got 2000 money from it! this may take a cople of trys.and you have to wait a week or so for the whale to come
By: LadyIcee(958)
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Free Stuff!!! 59%
When it is night time (not evening. must be NIGHT) you will tend to see sparkles on the ground every here and there. Walk up to them and press A and you will find an item! I have a rare sea wall, 4 dolls, and 100 dollars from this so far.
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Unlimited Tokens at the Casino!! 58%
Go to Tic Tac Trump with ONLY 10 coins (no more, no less). Bet 6 of them. Do not double your bet, and lose the round. DO NOT QUIT! Now bet 6 again (yes, the game will still let you bet 6 even though you only have 4). Lose that round too. You now have -2 coins. Quit the Tic Tac Trump game and then immediatly play again. Bet any amount. WIN THIS TIME! You will now have 9,999,999 coins. Now use them to buy as many videogame companies as possible and sell them to Olivia and have LOTZ o' cash! )

This really does work, I've used it 4 times!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Dowsing 57%
While Dowsing in the mountains if you start digging and you hear a buzzing noise it means you dug up a timer.
By: 12jaffaloo(39)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

More money from orther sims 54%
If you give orther sims gifts then they give you more money! try it with a girl its flowers and for boys its cake got it good know try it!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Sky-diving 50%
When you play sky diving, sometimes you can't reach the diamonds. If you press 'A' and a direction button your charactor flips and makes him/her go much quicker. Then you can reach the diamonds in time. However if you go through a puffy cloud then your charactor will slow down considerably. Hope this helped you on the sky-diving minigame. (Sky-diving is only accsessable when you have 4 or 5 stars. Can't remember!)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

999999999 casino chips 47%
Ok now first go to the casino at midnitght get atleast -200 chips and the win a game of tic tac trum and then you will get 9999999 casino chips
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This is a asome cheat 46%
At night go look around and there will be sparkly stuff press a by it and you can get free money free flowers.hope i was helpful?
By: ddude(28)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to catch alot of fish 43%
First you need to have a fishing pole, (the best area to catch fish is on the docks)...then, once you are fishing...touch the bait and move it around and it should make music,the longer you move it around then the more fish come to you...then when a fish catches on, keep on pressing the bait and it should catch you a fish,then soon you'll get a stiff rod.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Helpful hint for my sims 40%
Mostly for people that are close to the six star. all ive got to say is THERE IS KNOW END TO THE SIX STAR! it just keeps on going there is no seventh star!
By: bigski(210)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Fish/ Lei Money 35%
Sumtime, a sim wil asc you fer a lei or a fish that you have. they pey you good money!

Note: if you hav a fish that you wnt 2 giv 2 Joseph, n you alredy hav it in ure bok, sel it 2 da sim cuz they pay beder munny!
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Easy money 35%
Keep on catching fish,then give them to the fisherman even if you gave the same one he will give you money.
By: SuperSims(96)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Colour points
purple 20-30
red 40-100
green 110-170
blue 170-230
super 500
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Go back to title screen 29%
Click start,select,l butten andr butten to go to title screen.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Diamond colours and points 25%
Colour points
purple 20-30
red 40-100
green 110-170
blue 170-230
super 500
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Move to another country 9%
You just stay in town port area and everywhere but go to another country buy press pause and press up down up down up down and press start and it will quckly in your face come up with diffrent countrys around the world for e.g india china france germany and much much more.
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