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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 Cheats for PS2
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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 PS2 Cheats

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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How to create big show 91%
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
this is the one I used

Big Show


Hair = 2/73

Head Morphing = 25, 25, 50
Forehead Morphing = -20, 50, 0, -40

Face Sking Tones = 6/12
Eyes = 3/9 (Default Color and Style)
Eyelashes = 1/15 (Default Color)
Eyebrows = 37/38 (Default Color)
Lips = 15/15 (Default Color)
Teeth = 1/14 (Default Color)

Face Morphing
Eyebrows = -70, 30, 0, 41
Eyes = -15, 20, -7, 35, 28, 100, -10
Nose = 100, 100, -100, -16, -80, 50, 0, 11
Cheeks = 0, 100, 53, 50,
Mouth = 50, 15, -50, 50, 25, -50, -50
Jaw = 50, 40, 10, 10, 50, 30
Ears = 100, 100, 0, -100

Face Features = 1/9 (-100, 10, 50, 50)
Place all Facial Hair Templates in the order I have them:
Facial Hair Template = 15/26
Facial Hair Template = 21/26
Facial Hair Template = 9/26
Make Up = 13/19 (Default Color)


Height = 7' 2" (Completely fill up the meter)
Body Type = 50

Body Morphing
Neck = -100, 66, 100
Chest = 100, 0, 100
Shoulders = 0, 100, 50
Abdomen = -50, 40, 20
Waist = 24, 45
Arms = 40, 30, 30
Hands = 100, 100, 100
Legs = 10, 20, 40
Feet = 0, 0, 0

Body Definition = 6/9
Tattoos > Left Arm > Design = 135/141 (Place on shoulder) (-100, -100, -41, 40)
Tattoos > Right Arm > Tattoos = 103/147 (-18, -100, -100, 40)
Tattoos > Right Arm ? Design = 136/141 (Place red part inside other tattoo) (100, 0, 0, 40)


Upper Body > Wrestling Attire = 15/18 (Default Color)
Upper Body > Arm Wear > Elbow Pads = 2/10 (Default Black Color)
Lower Body > Knee Pads = 8/15 (-13, -100, -70, 100)
Lower Body > Knee Pads = 5/15 (-13, -100, -68, 100)
Underware = Default


Voice = 2
Match Specialty = NONE
Fighting Style 1 = Powerhouse
Fighting Style 2 = Showman
Sign 1 > Page 16/18 = Chokeslam
Sign 2 > Page 16/18 = ECW
Sign 3 > Page 16/18 = nWo
Sign 4 > Page 16/18 = WWE Sign


Name = Big Show
Nickname = NONE
HUD Name = Big Show
Call Name = The Giant
Weight = 400 Lbs (Completely fill up the meter)
Show = ECW
Match Tactics = Dirty

Choose Preset Moves 08 Pow, Show

Motion = Superstar 04
Championship = Superstar 04
Movie = WWE Legends Logo
Music = You Choose but I chose the last song which is right before the Smackdown theme

Buy 1 gold Powerhouse Attributes upgrade to upgrade him to an overall of 80

hope this helps
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Unlockable Shop Goods 88%
Bret Hart$210,000********
Hardcore Championship$20,000***
HBK DX Entrance$30,000*
HBK DX Outfit$60,000
HHH DX Entrance$30,000*
HHH DX Outfit$60,000
Mick Folley$210,000******
Million Dollar Championship$20,000***
Move Set 1$15,000
Move Set 2$15,000
Move Set 3$15,000
Preset Move Set$15,000**
Rick Rude$210,000
Roddy Piper$210,000
Shane McMahon$60,000
Stone Cold $210,000*****
Terry Funk$210,000*******
The Rock$210,000****
Vince McMahon$110,000*********
Vince McMahon (Bald)$60,000**********
WCW Classic Championship$20,000***
WWF Attitude Era Championship$20,000***

