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Manhunt 2 Cheats for PSP
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Manhunt 2 PSP Cheats

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Manhunt 2

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Leo's Mission 98%
Description: Unlock a bonus level where you play not as Daniel (but not as Leo)
How to: You must win the game once through. Then the bonus mission will become playable.
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Alternate Weapon Uses 95%
Obviously, weapons in Manhunt 2 exist for a huge primary reason (to kill your foes) brutally. However, a lot of items also have additional uses. For example, weapons like the machete, meat cleaver, knife and glass shard can cut various ropes you encounter throughout the game. The knife will allow you to pick locks, the crowbar can break open padlocks, and a well-placed bullet from your firearm can eliminate locked door handles.
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Relive Scene Option 93%
Win the game, which will unlock the "Relive Scene" option. This will allow you to go back and play any mission over again.
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Infinite Ammo 89%
Description: infinite ammunition for your firearms
How to: Insert the following cheat code cheat-password at the main menu:
Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right.
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Level Select 87%
Description: Select from any level in the game, whether or not you've already beaten it or not
How to: Insert the following cheat code on the game's title screen:
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.
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Personality clash 50%
After you get to the graveyard.... Daniel's wife says find me you can find her lying on the ground by the statue with the black fence around it. Look in front and to the left on the ground she is there then take her to the statue with the candles and lay her to rest. then just watch... Now you can play the bonus round...
By: hotrodhd(11)
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Manhunt 2 333709Hi there! i'm in "bee's honey pot" and I need to find judy. the motel is only 2 floors and I can't find where to go. there is a crawl space that seems to be the way...but it's covered with a fence. how do I get the fence off or where do I go next to find judy? thanks! kevin Answers: 2
Manhunt 2 295623where is the second speaker Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 331683What do I do at the first part of domestic disturbance Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 370437Location of judy in the bees honey pot Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 399134Wat do you do wen its says to shut that guy up Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 480240How do I do the second part of domestic disturbance, the get to safety bit? Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 574910How can I kill the guys in the level: sexual drives? after the girl went back to the back stage..theyre too many! icant kill them all..pls help Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 598581How do you get out of the barn Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 691231Where is the title screen Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 713037How do you shoot the speakers Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 723915How to kill danny Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 734840How do I pass the level "sexual drives" by killing those goons? Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 759957How do I exit the studio back lot im lost Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 763331How can I play manhunt 2 in directional on directional buttons because my analog stick is broken I cant walk Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 851641How do I shoot the speaker, I can't aim my gun. I have tried holding both top buttons and pressing up, but the aim doesn't move... Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 924143How do I shoot the speakers Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 953626My player is not dangerous attack in a behind of enemy why?plz Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 980832How to I get infinight health with cw cheats or nipr cheat or something please I die a lot in this game Answers: 0
Manhunt 2 230220How do I aim at the speakers with the psp in origins? PLEASE HELP? Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 198082How can I destroy the third speaker in the ORIGIN stage? Please help? Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 261465I cant shut Dr.Pick man up too! How can I do it? Answers: 2
Manhunt 2 200323How do you get uncensord kills for psp manhunt2 Answers: 2
Manhunt 2 204687How silence dr. pickman? Answers: 1
Manhunt 2 246439Which page do I put da level cheat on Answers: 2
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