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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Cheats for PSP
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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron
PSP Cheats

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE
Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Cheats

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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Medals 95%
Conqueror BronzeWin five battles
Conqueror GoldWin thirty battles
Conqueror SilverWin fifteen battles
Conqueror SupremeWin on each map
Flag Carrier BronzeCapture five flags
Flag Carrier GoldCapture thirty flags
Flag Carrier SilverCapture fifteen flags
Galactic OverlordDefeat the Galactic Conquest Mode
Hero VanquisherEliminate 10 heroes
Jedi Master BronzeKill twenty-five as Hero
Jedi Master GoldKill one-hundred-fifty as Hero
Jedi Master SilverKill seventy-five as Hero
Multiplayer Maverick BronzeKill fifty online
Multiplayer Maverick GoldKill three-hundred online
Multiplayer Maverick SilverKill one-hundred-fifty online
Renegade LeaderComplete the entire campaign
Rogue Leader BronzeDestroy 10 ships
Rogue Leader GoldDestroy fifty ships
Rogue Leader SilverDestroy twenty-five ships
Super SlicerSlice through fifteen vehicles
Tank Buster BronzeDestroy 10 vehicles
Tank Buster GoldDestroy fifty vehicles
Tank Buster SilverDestroy twenty-five vehicles
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Infinite Customization Credits 94%
Description: Go to Multiplayer and switch on the PSPís LAN switch. Select "Ad Hoc," then "Create," then "Random," then "Launch," then "Auto." Donít spawn, instead go to the customization menu and customize your character, ignoring the 100 point limit. Now, turn off the LAN switch, choose "Continue" and exit to the main menu. This cheat will work on any mode.
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Buying weapons with overspending 90%
First, enter an INFRUSTRATE level.(can be any) then, go to a command post and buy weapons with overspending.(Ex. bowcaster, guided rocket, wrist rocket, jet pack, regenarate, 66% more health, 66% more speed, 99% more capture speed) then wait for the prompt of idle connection. DO NOT press any buttons until you have disconnected from the server. then press x. Now you can play with ovrspending. (note:If you want to change weapons, repeat this process.
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How to spend over 100 credits!!! 90%
Go to online mode spend over 100 credits turn off the WLAN switch you will disconect turn the WLAN switch on go back online mode you have spent over 100 credits
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Orbit beacon rapid fire sound 100%
First pick a map that has a speeder bike then equip orbit beacon gun and stand next to a speeder bike then press and hold x then press up keep on pressing up. by (arc)ghostassasinv1.8
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Arc Caster Combo 100%
First equip Arc Caster then while play the game hold X then press And hold L while you are locked on to an enemy try to repeat this again when you get the hand you get alot of kills.JOIN MY GAME. BY (Arc)GhostAssasinV.8
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10 Steps to Unlimited Weps., Exp., Spec. Items, Power Ups, Health, Speed And Capt. Rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 71%
1.Turn WLAN switch on
2.Go to multiplayer (Ad Hoc) mode
3.Choose Create
4.Hit x to continue
5.Hit the right button, and select random
6.Then select Launch
7.Choose Auto
8.Then hit Square to go to customization
9.Choose whatever you want I recommend Chaingun, Exp. Blaster Pistol, Wrist Rocket, Jump Pack, Regenerate, Health lvl 3, Speed lvl 3 and Capture Rate lvl 3.
10.Then just turn of the WLAN switch hit x to continue and play with all of that which equals 210 credits.