* - DX Outfits must 1st be purchased.
** - All Move Sets must 1st be purchased.
*** - You must be a Hall of Famer.
**** - Character must 1st be defeated with Stone Cold.
***** - Character must 1st be defeated with Bret Hart.
****** - Character must 1st be defeated with Undertaker.
******* - You must 1st win a 4-way match fighting Sandman, Sabu, and Tommy Dreamer.
******** - Character must 1st be defeated by Shawn Michaels.
********* - Complete 24/7 GM Mode and become GM of the Year.
********** - The original Vince McMahon must 1st be purchased.
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Kelly Kelly's Alternate Outfit 88%
How to unlock: Insert "KellyKG12R" at the in-game cheats menu.
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Money $$$ Money 86%
Description: Here's an easy way to make lots of money fairly fast.
How to: Start a new game on 24/7 Mode with a created wrestler. He doesn't even have to be any good. On the Calendar, scroll down to Wrestlemania PPV and select it. Choose to simulate each and every match to this date. It will take a while, but at the end of simulation, you will have made hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can use this to buy new, better character and other stuff, plus you can repeat this process as many times as you want.
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DX Costumes/Outfits 86%
How to unlock: Insert "DXCostume69K2" at the in-game cheats menu.
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Arenas 85%
How to unlock: get the specified amount of points in Hall of Fame mode.
5 Points - No Way Out
6 Points - Vengeance
7 Points - ECW One Night Stand
8 Points - December to Dismember
9 Points - New Year's Revolution
10 Points - Summerslam
12 Points - Wrestlemania 23
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Cheat code video unlock 85%
NOTE: The cheat code entry is only available in the North American release of the game.
WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 cheat video Cheat Video
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Can't Find the Cheat Code Menu ? 81%
The cheat code menu is found under the options menu, but only in the US versions of the game. The European version does not have a cheat menu.
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Garbage Truck Special 76%
Go to exhibition and select parking lot brawl. After you choose your wrestlers and begin the match, irish whip your opponet into the garbage truck.The door will open. After it has opened,irish whip them into it again. If your momentum meter is full,press triangle when they're leaning against the garbage truck.Your fighter will throw them into the truck. The truck will drive off and you win the match! Same with the car!
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In a tables match,get a table and set it up.Next,get another table and walk towards the first one.Then you can set it up on top.(set table=x button)
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Use a chair with out getting dq. easy money 72%
(use a chair) get a chair from under the ring. go over to a corner. press x. then give them an irish whip into the chair.

