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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes Cheats for PSP
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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes PSP Cheats

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes Cheats

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Secret Teams to unlock 88%
AkatsukiItachi, Kisame
Association of Ninja ThugsItachi, Kisame, Orochimaru
Aurora of LegendsJiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade
Author & FanJiraya, Kakashi
Eternal RivalsGuy, Kakashi
Hard Work UnitedHinata, Lee, Naruto
Hidden SpikesAny Team Combo
Hot Blood Master & StudentGuy, Lee
Indonmitable Guts (Points x2)Jiraiya, Naruto
Maidens in LoveHinata, Ino, Sakura
Proof of the ExistenceGaara, Naruto, Sasuke
Sharingan to the MaxItachi, Kakashi, Sasuke
Team ByakuganHinata, Neji
Team GeniusNeji, Sasuke, Shikamaru
The CursedOrochimaru, Sasuke
Triple TroubleChouji, Kiba, Naruto
Uchiha ClanItachi, Saskue
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Movies 80%
How to unlock: Complete Heroes Mode on any difficulty with the characters listed.

Movie #1Naruto, Sakura & Sasuke
Movie #2Lee, Neji & Tenten
Movie #3Hinata, Kiba & Shino
Movie #4Choji, Ino & Shikamaru
Movie #5Jiraiya, Orochimaru & Tsunade
Movie #6Itachi, Kakashi & Sasuke
Movie #7Neji, Sasuke & Shikamaru
Movie #8Choji, Kiba & Naruto
Movie #9Hinata, Lee & Naruto
Movie #10Hinata, Ino & Sakura
Movie #11Itachi & Kisame
Movie #12Jiraiya & Naruto
Movie #13Orochimaru & Sasuke
Movie #14Guy & Lee
Movie #15Guy & Kakashi
Movie #16Hinata & Neji
Movie #17Jiraiya & Kakashi
Movie #18Itachi & Sasuke
Movie #19Itachi, Kisame & Orochimaru
Movie #20Gaara, Naruto & Sasuke
Movie #21Any Character(s)
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Gaara 74%
Description: Unlock Gaara,
How to unlock: You must defeat the Survival Exercise in Heroes Mode, and finish Leaf Destruction in Normal Mode.
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Guy 73%
You need to defeat Guyin Heroes Mode to unlock Guy for your use.
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Hatake Kakashi 71%
You need to defeat Hatake Kakashi in Heroes Mode to unlock Hatake Kakashi for your use.
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Tsunade 68%
How to unlock: defeat him in Heroes Mode.
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Kisame Hoshigaki 66%
How to unlock: defeat him in Heroes Mode.
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Jiraiya 64%
How to unlock: defeat him in Heroes Mode.
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Itachi Uchiha 63%
Description: Unlock Itachi Uchiha
How to unlock: Defeat him in Heroes Mode.
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How to win with little health 62%
If your health is so close to death, here are some cheats for winning with small health.

* When you have a person you think who can heal, like choji, shickamaru, the fastest healer or Tsunade, you hold down ^ ( up ) to heal. Once you got enough health, beat 'em up.

* IF you got a person who CAN'T heal themselves, like Guy, Orichimaru or Kisame, well, bad luck for you.

* Good news, though. If your problem is like the one above but you have a leave green scroll and THEIR life is down, too, than use it, than use them and throw them!

* If you don't know how to throw them, than you just go the opposite way while beside them than press O ( or the button you put it onto ).
By: narutofan123(184)
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Hint for defeating the legendary sanin!! 56%
First pick the team genius,then save all their skill,then pick 1st neji then shikimaru and sasuke,then when battle start use the super skill of neji and when its finish rechare and use it again and again............
then when you will fight the legendary sanin click the"use skill" of neji use it to jiraiya and tsunade that they can not use any skill and use the chidori to oritchimaru and tsunade and use the skill of shikimaru to jiraiya and tsunade the fight them no^_^
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How to win the insane heroes mode 55%
Just choose characters with great skills,example is guy+orochimaru+sasuke.just dont use their skills,use it in the last stage,guy's skill is the health of all your foe will decrease,orochimaru-your foe's chakra will be sealed
By: patrickpj(218)
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How to beat ino b missions 54%
If you're stuck in this mission, i'll give you the best advice I can.
1. Make her go in the water.
2. Taunt her.
3. she will jump to you.
4. rush to her while she's in the air.
5. Keep on repeating steps 1 2 3 4 and 5 until she's dead.

