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The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night Cheats for PS2
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The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
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The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Actual dark spyro code 100%
During gameplay pause and press r2 l2 r2 l2 l1 l1 r1 r1 l1 r1 l2 l2 r2 r2 really fast in exact order you might have to enter it again every time you exit the game
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Annoying Spidcers regain their health? Beat em easier 88%
Okay, you all know how annoying those spiders on the temple level are. Well, here's a very easy way to beat them:

Step 1: Go up to a spider
Step 2: Fling them in the air (hold down o)
Step 3: Wait for them to fall to the ground
Step 4: Wait until they do their little health regaining thing on their backs
Step 5: Double jump (press x twice) over the Spider and do a tail strike (double jump then hold o)

They should flatten like a pancake, then they're dead :D
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Dark Spyro 87%
Description: Unlock the Dark Spyro character
How to unlock: Beat all of Story Mode. Now, select Extras from the Main Menu and reload your save game. This will allow you to access "Dragon Challenges". There are five of them, so defeat them all. If you do then you will then have Dark Spyro.
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Unlock Dark Spyro without doing the Challenges 78%
Pause game then press:
R2,L2,R2,L2,L1,L1,R1,R1,L1,R1,L2,L2,R2,R2 START
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How to skip those annoying little vid shorts and intros and stuff 74%
When a vid/intro thingy comes on, to skip it, just wait about 5 seconds into it, then press L1. It works for just about all of them
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The right way to beat Gaul 71%
At first he turns off your elements then at first he might then jump up with his swords comes down hard 5 times keep jumping everywhere until his his swords gets stuck and then use slowdown time then hit him with tail spin about 8 times the he will telaport then dodge his fire balls then repeat it again about 3 times until his health goes down I believe then when spyro turn into dark spyro gaul will telaport then strike with you with leaser eye
then he will spin to a tornado and suck you in but don`t fight it just press x as fast as you can you know you did it right when you up in the air say woo hoo then glade down fast then he will summon the fire rain its kinda easy to miss cus it cus it rains on his side more then the whole area and while the happens press the triangle to blast him as fast as you can the he will spin again when he is done blast him fast then repeat everything again about 3 times and finely when Gaul health bar gains press r1 to win the game hope this helps
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KILL EVERYTHANG!!!.... Exept bosses... 68%
Knock an enemy up into the air, and then Do a combo. As the combo starts, Start with ice, then fire, then earth, then energy. If you attack until you get the knock-up (Hehehe... Dirty...) attack, the enemy should be dead, no matter WHAT Element it is. (P.S: If you have dark Spyro, at the fifth attack, change to him and press L1) hope it works :)
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Correction to the melee tip 67%
Okay, I put that hint up about doing that melee thing with triangle on the fire element. Well, I have a correction to that. It works on any of the elements, not just fire! Here's what you do, and what it'll do for each element.

To use this, choose an element (any element) then go up to an enemy and do this: hold down O, x,o,o,o,o, triangle.

Here's what it'll do to your enemies, depending on the element.

Fire: If you do this with fire, the triangle will hit your enemy, causing massive health loss, then you will shoot away from the enemy. Good to use on bosses with swords or enemies who have large hammers and pancake you, because you will shoot away from them and out of the range of the sword/club

Ice: If you do this with ice, the triangle will send your enemy slowly flying away from you. It will cause a moderate amount of damage and will slow your enemy down. Good to use when you're surrounded and meleeing each enemy. *note: Larger enemies/bosses will not fly away, but this WILL slow them down*

Earth: Ah, the earth element (my favorite). If you do this with earth, you'll cause massive health loss of the enemy. Also, using this move while on the last part of the melee will throw you back in the air, allowing you to melee the enemy again. I strongly reccomend this move for bosses. It is a good way to take down the health of your enemy. Use dragon time while doing this move against a boss, as it will allow you to run away faster if your enemy has a sword/club/stoms on you.