(easy money) go to wwe 24/7 mode start a career as a wwe wrestler. choose someone like shawn michaels and skip to wrestlemania you should get loads of money
By: wilko(34)
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Another way to get Summer Slam 72%
Go to gm mode get the hardys and any other two superstars for 1 year skip to summer slam and make it a 2 on 2 tlc match and beat the hardys
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Hall of Fame madness 71%
I don't know about you but the way they reverse all your moves in Legend difficult frustrates me. What you do to stop that is first you go to options. Go to Game Play Ssttings. Then go to Custom A.I. Settings. Then look for Frequency of COM's usage. takw Standing Strike Reversal Rate, Standing Grapple Reversal rate, Ground strike reversal rate, ground grapple reversal rate, Finisher reversal rate, Objects Attack reversal rate turn them all the way down. NO MORE REVERSING.
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How to create Christian!!!!!!! (46 Steps) 69%
3.Head:Head Morphing:Head:10,-19,-34
4.Face:Eyes:Eye Type:1/9:Stylize:1/5:13,0,-13
7.Face:Skin:Skin Aging:27
8.Facial Hair:Templates:21/26:70,60,14,50
9.Height:"6 Foot 2" 0 CM
10.Body Type:Body Morphing:Neck:17,16,0
11.Body Hair:Torse:5/6:70,3,0,50
12.Body Tattoos:Symbols:Arms:Left Arm:44/141:Horizontal Down 2x
Vertical Down 1x:Place on the top of the arm:-19,-100,-27,100
13.Upper Body:Tops:37/40:Stylize:1/2:-13,-100,-55
14.Logos:Design:44/141:Horizontal Up 1x Vertical up 1x:Place in the middle of the tops:74,74,23,100
15.Lettering:Alphabet:1/18:C:Default Size:Place in the middle of the
16.Lettering:Alphabet:1/18:P, 2/18:e, 2/18:e, 1/18:P, 2/18:s: Default Size:Place in the back and move it to the top:76,0,0,100
17.Upper Body:Armwear:Elbows:Both Arms:2/10:-13,-100,-55,100
18.Upper Body:Armwear:Arms/Wrists:Both Arms:15/20:-13,-100,-55,100
19.Lower Body:Underwear:3/31:Default
20.Lower Body:Wrestling Tights:1/17:-100,-100,-73,100,100
21.Logos:Design:Right Leg:97/141:Horizontal Up 1x Vertical up 1x:Place on the side of the leg:34,-80,3,100
22.Logos:Design:Right Leg:44/141:Horizontal Down 1x Vertical up 2x:Place on the other Design:74,74,23,100
23.Repeat steps 21 and 22 but on the Left Leg
24.Lower Body:Belts:15/30:74,74,-31,100
25.Lower Body:Footwear:Boots/Shoes:2/33:-19,-100,-77
26.Press the right analog stick intill you see Match on the bottem right corner then delete the tops and the logos on it
27.Voice:Your Chioce
28.Match Spacialty: ECW Extreme Rules or Hardcore
29.Fighting Style 1:Dirty
30.Fighting Style 2:Showman
31.Crowd Sings:Your Chioce
33.Nickname:Captian Chrisma
34.Nickname Placement:Your Chioce
36.Announcer Intreduction:Christopher
37.Hometown:Toronto, Canada
38.Weight Class:Light Heavyweight:227 lb.
39.Crowd Reaction:Good
40.Show:ECW or Your Chioce
41.Go to Create a move-set pick Christian in Created Superstar then go to auto setting and pick 13 Dirt Show (pick ALL). Go to the top of the list, click it, replace Dirty with High-Flyer,and press Accept Changes.
42.Go to Create an Entrance pick Christian in Created Superstar (Easy Creation).
43.Motion:Superstar 7
44.Champion Entrance:Superstar 7
45.Movie:Your Chioce
46.Music:Your Chioce
And now that you did all 46 steps you have Chrstian.
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EASY WIN ON GM OF THE YEAR!!! -WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 68%
This only works if you have 2 controllers. when choosing what brand you want, make player one (you) smackdown and player 2 (also you) Raw. when playing, dont draft anyone for raw, and some good people for smackdown. whenever its raws turn for a show, leave it blank. you pretty much eliminate raw from the gm of the year. all you have to do is do better than ecw and you win.
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Be GM of the year award 68%
Create a superstar it doesnt have to be any good then duplacate it 30 turn off all the superstars from the other two brands (DO NOT TURN OFF UR BRANDS SUPERSTARS!)then turn on all the created superstars dat suck and there going to be free angents and your going to have good superstars.
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The Hardcore Special Chokeslam 68%
1.Put the chair or a table to the turnbuckle and if you don't know how to, just get a chair or a table and then walk towards the turnbuckle, then press X
2.You have to have a chokeslam for a ultimate control grapple move.
3.Walk toward the turnbuckle and then move the right analog stick down to slam him down
By: thegametripleh(107)
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Easy money 68%
Start a 24/7 career and simulate the whole thing until you have a 100% and you'll have over a 1,000,000 dollars!
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The simplest and quickest way to win GM Of The Year 67%
The simplest and quickest way to win GM Mode is first draft new roster. Then only choose 2 players to put on your roster with a one year contract. Then make one clean, one dirty but make them both the tag team champions but dont give them any other title. Then go to options and turn everything off (especially injuries) then put the match card settings as re-run. Then go to your rivalries and start any 5 star rating rivalry between them and then go to your first match card. Put Them in dangerous matches with a lot of fatigue level and put them in yhe main event for the world title and any other match for the intercontinental or U.S title but dont any leave blank matches and make sure the same 2 superstars are fighting in every match. Then for the promos put either interview space, rivalry in place of a match or slander promotion for higher rating and popularity boosts. Then finalize match card and first week you probably might not get good ratings (depends what superstars you got) but next week the show will be minimum 4 stars if you dont skip any days from the calendar. Do events & activities for both your superstars, ones which will boost their popularity. Dont skip any days and keep on doing this and you should get the GM of the year trophy in half an hour of playing and in the game after about 3 or 4 months. Whatever you do, dont use CAWs for GM mode because its just gonna slow down your progress.
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GM 24/7 MODE HINT. 67%
You can play the GM Mode on the xbox version with two players controlling a brand each. So if you have two pads you double your chance of being GM of the year! You could also build up one of your brands with trades from the other to make it unstoppable!:)
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How to pick up superstars and do special slams. 67%
Hold R1 then move left or right on the grapples analog. (p.s-each superstar has diffirent powerbombs/slams.)
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How to set tables on fire (ecw extreme rules !) 67%
When you get full momentum set up a table 'n' then make sure your apponent is not too close and press finisher then KABOOOM