It's dead Easy! Give it a try.
By: narutofan123(184)
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Easy points 49%
Keep challenging the academy to stock up on ,you may use any character
By: Ladiesman2112(164)
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Best Characters for You! 47%
If your a slow, but a powerful fighter who's always looking for a challenge, choose Kisame, the Shark. If you powerup and use his special technique, u'll regonise he'll take away HEAPS of health as usuall, AND, he'll take away the chakra off the opponents chakra bar!

If your the guy who's just a free spirited reader or who's head is near fire, try using either Kakashi or Guy a.k.a Gai. But i'd rather use kakashi cos he can heal and copy most of the taunts and attacks. If you use guy's special technique, ull see that he's health will go down, same as lee's and Sasuke's health.

If your the guy (or girl) that always want to heal and be powerful at the same time, try Tsunade, the 5th hokage. If you use her secret technique (which I don't think it's secret at all) ull find urself at full health. If you have enough chakra that is. She'll heal atoumatically and use up chakra at the same time.

I'll give you more tips next time. cya later!
By: narutofan123(184)
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Neji and hinata hints 44%
When you use there max power attack there is there is byak when you attack to your enemy the chakra will minus and when you restore chakra it is fast restoring
By: john33(34)
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Bring down the house 43%
Use characters that heal their health like jiraiya, tsunade, etc. in defeating furious brawl with sasuke in s-rank mission. when you rush, then sasuke uses substitution jutsu, stop attacking. let him attack you first. then taunt. always let him run out of chakra by doing some rush then press down o o and get his chakras. hope it helps. also use hinata
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300 points as easy as one fight 43%
Just defeat orichimaru on the s missions. he may be hard, but with some practice, you'll be and pointialare!
By: narutofan123(184)
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Sacrife!to win 41%
When you are in the situation where your foe's life is small and you have a paper bomb kunai,fight your foe and make a sacrifice,if you are close fightin use the paper bomb kunai,
By: patrickpj(218)
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Hints for teams 39%
Sasuke and naruto kakashi , itachi and sasuke naruto and jiraya orchimaro jiraya and tuseada itachi and sasuke I know you will get confuse but it will work
By: smartboy(25)
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Get Familiar with the themes. 39%
When you're fighting someone on heroes e.g. The Legendary Sannins, get familiar with the backround a.k.a. theme. Since it's the hogake's faces, fight with easy mode to start with againts Gaara (example). Then try normal, next hard. once you've beaten him, you'll be ready to fight The Legendary Sannin!

If you're stuck on insane againts Itachi, the Genjutsu Master and Kisame, The Shark Beast, get used to the backround/theme. Suppose you can keep on pushing Itachi/Kisame off the edges or when the winds blowing, that will help you to push them off.

Guys, it's not just HOW you fight, but WHERE you fight. You may be the bestest person in the world, but the backround/theme may be distracting you.

Hope these tips help you...!
By: narutofan123(184)
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3 hit 3x 38%
X,xup(hold),while holding up press o,o,o,(hold)up,while holding up pressx,x,while in the air hold down then o,o,o,win the extra hit
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Unlock gaara 37%
Press start to use the cheat press buttons o, x, x, x o, square, and triangle.
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The run away! technique 37%
This is simple when you are faceing kacashie and guy in heroes mode teleport to the log over the water fall and hit them until they are at one side of the log then run to the other side and when they run at yu ulesh with a fury og hits or your special until they are back at the other side then you repeat. you can use this on any oneat any stadium. wh you teleport is cause the wate slorws you and kills your combo then they wil destroy you.
By: jaconsolo(548)
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Change naruto into 2 naruto 37%
Press o and then right button
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Unlock Ataksuki (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes) 36%
To unlock Ataksuki, defeat the course Insane Mode in Heros mode.
Be careful, though, they kick ass hardcore!
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Orochimaru 33%
To unlock orochimaru defeat him in hard difficulty in heroes mode
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Disappearing technique 32%
When you are fighting push the button triangle continously so that when you are fighting you will disappear if you will be hit by your foe
By: patrickpj(218)
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Easy practice for akatsuki,s invasion 30%
Put the options on insane make your favorite character really strong and let the computer have the advantage and your character attack , defense, speed, and chakra upgraded to max do this a alot of times to beat akatsuki,s invasion
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All characters unlocked without unlocking them on heroes mode 27%
On the title screen press and hold l and r and press down left up right o x triangle square
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Go to missions and finish all missions to be a hokage
By: patrickpj(218)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to unlock kakashi and guy with out beating them 25%
Just press triangle+circle when you are entering naruto
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All characters 24%
First on the menu screen hold l and r and press o x x x o square triangle
By: giz jr(185)
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Sasuke 21%
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