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World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions -- 2007 Edition Cheats for PC
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World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions -- 2007 Edition
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World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions -- 2007 Edition Cheats

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World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions -- 2007 Edition

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Save History (Time Control) 100%
Description: There is a cheat to keep from losing too much of your money for entrance fees!

Are you trying to get high finishes in every tournament but keep losing money to entrance fees each time you re-try a tournament? Then follow these steps:

First head to the installation directory and locate the SAVES folder. Select the save file appropriate to you (it is listed as the name of your player), and copy the file. Then paste that file into a different folder of your choice. It can even be in the SAVES directory, like SAVESTEMP_FAT

Go back to playing the game as normal. If you get to a point where you've not made any game progress, but have lost a lot of your money, you can restore your profile to the point it was at previously. You don't even have to exit the game. Just Alt-Tab back to Windows.

Go to the folder you placed the copy of your save game, select it and click/drag it back to the SAVES directory. When asked to overwrite the file, say "Yes" and although you lose your progress, you "get back" the money you had before.

Go back to playing the game and go into CAREER - LOAD CAREER, and reload your profile. If you've done everything correctly, your player will be restored to the point it was previously at.

This is a variation of "Save History". Only this one is to ensure success while playing in a tournament.

The same method described above can be used while in the middle of playing a tournament. WSOP-TOC seems to have a required autosave feature enabled that saves after every hand you play. So you can not save at a good point in the tournament manually and then if you lose go back to that point and try again. But by using the Save History method, you can make a restore point to help ensure your success in a tournament.

How to: While playing in any tournament, if you reach a point where you've gained a lot of chips, or gotten far, pause the game (hit the ESC button) and then follow the instructions in the Save History hint - doing this makes a backup copy of the save game at precisely the point you are at in the tournament.

Now, go back to your game play. If you end up not making your goal in the tournament, go into the WSOP-TOC menu that gives you options for your career. Then Alt-Tab back to Windows, select the backed-up copy of your save game that you previously made, copy the file (COPY it instead of MOVING it so that you keep a copy of the save game in case you need to restore again), go to the /Saves/ folder mentioned in Save History, right click and select PASTE. When it asks if you want to overwrite the existing file, select Yes.

Once that is done, go back into WSOP-TOC, and select the option to LOAD CAREER, and reload your career. After that, go into the tournaments section, and find the tournament you had been playing in. If you did everything correctly, the column on the far right should tell you that the tournament is in progress. Just follow the usual method to start the tournament, and when it starts you will be back to where you were at when you backed up your save game.

This can be done as many times as you want during a tournament. This method can also be helpful in gaining your consecutive wins award chips since you can keep trying a tournament until you win without begining over.

*** In WinXP, it may happen that Alt-Tab will not take you back out to Windows (this seems to happen if you have no other windows open while playing the game). If this occurs, hit the Windows button on your keyboard (typically on the bottom row near the space bar). This will allow you to get back to your desktop.
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