by Declan Murphy
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Easy way to win an ironman match 67%
First change the match rules to no ring count, then pin your opponite as many times as you want, then go to the fighting area in the crowd, then climb the barricade in front of the doors,and then just wait up there till the time runs out.
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Fight the same superstar your using in beat the clock sprint 67%
If your person has a champion ship put it on the line in beat the clock sprint then pick the same person who you made put the champion ship on the line but you can not move him from his spot if you do you would have to quit beat the clock sprint and do every thing that I told you all over but if you make it to the champion ship match you will fight your self and you and the same person your fighting will have the champion ship but you will not have to put the belt you have only your copy will have to put his belt on the line and you will not have two belts of the same kind and your copy you were fighting will not apper on the created superstar edit srceen
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Easy lose in royal rumble 67%
I no most ppl dnt want 2 get out of a royal rumble on purpose just incase you want to b another person or sumtin. Here is what you do. when one character is pushing another charater out on the side facing the entrance ramp get on top of the left turn buckle and press square. When you jump off instead of going to the center of the ring you go and jump towards the person being pushed off and then you land outsinde of the ring!
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How to gain twice as much money 65%
The best way to finish 24/7 mode and gain a lot of money( twice as a regular superstar) is to, create a superstar. play 24/7 with that superstar and simulate up to the wrestle mania match in calendar (march). You will gain 2 twice the money.
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Last Ride 65%
In Parking Lot Brawl get your finishing move and whip them into the hearse. You will pull out a casket and put them in it, then put the casket back in, then the hearse will drive for the automatic win
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Win hardcore belt in season mode 65%
To win the hardcore belt in season mode pick any superstar in season mode then skip all the way to new years revolon then keep your eyes on the srceen and if you see marcos corvon vs your superstar then press x and it will stop and if you stop at the right time you can fight marcos corvon for the hardcore belt but you have to defend it every match you have but you only have it for a few weeks.
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Going behind the fire truck in parking lot 65%
All you have to do is get your finisher bar up with any brawler store it go on the fire truck ladder then hold r1 and press triangle then you well go behind the fire truck and you can walk around and you can do it with two players
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How to walk on the rope with undertaker and jump down on thier arm 65%
First press o and throw them into the turmbuckle then go next to them and move the right-analog stick right then under taker will twist thier arm climb on the rope and jump down karate chopping their arm.
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Whirly Bird 63%
If your Superstar is hardcore, grab a ladder and click the R3 button. Then, spin the R stick left or right to spin the ladder.(better results if stamina system is off)You cannot get hit while spinning the ladder. You CAN get hit when you stop.
By: BigBoy321(19)
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How to beat the game quicker(original) 63%
Do only the pay per views and win at least 95 pefcent of the them and there ya go

(i reccomend you not do this if youre trying to unlock a specific person or place)
By: jasonfan15437(148)
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Want to make EASY $$$$$$ 63%
$$$$Money$$$$:An easy way to earn money How to:You will need to start a new game on the 24/7 mode then be on the Calendar ,scroll down to the Wrestlemania 23 PPV and selct it. Simulate up to that date and it will take a little while to continue at the end of it you have made hundreds thousands of dollars$$. You can use this as many times you want.So start spending your $$$$$$$$ MONEY $$$$$$$$$
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Easy Way To Get Out Into The Crowd 62%
There is 2 but I use no1
1. get a table, put it closest to the security barracade then get 2 the close's spot and lite it on fire. it works.