Electric: If you do this move with electric, pressing the triangle button will send your enemies up in the air in a lightning tornado. This combo w/ electric wouldn't be my first choice, but it still works. *Note: This doesn't cause much damage to large enemies/bosses, so avoid using it with them*

Dark: Ooooo, this one is good! If you use this one, pressing triangle will take away A LOT of your enemies health. It's like a melee on its own! Using with the regular melee attack will help a lot! I would highly reccomend using this for bosses *Note: Must have Dark Spyro for this combo*

As for my preference, I'd use either Dark triangle melee or Earth Melee. The only one that I don't really like is the electric triangle melee. Hope this helps everyone out there who reads this!
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Elements and Sparkx 67%
If you look at sparkx he sometimes have diffrent colours. Change to the element that has the same colour as him. That element. For example if hes green. Change to the energy element. (The green element) This element will have much more effect on your foe. Sometimes he doesnt and sometimes he does. Just a small tip
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Get a fire bolt to destroy stuff 66%
Go to the pause menu and go to the last selection press on it and go to the fire level up by 2 to get the fire bolts
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Powerful combo 63%
When your up against a really hard bad guy switch to the earth element and use dragon time jump up to the baddy and tap o and square really fast it deals a lot of damage.

p.s. it will make you lose almost all your breath depends on the enemy.
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How to become a hero to everyone. {and get Spyro Eternal Night cheats} 63%
If you have Spyro The Eternal Night press random buttons and write down what you pressed. If you found a cheat that nobody else has been able to find, you would not only help yourself, but everyone else too. Please everyone, at least try. We all want cheats for this game so we have to work together. Also, I saw something about pressing start instead of triangle at the end of those bogus cheats for this game. If you find a cheat post it on hints.
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Sparkx 61%
This is just a little hint when you look at sparkx he sometime leads you to the places !

good luck:)
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Hint 61%
If you have unlocked convexity breath you can use it on the executioner.It kills him quickly really.
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Just a little melee tip 57%
When you go to melee something, instead of pressing the button the 5th time, use your fire comet dash thiny. It's really effective, unless your batteling a fire person. Then.... you might not wanna use this tip
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The four rooms of the elements and elemental cinder 56%
In the elements rooms the dark spyro cheat won`t work and when you fight the minions you won`t be able to change to another element even the mini boss have the same effect and now to fight elemental cinder she will use the same attacks as the fist game but also she must be hit with the right element color red for fire, green for earth,
yellow for lighten and blue for ice use this pattern and you will win :}
By: cheaterdraon27(17)
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Spyro dance 53%
If you do nothing for a while Spyro will do this cute little dance.
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Ulitimate fire spin 52%
To use this you need to be at fire then fling a enemy (small or medium)press r1 then use the triangle and squar at the same time (looks cooler when in dragon time).(beatter when fire is max level).
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How to skip the annoying intros 52%
Hold down all the r1 r2 l1 l2 buttons then run you thumbs over all the other keys apart from start and select, then it should black out for a milliseccond then you can play again.
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Ifinite electric vortex on dragon challenge 1 50%
Wen your electric do dragon time and do electric vortex brath shood go first and you stil in vortex til you go bac 2 electric
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Get a fire bolt to defeat stuff 50%
Go to the upgrade menu and go to the fire level up your fire by 2
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How to get kill the red crabs 50%
During the game hold o and then the crab will be on the air and you will press x and o then when the red crab is on the floor press x 2 times and press o to do a headbash
By: peter griffin(9)
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How to beat the ranger rider 50%
Run in front of him and around him as much as possible to get him to run into the wall and then hit him in the bottom of the boat where it counts once he crashes into the wall, you will see his health drop dramatically, keep doing this and then when he starts to go fast do the same thing and use your dragon time to watch out for his bombs and fire and again when he crashes into the wall hit him where it counts and you will beat him...I owe it all to my very smart son who figured it out after two days of me and my fiance trying our hardest to beat it, my son beat him the third try after he figured out what to do. Good luck!
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Hint that helps 48%
A little trick I use is that jumping and preesing triangle lets you go higher than double pressing x and gliding.......
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Earth Flail/Earth pound tip!! *works really well* 47%
Okay, this is good to usejust about any time, especially when surrounded by small enemies. Okay, what you do is: (Make sure you're on Earth element)

1. Get close to an enemy/the eneimies
2. (optional. you can just go strailt to 3 if you'd like) Jump in the air (x)
3. While at the peak of your jump (if you choose to jump) press triangle to use your earth pound. If you chose not to do #2, then just press triangle and do earth pound on the ground. It has the same effect.
You and all enemies surrounding you will fly into the air.
4. When you start to come down from your Earth Pound, quickly hold down square to use the earth flail.