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Buying weapons while you overspend 70%
First go to multiplayer and press Ad Hoc. Then press create. Pick any place you want. I normally pick Mustafar.Then pick Weapons from weapon 1 and weapon 2. Explosives, special item, power up, health level, speed level, and capture rate.Pick one thing from every categories. Then turn the WLAN swich off. It should say disconnecting then press X. Next go to single player. Press instant action, pick a place wait for it to load. Be careful if you ever press personalization menu because you would have to delete everything so you are at 100.And dont press change equipment.Im 100% sure this will work if you follow my directions.
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4-kills in a row 67%
In korriban you need a orbital strike der is a command post in the front of the temple shoot to the command post and you have 4kills(most of the time)
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Invincible in korriban. 64%
Its not really going 2 help but you can do dis 2 hide. get a jet pack and fly over the fire torch infront of the big entrance in korriban and your body will disapear. its really cool!
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Unlimited Customazation Points 63%
Go to Multiplayer. Select Ad Hoc. Then Create, then random,then launch,select auto and go to custamization menu,select what you want and turn the wylan switch off
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Unlimited weapons 60%
Go to ad hoc or infrasctucter (i dont think I spelled that right lol) and get into a game. Go to the custimization menu and equip all the weapons, explosives, and all that other crap. the credits will not matter. when you have equiped everything you want turn the entire psp off. go back onto the infrascucter or ad hoc. once you respawn you will have all the weapons you equiped.
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Infinite credits 60%
First go to multiplayer and go to ad hoc or infracsture mode and choose all your weapons then when it says you passed your credits turn you psp off or turn the lan switch off and you have all the weapons hope this is helpfull!
By: blackpanter97(23)
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The master jumped 59%
Alright first you have to get a jet pack not a jump pack and then go on the map called boz pity then start the match. first when your in the game you have to be the rebels and choose a rebel vanguard and come alive then use your jet pack and go in the air as high you can go then with your jet pack go strait until you you run out and have to fall on your jet pack then before you hit the ground you tap the top left L and you will go flying back up in the air ps this is only for psp and the game is called starwars battlefront renegade squadron
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Invincibility 57%
Description: unlock invincibility
How to: Press the following button sequence at the game's profile menu:
Up, Down, Up, Triangle, Circle, Left, Right, Down
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Win Galactic Conquest easier! 55%
At the begin of the game, start capturing planets near the enemys home.Then reinforce the Planets around their home to cut off reinforcements. Wait until the home Planet attacks one of your reinforcement cut off planets, then attack your next turn when its weak.
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Whatever u want!!! 53%
Go in a INFASTRUCTURE or ADHOC mode game. custamise yourself however you want with overspending 100 credits. then turn your psp off then on. press x and next time you play you will have what you chose.(repeat process for different weapons). have fun:)!
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Go really fast(it should work). 53%
Go next 2 a speeder bike and take out a guided rocket. shoot the rocket and quikly press up. if you did dis correctly you should b standing on the speeder bike. now you can do things you do when walking, on the speeder bike but you get 2 go faster. dis glitch probably won't work the first time, but keep trying and you will soon get it right.
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Unlimited stealth 51%
While in stealth mode, get inside a vehicle. when you exit you will still be stealthed, but will also have full stamina. if you keep doing this when you start to get low on stamina, you can have unlimited stealth!
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How to get any weapon power up ect. 51%
Go to ad hoc pick any ramdom place go to customization pick wat yu want press o it should say overspend turn off your game turn back on you will be kicked off . make sure to save profile!
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Easy game win 50%
First go on single player then go on instant action(u have to go on conquest) custimise yourself with full capture rate take over all the camand posts and pause the game hope this workes)
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Inf credits 50%
To get lots of weapons whithout worrying about the spend limit go to multiplayer(make shure the Lan switch is turned on) enter ad hoc , select create do whatever battle you want. instead of spawning into the game press square to go to the customizatin menu and spend as many credits you want and dont worry about the spending limit. then turn of the Lan switch on youre psp then when youre disconectid select continue and back out to the main menu go to single player instant action and select a planet dont click custmisatin again go into battle and you have guns over the spending limit. TA DA!
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Hide and kill 50%
In the map Korriban ther is a big statue bye the gate fly with your jet pack on the statue and They do not see you kill kill and kill
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Super Jump Glitch 48%
Have a jet pack and use it and hold triangle until it runs out of power. When this happens, before you hit the ground DONT USE THE JETPACk instead press L while Holding triangle. U should be able to jump as high as a jet pack and can string it together for 8 of these super jumps
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Infinite credits 47%
Make sure your wlan switch is on then go 2 ad hoc then create then random.But instead of respawning go to costomize put anything on don't mind the limit then once your satisfied turn off the wlan switch.
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Cool litte bolts 46%
If you want see cool little bolts first you will need to get either a bow caster or a carbonite freeze gun or a arc caster then you need to get either a orbital strike or a blaster pistol in weapons two then you charge up your first weapon when its all charged up keep on holding the x button then hit the left arrow while still holding the x button then it should change the weapon then change it again and 1 more time you should see a little bolt green for bow caster blue for carbonite freezing gun and blue for arc caster you should see that bolt on your blaster pistol or your orbital strike gun then change to your first weapon and hit x to attack and then you should have a little bolt right in front of you and you have to do the hit left arrow fast and change weapon fast hope it works for you guys
By: beaner21(62)
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Cool glich in naboo. 46%
In naboo there is a big gate wit a tank infront of it. get inside the tank, drive backwards 2 the gate. get out of the tank and now you should b in back of the gate. take a few steps back and you will fall of the map. fly your jet pack and look new hideouts.
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Spend over 100 credits! 45%
U need the new kind of psp's, the one with the wlan switch. You go to multiplayer, then you turn on the wlan switch, then you start playing a match anywhere. You start customizing your guy. Equip him with whatever you like. Then, when you are finished, you turn off the wlan switch. Then go play instant action. You will see him with everything you have equiped him with. Never customize your guys layout. Or never go to campaign. That is how you spend over 100 credits! Enjoy!
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Hold blaster pistol with both hands like a rifle 43%
Get a wrist rocket and a special item or power that shows up as a secondary weapon(like stealth pack and wrist rocket or rage wristrocket and stealth pack) you have to have the wristrocket for it to work now toggle through secondary list (right D-pad button) with the pistol out and you hold it like a blaster rifle
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How to go invisible AND unlimited credit!! 42%