2. use the superstar press pin on your opponment on the announce table and it will put you through the table so go on your superstars right and it could work.

but overall use no1
By: liamkin(113)
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Unlock wm 23 without being hall of famer 61%
Win royal rumble in 24/7 mode then sim to wm23 and win
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To win the royal rumble, make sure that you have the difficulty set to LEGEND, otherwise it will not work. Plug in two controllers. Go to Exhibition on the title screen. and choose thirty man royal rumble option. add yourself as any character (Preferably not CAW) and add the second player. Add you to come in first, and palyer two SECOND. make sure he comes in second, otherwise you will not do it right. play the rumble, and when you eliminate player two, wait until the third entrant coems down the ramp. press SELECT on player two's controller. player two will now be in this wrestler. Eliminate him, and do the same until you have won the rumble. note: Always eliminate player 2 within the time limit of the next entrant, otherwise you will be eliminated. the time speeds up after the 20th entrant, so be careful and agile. go to hall of fame and the first one will be completed. Easy!
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How to get anyone you want in GM 24/7 Mode 61%
Start a GM Mode and select edit available roster. Turn everybody you want off. (you must have 25 people available to draft). Choose your brand.When you get to your desk go to the magazines and select edit available roster. Turn everybody you want back on. Simulate one week and go to free agency in the magazines. Everyone you chose will be in there
By: diamondmoney96(21)
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You can escape from the cage door by pressing X and PUSH O on the corner AND press up RIGHT analog
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Make your wrestler stronger 61%
To make your created wrestler stronger just do the exercises until their all 99 and your wrestler overall can be a max of 96
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Stable Cheat Code 60%
When you have points to put in for a stable select continue then press triangle and it gives as much as you started with(Example: you start with 400 then you put the points in then press triangle. then you go to put more in and you have 400 points.) try it. it works
By: mclovin2010(25)
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Complete 100% Hall of Fame 60%
First you must obtain the showstopper status in the Hall of Fame mode.
You might have at least obtained 9 points at this point.
After you do that, do the challenge with John Cena. You must create a championship and max-out the stats.

When you do that, go back to the Hall of Fame and you have the completed the challenge. Now you will obtain the remaining points to unlock the final arenas which are: The Great American Bash, Summerslam, and Wrestlemania 23. You will also obtain the ranking of Hall of Famer and you will be able to purchase the championship belts at the WWE shop.

By: WWEFan9000
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By: galaxygamer9(71)
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Easy money in season mode 60%
What you do is fight about three weeks and do trophy dates and after you played for about three weeks in season scrool down 2 wrestlemania and simulate up 2 that day.
By: videogamefreak(14)
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Easy win in any exibition match any difficulty level any guy 60%
Go to options and change all settings reversals to 0. (easy wins in Hall of Fame)
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How To Go To Crowd 60%
Go to crowd and press the up down left or right directional button
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Easy momentum with cena 60%
First be john cena then when the match has started knock your oppent down then press R1+UP YOU WILL HAVE FULL MOMENTUM EVERY TIME WOOHOO
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Easy Popularity 60%
The easiest way to get popularity is to goon Trophy Dates. You will increase 5% on each date (sometimes 8%) which gets you an average increase of about 30%.
By: Jazza Unleashed(237)
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Rich quick 60%
Go to 24/7 mode and simulate all of it I did it about 5 times and I had 2 million
By: mastertorres(593)
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Easy escape 60%
When in submission hold push the right anolog stick right and you will break out
By: jc10 1(10)
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Win easyly in hell in a cell match 60%
There are 3 ways to win hell in a cell and a infor mation 1- is to go out from the cell and get him up with you and after you and him up you have to throw him 2- is to go up and get him up with you and pick him and throw him on the door 3-is to go out from the cell and go up and pick him and throw him
By: maro(9)
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How to place a steel chair on a announcers table 58%
While being a hardcore superstar, grab them but press up.
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Kelly kelly outfit 58%
By: jesus3815(234)
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How to set table on fire 58%
How to set the table on fire 1st you have to pick ecw extreme rules match
get your finisher move set up the table and press triangle and the tables on
By: galaxygamer9(71)
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First start a match turn the count out on then whenthe match starts irish whip your oponent over the top rope then beat him up until you get your finisher do it on your oponent
run in to the ring 12345678910! DING DING DING YOU WIN!
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Easy Win In King Of The Ring 57%
Plug In Another Controller And Then Make Them The Opponent And You Gotta Be The Player You Picked,Repeat Until You Are Crowned King Of The Ring.
By: JeffHardyFan(112)
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Unlock DX costumes 57%
To unlock DX costumes type in DXCostume69K2 and it will unlock them
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Sickest khali bomb 57%
During a hell in a cell match, climb on top of the cell, and do the two handed chokeslam, (ultimate grapple) off the cell on an anouncers table!(be khali!)(first, take the stuff off the table!)
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TRIPLE H CAGE HACK!!!!!!!!!! 57%
While in a hell in a cell match go to the top of the gage then pedigree 2x in the centre. triple h will be unharmed with full momentum meter and opponent with be wriggling in pain on the ground
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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Ariel Moves In Parking Lot Brawl Not On Fire Engine 57%
If your jeff hardy table and you have swanton bomb go next to JBLs limo ( where the table is ) run up to the bonet and you are on it and you can do any divin move
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ToObya 57%
Go to 24/7 mode and simulate up to Wrestle Mania ''The Grand Daddy Of Them all'' and I guarantee you will have $500.000 at the end you can repeat this anytime you like p.s it might take a while
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Be jeff hardy and go onto the aunocers table taunt then knock your opponent down on the table then do your finisher SPLAT U swanton bomb onto the table!
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Ez win 57%
In 24/7 mode use 2 players and no one use the 2nd controler. You just knock them on the ground and pin.
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Table on fire 57%
Fill up your bar and set up the table and press triangle
By: mastertorres(593)
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Cool power slam on the turnbuckle move 57%
Use a superstar like batista he has a powerslam ultimate graple so move the right analong stick down next to the turnbuckle
By: cheat master24(6)
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Cheats Of Hell 57%
Xx square xx
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Trashcan 56%
When you have a trashcan walk up to your enemy and press any direction in right thumbstick.U will put it over his/her head!This works!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to spin a ladder on your head 56%
When you got the ladder in your hands press R3 but cant move while its spinning
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Two tables 56%
Press x while holding a table next to a set up table. (wont work if the table on fire.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to win gm of the year 2 56%
Go on to gm mode and pick any 4 people on any roster and then make a fatel four way match for any tittle you want and just keep on doing that every match
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Easy wins 56%
When playing in 24/7 mode play as your opponent and get disqualified by using a weapon or get counted out. This is an easy way to get on a winning streak
By: jesseparker(137)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