If you did all that right, your earth flail should whip around you about 3 times, damaging all nearby enemies who flew in the air with you. It takes a load of health off enemies, especially when your on Fellmuth Arena, where the main element is fire. And you all know that Fire is weaker to Earth.
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Defeat skabb second time 47%
B4 you fight skabb get your fury bar up and get kind close (dnt do it when there r other guys on the plateform) and show him your fire fury! he shuld die then
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How to beat arboric 47%
When you are on arboric shoot fireballs on him (press and hold the square if you want shoot in head)
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How to use to breths at once 46%
If you have dark spyroyou can use two berths but it only works with dark and erth use erth berth then hold down square then use dark spyro and keap holding down square and you'll be useing two berths at once

ps. if you don't no how to get dark spyro beat the game beat all the dragon chalges and thats how you ulock dark spyro
By: unyun(225)
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How to beat Gaul. 46%
On the first part of beating up Gaul,you need to dodge his hits and jump and glide when he does hiz earthquakes.When his swords get stuck in the ground you do a melee attack until he gets his swords out of the ground.Then on the second part you you need to avoid his tornados  and uz Dragon Breath to run hiz health down.Once you avoid hiz tornados uz the triangle button when he gets tired. Those moves should beat Gaul.
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Abrordick 44%
Try to keep your health up until he has got his second life and when he shakes the flame when he is getting his second life go under the flames and spyro will die but his health will go back 2 1oo% and you will be able to cill him worked for me played the hole game 7 times in 5 hours.

PS hope it works
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Find crash bandicoot 43%
I know this sounds wierd but when you get 2 the celestial caves,there will be enemies frozen in ice.go to the edge where the ice stops,set your camera and you will see crash bandicoot.It may take a minute or two to find him,but crash is the way, you will need to get sparx right over top of crash to see him good.
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Infinite Magic 42%
Description: Insert the following cheat while the game is paused to give Spyro infinite magic:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1, L1, R1
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How to beat the rerange rider 40%
When he starts use dragon time and beat him as much as you can.Next when he crashes keep hitting him,but WATCH OUT the fire will get you,repeat this in till it dies.
By: Ginger1237671(10)
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Fire Element 40%
Go up to a bad guy beat them they will release purple fury gems them press R2 hope it works
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Gaulcrusher 37%
Go to the pause menu press l1,l2,square,circi,r1,r2.
By: wolf991997(15)
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This is 4 the endless health 36%
On "pause" You can not enter triangle because it takes you back to the game if you are on pause :( ,that tip is bogus
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How To beat Skabb with one cheat code 27%
Press triangle,square,circle,x,triangle,R1,R2,R2,triangle,circle
By: caveboy991997(36)
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Infinate dragon time 21%
Pause the game and hold l1 r2 square and triangle then unpause it and use dragon time once its done do it again and youll have it on forevere
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122334 21%
Infinite Health
To get infinite health, pause your game and press the following button combination: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, R1, L1, L2, L2, Triangle, R2. (unverified)

Cheat: Infinite Magic
Insert the following cheat while the game is paused to give Spyro infinite magic: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1, L1, R1.

Unlockable: Dark Spyro
To unlock the Dark Spyro character, beat all of Story Mode. Then, select Extras from the Main Menu and reload your save file. This will allow you to access "Dragon Challenges". There are five of them, so defeat them all. If you do so, you will then have Dark Spyro to use.
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Aboric 19%
If you want to beat aboric just set him on fire and doge his attacks!
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One hit kills 17%
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How to be invisible 16%
Press in pause menu:

R2, L1, circle, L2

hope that work :)
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Infinite Helth 13%
Insert the following chet whil the game is paused to give spyro Infinite helth : up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,L1,L1,R1,R1
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Infinite power 10%
Down 3 up 4
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Infinate magic 10%
Press up2 down2 left right left right l1 r1 l1 r1. you should have it now
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Super Speed 10%
Circle,Circle,Triangle,Triangle,Square,Square,X,X,X.(wile paused)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

In the menu to be in the last level : 10%

And now go
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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