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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Cheats for PS2
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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground PS2 Cheats

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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat Code List 94%
Insert the cheat-password cheat codes on the left into the in-game cheats menu
AintFallinUnlocks perfect rail / no bails
BeefedUpUnlocks full statistics
BooyahUnlocks super check
CRAZYBONEMANUnlocks skater Boneman
DapperUnlocks skater Spence
FlyawayUnlocks skater Eric
FOREVERNAILEDUnlocks 100% branch completion
GiveMeStuffUnlocks CAS items
INGONNABUILDUnlocks all rig pieces
LAIDBACKLOUNGEUnlocks all lounge themes
LetsGoSkateUnlocks all decks
LooksSmellyUnlocks skater Rube
LOTSOFTRICKSUnlocks all available specials
MagicManUnlocks skating with no board
MoreMilkUnlocks skater Bosco
MoversUnlocks skater Shayne
MyopicUnlocks unlimited focus
NeedsHelpUnlocks fifty skill points
NotACameraUnlocks skater Cam
NotADudeUnlocks skater Mel
OverTheTopUnlocks fun items
PiledriverUnlocks skater El Patinador
PutEmOnTopUnlocks all video editor overlays
RabbiesUnlocks skater Mad Dog
ShakerUnlocks skater TV Producer
SketchyUnlocks skater Eddie X
STILLAINTFALLINUnlocks perfect manual
SUPERSLASHINUnlocks unlimited slash grind
SweetStuffUnlocks all lounge bling items
TheCoopUnlocks skater Cooper
TheIndoorParkUnlocks Air and Space Museum
THELOCALPARKUnlocks Lansdowne
TheMissingUnlocks the invisible man
ThePrezParkUnlocks FDR Skatepark
TinyTaterUnlocks the small skater
TrippyUnlocks all video editor effects
WatchThisUnlocks all in-game movies
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Judy Nails 94%
Description: Unlock Judy Nails

How to unlock: Head to the in-game codes menu and type in LOVEROCKNROLL.
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Air and Space Museum (Area) 60%
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Haunted tech deck 55%
This cheat willl give the aperance as if your just a tech deck those little toy skate boards, to do this its a combo of two cheats first you dont have to use caps-THEMISSING- and -TINYTATER- will get you this effect enjoy
By: megahypernova(44)
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Really Cool Glitch!! 50%
Okay, so to use this glitch, you have to use the unlimited focus cheat (Myopic) at the cheat screen and then go to Baltimore Lansdowne and turn on unlimited focus. Then, get a boost kicker and go out of bounds once you are in focus (double-tap the left analog stick) and when you come back you will be moving at a normal speed with the focus stuff!
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Awesome flips 50%
Press r2 and l2 at the same time and then move the right analog stick any direction and then youll be flippin.
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Boost ramp on the first level 49%
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Big Air 48%
L1 L2 R1 Left UP
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Get bigger air 47%
This little hint is helpful was you doing distast challages when you do nail the trick it lets you fly farther
By: slyguy(631)
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FLY 42%
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Hints for thugs 38%
If you cant find a thug, pause then go to quit goal. After that pause again and go to retry last goal. The dont skip the video and look carfully and you will find the thugs. If not keep repeating the same thing I told you!
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Super scoring 34%
To get mega point all you need to do is to keep the combo going in other words you need to get more combos in the trick wotch makes your score multiply by the number of combos
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Triplekickflip 24%
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Philip 22%
If you are looking for good scores jump while grinding.
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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 279100How do you do all the wall plant challenges. Answers: 2
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 329505How do you get off your skateboard? Answers: 2
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 349055How do you pass the level where you need to hit a rail bank and an extra point? Answers: 2
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 349962How do you go online? Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 370575Does the PS2 version have the video editor? and how do you get to it? Answers: 3
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 514943How do you pass the mission "musseum impossible?" Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 286148How do ou jump the THPS sculpture in downtown philly? I use a boost kicker and a qp so I can spine transfer and do the nose grab but it wont do anything? Answers: 5
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 297460How do I enter cheats into the game? I went into the Pause menu under options and into cheats, but there's nothing on the screen where I can enter the codes into. There's only a button that says done. Answers: 8
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 382762Does any one know how to pass the line test in the first level. I am stuck on that and dont know what buttons to press Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 442651I came out of 'classic mode, still as tony hawk though instead of the guy I made. so I went to 'crete a skater' to change it, but now I only have two arms, no body or anything! can't figure how to get a body back! any clues? Answers: 3
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 269361The game said all I have to do is the street missions do I have to do all of them Answers: 2
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 284310How do you pass the gap under the rocket (and by the big satelite dish) on the Washington D.C. level and get SICK. every time I try, I get the most speed I can but I still am behind the marker by 2 or 3 feet. Answers: 4
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 298203How do I pass mike v.'s skate through each city challenge i go as fast as I can but im always 30 seconds short how do I go faster or get a time bonus or something Answers: 2
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 300337I do not know why, it does not metter how I enter the code for perfect manual and or rail [AintFallin][STILLAINTFALLIN] it sounds like it did work but while Im playing I found they are not... Answers: 2
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 311494How do you get in a newspaper Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 323747How do I pass the first line challene I can't get past the ramp Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 324091How do you darkslide Answers: 2
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 324406How do I pass the line challenge? Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 327368Where is the tenth thug in the hardcore mission in the fdr level Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 327755How do you jump the gap with bam margera in baltimor? Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 329765Were can I find Your Closet? Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 336197How do I stop well I'm grinding? Answers: 4
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 344640How do you climb Answers: 1
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 348976In the hardcore mission, where does the line go to after you hit the thugs? Answers: 1
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