When you got the ladder press R3

the ladder should spin around.

i figured this wicked hack while smashing my brother
Triple H (Me)
Rick Rude (Him)
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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How to drag opponets around 56%
Hold R1 then press up on the grapples analoge to slam or slap your opponets on steps, tables, turnbuckle, etc.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Easy Royal rumble win on legend dificult 56%
Pick a hiigh flyer and keep rolling around the ring and dont stop.also keep jumping off
the ropes attack simple.
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K.o khali bomb! 56%
1. Be the great khali. 2. Next, after your oppennet is damaged alittle bit, throw him out of the ring where the anouncer tables are. 3. And get out to. 4. Then take the monitors off a table. 5. Finally, all you need to do, is do the two handed choke slam (ultimate grapple) and put your oppennet threw the table!
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Fast win in a match with ring out count 56%
Run around the ring and at 8 go back in and you win
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

You can escape from hell in a cell match by get him up and you also up and push him from up by any diractions from the right analog and he have to be too close from the corner and the another way is to pick him up and throw him from up and another way to pick him up and throw him on the door and you can go up by get out from the cage and climb the cage by pressing X
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Easy win 56%
Put you opnet out ring just start beating him on 9 count easyer 8count run in ring he gets counted out you win money every time if not count match like chair just keep beating him with chair till bleed do finsher you win and pin then you win
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Super rko 56%
Full up your bar and throw your oppponent into the turnbuckle which is the corner and press triangle. P.S only with randy orton
By: mastertorres(593)
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Kelly Kelly alternate outfit 55%
To unlock Kelly Kelly's alternate outfite type:..... KellyKG12R..... and press enter note:(don't include the dots)
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2 persons on the crowd 55%
Have a backbreaker grapple do it on turnbuckle press down and go to the barricade.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Smackdown vs raw 2008 55%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Instant K.O 55%
Irish whip them into the funeral car then with a finisher availible use it then there you go.
By: Jazza Unleashed(237)
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Trash cans rock your world 55%
Grab a trash can it put on your oppenents head then get on a turnbuckle or anything you can jump off and do a missle dropkick and watch him fly!P.S. do it quick he take off the trashcan!
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Quick 24/7 mode 54%
On the calender scroll to wrestlemania 23 and press x.then simulate and after a while you will have done one this again and again till you got get lots of money because of your hard work?
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Easy experience for stables 54%
If you have two controls then play with dx and earn about 1500 experience points. go to your stable to fix the atributes full everything you can with control 1 press continue with control 2 go again to fix the atributes with control1 do it many times .