If you want to go invisible you have to read this note carefully: All what you do is go on single mode or multiplayer mode go on a game on anything and then press up when your near a command post! Then go on special item, look down and down till you see something called stealth suit then press x, then go on the game and there you go when you see the invisible picture press spuare then there you go your invisible ( Hint )

Unlimited credit

Go on ad hoc then go on create ok when your name comes up then random launch then Auto ( you need to really read carefully on this bit ) then press customise I think it is called DOWN'T SPAWN then you choose what you want don't bother about the 100 credit when you have chose your things turn of your lan or wlan switch off when it says disconnected press x ( it says continue ) still press x when it says that! after that go on single or multiplayer then go on what you want and there you go unlimited credits BUT SWITCH THE WLAN OR LAN BACK ON WHEN YOU HAVE PRESSED X ON THE DISCONNECTED THING! But if you want to change it go back on ad hoc and do it again and again till you want to change it! never goes rong! ( cheat )
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Infinite power up 40%
Get any power up you want then when you start a match then turn your power up on then enter your command post and leave and your power up meter will be full if this dont work take a command post then try it and it should work
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How to make Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan fight 40%
Go to instant action on single player and pick Mustafar pick conquest I pick Hero capture the flag it's quicker then get the flag and press select to see you are Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi or Darth Vader.
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How to win conquest games easily 40%
Once you have won all the command posts and the timer starts, pause the game and the timer will still carry on counting, but the opposition will not be able to capture any more command posts back!
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Infinite ammo 38%
Stand near the ammo droid and stay there and keep shooting and the ammo droid will keep giving you ammo
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Unlimited amo 37%
When you run out of amo go back to your command post and choose that weapon again and you'll have the full amount of amo again.
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I beat this game in 1 hour 36%
The hint for not dieing run around in cicirles (i cant spell) they wont hit you at all its a good way when being surrounded
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Ok scence I told you about how to win easly now I'm going to tell you how to win even faster!
capture all the command posts
now kill everyone on the other team
now look at the timer
instead of taking 1 minute it takes all but 5 seconds!
cool huh?

