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Thrillville: Off the Rails Cheats for PS2
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Thrillville: Off the Rails PS2 Cheats

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Thrillville: Off the Rails

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat code to get $50,000 96%
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Get $50,000 96%
While in the park press the following:


You should see $50,000 going up on the top right corner
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All parks(ps2) 94%
While in a park press:
You will now be able to go to any park
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Cheat List 86%
Enter the following cheats during gameplay for the desired result.
500 Thrill Points - Z, C, B, Z, C, B, C
$50,000 Cash - C, Z, B, C, Z, B, A
Unlock All Minigames - C, Z, B, C, Z, B, Right
Unlock All Missions - C, Z, B, C, Z, B, Z
Unlock All Parks - C, Z, B, C, Z, B, C
Unlock All Rides - C, Z, B, C, Z, B, B
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Moving on to another park area (tip 1) 60%
Okay to move on and to open up another park to explore and create you need to first work on your missions. and collect each and every hidden item, this is what I did.
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This is a Great Tip!!! 58%
Some of you might know about this way to get easy thrill points...this takes a while,but if you have fun playing this game then you will like this. 3 waysto do it is by going on rides,playing games, and socializing! Even though this only gives you a little bit of skill points, it adds up when you need them! And 1 more thing is MOE POTS! If you are having trouble trying to BRIBE him, try giving him a gift... if you dont have any gifts, you have to do some more missions with a BONUS PRIZE. Well I hope these help and if they do, submit a comment so I know I can give out some more tips/hints!
By: Kandylover523(184)
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Super Tips (NOT CHEATS) WARNING:This is TRUE! 57%
1: Do not use the cheat for 500 it will spoil some of the game Thrillville (PS2) because 500% of the fun will be spoiled. 2: There on no Z's on the PS2 Remote.
By: spongebobkieran(125)
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Prizes 50%
Want prizes go to the show your strength slideshow and make the left anlog stick move in a aronnd to get power and hit the bell and get it to win prizes
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Easy building 49%
When you are building a coaster or race track and you are almost
done use track master!it will finish your track.there are criticts like
moe potts,h.g krupps,or molly noodles with hg she will give you a
nice report but not moe potts,molly wants soiveneir teddy bears(for
the kids)
By: gamerprokid(20)
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All missions unlocked! 47%
While in play press the following:


you should hear a ring look on the missions to see if it worked
By: zalorf(51)
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Party mode minigames youll have to try!!! 44%
In parks press the following:

you should have all games in party mode
By: zalorf(51)
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No out of bounds 43%
Build a roller coaster in battle field in thrill ville stunts next to the guy on the rolling missile and remove him and go into the floor.not near the guests but into the should be in a blank can also teleport by going up back to the ground.NOTE:this will only happen once.
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Match making 40%
When you are trying to get a girlfriend its easyer to get a VIP PASS GIVE THE GIFT AND THIS SHOULD MAX YOUR FRIENDSHIP eg. you get you'r first VIP PASS BY TALKING TO SAMMY DOWIE
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Moving on to another park area (tip 2) 40%
Also talking to other people and making friends is another good deed you can do to get closer to moving on.
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Tip If Game Freezes 35%
The game freezes on the PS2 when you build a roller coaster that crashes and than you try paying a specific mini game the game will freeze or if you walk or run in the park the game will freeze for 1 second but than it will work agian but than it will freeze again so don't build crashing roller coasters
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Unlock all parks 30%
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1000000 money 23%
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Vender tender's 17%
Vender tender's are available in every park, you can play them at every stall you make.
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Thrillville: Off the Rails 753739Tim Twinklefingers said that on explorer that he is not the traitor and that he will help me find who it is. is he lying? who is Tal 8850? does he work with Tim? please help! Answers: 2
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Thrillville: Off the Rails 862051When you go to my crowd if you go down and you pick a guy want to date and you press on it and then press on warp to you go to them but I want them to hold my hand and stay beside me.if we cant do that can we get in groups like they do and never live...............i need an awnser please Answers: 1
Thrillville: Off the Rails 963537How do You Get The Ballon Off Your Charector ? Answers: 0
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