I have tried a lot of times and it works
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By: galaxygamer9(71)
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What is the cheat codes menu? 54%
The cheat codes menu is the credits in the options you choose it and you can puch the cheat button
By: amr mohamed(399)
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How 2 do super rko 54%
If you are randy orton get your speacial and throw your opponent 2
the turnbuckle and press triangle
By: galaxygamer9(71)
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How To Escape From The Cell 54%
Go Towards To The Cage Door And Push X
By: nickywoo111(8)
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Super hardcore secret move 53%
Some superstars are hardcore and there is a secret move that is not written any where that I know if you use hardcore in a triple threat match and you do the move with the steel chair that you hit your head with it, you can hit two people at the same time if they release their grapple that is if they are close to each other.
By: ochuko(139)
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Easy Cash 53%
To get easy cash start a 24/7 mode and go to calender, go to wrestlemania and simulate to it. After is is simulated you will have a big amount of money if you choose a superstar like triple h, john cena, shawn micheals, batista, or the undertaker
By: jesseparker(137)
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How to put a ladder in between the ring ropes 53%
First set the table on the tb by pressing x when close to the tb then move the left analouge stick to the direction of the ladder which is on the tb then press x and your ladder will be between the ring ropes
By: saeedroz(77)
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In the hell in cell match put your opponent on the annoucers table climb the cell and do the star preesing attack of it and you will fall through the annocers table
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DX costumes (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) 53%
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Ladder on a table 52%
Go to a ladder match pull the top off the comentaters table get a ladder have a bit over the edge then you press o you will drop the ladder on the table get on it pick the ladder up and set it up clime up it
and the oponent will climb up too.
by Daniel Riley
ps,it takes a wile.
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The real swanton 52%
You all problably dont know that the swanton jeff does in the game isnt the real one! It is actually swanton #1! Bieleive it or not. So go to create a move set, and change thae swanton to, (swanton bomb #1) Bielieve me, it looks cheap, but its acually cool! So give it a shot! And the anouncers from raw and ecw say something when you do it. (during gameplay) But I dont remmember about smack down.
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Dx costume 52%
By: jesus3815(234)
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In a parking lot brawl when you have a finisher stored you go to the limo on da left NOT RIGHT! LEFT! and you irish whip your opponent there and then you press triangle. then you get out a casket and put your opponent in it. and then it drives off and crashes!
By: chrismurphyrox(119)
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Helicopter with a ladder/ easy legendary status 50%
While holding the ladder, press and hold R3 to do the helicpter move

Easy legedary status
go to 24/7 mode, and go to the calendar and go to the last month and the last day. click on it and click yes to simulate days it will take a while for you to get there but win the match and you'll get 11 % legendary so do it a couple of times and bam your legendary stastus
By: kwasia(1358)
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How to put a ladder on an anouncers table 50%
Set up a ladder near a anouncsers table and knock it over toward the anouncsers table.
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How to go into crowd 50%
First do a one on one match ecw extreme rules first go get a table then push the table really near the crowd then get all of your powers up then go to the table and then set the table on fire and then you will be sqeezed into the crowd and you can run around anywhere
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Easy 24/7 Win 50%
All you have to do is put player 2 on whoever you are fighting (don't let any one play as player 2).Then knock him down and pin.(only works if you have 2 controllers).
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Ful team stats! 50%
Go to create a stable and go to customise attributes and get rid of all of them fill up the first 1 and get out of it and go back to it and make them full