happy cheating -moeith
By: moeith(36)
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Easy Win 33%
First you need to be in any conquest map
then just capture all of the comand posts
now pause look at the timer!
it should still go down even though the game is paused!

happy cheating! -moeith
By: moeith(36)
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100 credits 33%
Go to weapon 1 and pick a lncinerator go to weapon 2 and get a blaster pistol. now get a thermal detonator in explosive. pick a stamina from power pick level 2 in health,speed and capture rate.
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Incincibility 33%
Up down up triangle circle left right=invincibility
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Easy as pie 30%
First you have to get a ship that has the proton torpedo (tie fighter) then press the down button until you get to a ship (x-wing) then follow the red arrow until the lock on signal (the circle)

Note:wait until the circle stops shrinking and you can see the ship. then fire!

Note : it may not work at first.
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Lots of auto turrets 30%
1} get fushin cutter 2)auto turrets 3)spin around 1 full time after you put down an auto turret keep repeting #3 and there you have it your own little army (By MIDAS99153)
By: midas99153(42)
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Hero invincable 29%
In space land in a hanger as a hero. as soon as your life gets lo get in your ship. continue prosess and you will be invincable!
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(rage )cheat code . for star wars renagade squardron( psp ) 25%
Ok. this is how you do the rage cheat code. you can do this online too. ok. first you will need the rage. next go to any command post. you can do this online too . oh I forgot you can do this in ad hoc too. ok . then click the rage then go to the command post press the up button to change weapons but you don't have to if you don't want to . ok .... ok. then exit the change weapons mode . then you will have rally again while its on if you waste it . I believe this is how you do it.
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Infinite ammo 22%
Enter the cheat at the the game's medal menu. The Cheat Is Up Right Right Left X.
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Health 22%
To get ulimited health on the d pad press down down up up up right up down up up down to get full heakth even as a jedi
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Two ways to find STEALTH by burger&soda/black-sun-assasin-1 22%
1.some power-ups leave temperairy colored rings around them shoot the inner part. 2.(fire guns,detpacks,chain-guns,and crossbows are proven to work.) when neer a command post if it is half blue half red and you "seem" alone theres two resons eather you got a glitch or a stealthed enemy is neer heres what you do with the preiveusly listed wepons use the fire gun by standing on the post and shooting while spining ...
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Small units 22%
Enter Jub Jub and all of the units will turn small,the J MUST BE CAPITALISE
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Invincibility(enter at the gamer profile menu) 21%
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Another way of having Infinite Ammo 21%
If your ammo droid is destroyed,stand by a command post.Make sure you can see "change equipment".Click change equipment.Then click circle.If you have "infinite weopon credit cheat" on click change equipment.Click the equipment you wish to restore.Then click triangle.This should restore your ammo.I hope you like this:)
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Infinite ammo Hint 21%
If your ammo droid is destroyed stand by a command post. Make sure you can see "change equipment". Click change equipment. Then click circle. If you have infinite customation cheat on, click change weopon. Click the equipment you wish to restore.Then click triangle. This should work. I hope you like this:)
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Superman 19%
Have chaingun,wrist rocket,stamina,health level 2, and capture speed level 1.
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SupersonicDESTROYER 18%
This cheat alows you to destroy any enemies in range of your radar.
HINT:The supersonicDESTROYER works even better
when its used against rebrels.
GAME CODE:up, up ,up ,up, down ,up ,left
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Life bar instead of Lightsaber timer as a hero 17%
At the movie menu press Up Left Left Down Down Up Triangle.
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Star wars battle front renagade sqaderane 13%
Super slicer
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Lets you create anything at your base. 12%
Up up up up up
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Create your own anything 9%
Create your own gun in the gun buying place crew to ride in your ship and map armor base your own anything.
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Infinite Stamina 9%
Press home and then press yes. Next, shut down the psp and throw it out your window. You should now have infinite stamina. Don't turn on the psp.
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Lightning gun 7%
Become a hero and kill 2 people and you wil have a lightning gun foreever
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Unlimited health 4%
Go to a conqest game on any place and get in a vechicle and kill someone and you will have unlimited health foreever.
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