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Fliping em down a cell!!! 50%
When top of cell ,make them run,chase after them,they almost fall down,when they regain balance and you are close to them press circle.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Easy kick the pinfall with finisher 50%
Simply , go to option and select costom option then reduced meter of finsher attack
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Hell in a cell 50%
Play any ''hell in a cell''match with any superstar(s).Get out of the ring,break the cage door and climb up the cell.When you are on the top,the opponent will also climb up.When he climbs up,do him a lot of grapples at the centre of the cell and it will break.If you want you can go to the announcer's tables and take off the cover.Then climb up the cell and when the opponent climbs also up do him a Ultimater Grabble Hold(R1+R3to the right or to the left).The superstar must have for Ultimate Grabble Hold ''samoan drop'' or ''lift up'' or ''chokeslam'' or ''piledriver''.Then when you are holding him with one of these Ultimate Grabble Holds at the top of the cell ,go near to the announcers tables and throw him.He will fall from 20 metres to a table!I have written other three cheats for svr 2008 ''Super Hints'',''Super Cheats 2'',''Go to the crowd (NEW)''and''Parking lot brawl''.

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Kp 50%
When you do suplex move go towards the rope and press down
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Hall of fame 50%
Go to hall of fame then press x on any legends then press x agin then you will vs that legend
By: glen deo(9)
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Not ready to lose royal rumble? 50%
If someone irish wips you out of the ring, then press all the buttons that you can and you will come back in strait away.( might not work to everywun but I am glad to help if it worked).And it will not work if you hav critical limb damage.seya
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Moves For The Chairs 50%
You Have To Be Hardcore
1.Irish him to the turnbuckle and then grapple with the steel chair
2.Move toward the head then press X
3.Go toward the legs and then press X
4.Grapple him with a steel chair.Move the right analog stick left and right or up and down
By: thegametripleh(107)
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How to unlock arenas 50%
You can unlock arenas by get the points 7and8and9and10and12 after you get any one of this points you will unlock a arena of the5 arenas
By: amr mohamed(399)
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Money in the bank 50%
An easy way to win this kind of match is grab one ladder then take that far away from the ring then do the same with the other ladder then wait until almost everybody is red then take a ladder then throw everyone out then climb the ladder.
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How to do sweet tricks with weapons 50%
If you pick someone that is hardcore, then you have to push down on the right analog stick when your opponent is standing in front of you.
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Cool Moves 50%
You know how when you climb up a ladder while your bar is blinking and when the other wrestler gets to the top, you can press triangle and suplex them off the ladder. Well, I found a different way. This works for wrestlers with the icon like REY MYSTERIO. GO to the top of the ladder with your bar blinking, then the other wrestler will start to climb up and get to the top. WHen they get to the top, press triangle and instead of doing a suplex, he will do a neckbreaker off the ladder for some REAL damage.
By: Megaplayer(566)
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Easy Steel Cage Win! 50%
You will have to be a brawler to do this cheat. the first thing you have to do is get your special and save it. then you use it. then irish the guy that your facing to the bottom left corner(he has to be facing you)then grapple him and then tap X really fast. there you go!now you can climb out now.
By: thegametripleh(107)
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Easy rumble win 50%
Make it easy and just throw them out the sec they come in! I never lose, by doing this igot out only once a after #28 was in. I was kenny Dykstra!
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Strategy 50%
You know when you creat a wrestler just make his moves really cool and x citing so could get 5 ***** star rating in 24/7 mode
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Wining king of the ring 50%
If you go on game mode go on the tournament and then go on tournament and get all the superstars under 85 ang be the top superstar (jhon cena) and simelate all the matches and the belt you slected you will win (sometimes works)
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Easy win 50%
If you have 2 controllers plug both in so you can win easily
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Easy hall of fame royal rumble win 50%
Start out #1 as shawn michaels and beat up your opponent until the next guy comes.throw out the guy that your were hitting and try to eliminate him.the other guy will help you.when you eliminate him together beat up the other guy until the next guy comes and repeat.
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Always win on the 24/7 mode 50%
To do this, you need two controllers, al you have to do is when you are on the screen where you pick who you play as, you just use both remotes for both wrestlers,
or its really vital in tornado tag games, but actually you can use the one remote in the
one on one, and be the opponent. hope this is real bigtime useful!
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Unlock vince kennedy macmahon easily 49%
Simulate to wrestlemania ,buy two superstarz then put title on the line and win
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Kelly Kellys Alternate Attire 49%
Go to the in game cheats menu and put in "KellyKG12R"(Minus The Quotes).
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How to beat the hall of fame easily 47%
{this will only work if you have 2 comtrollers}

1.plug in both controllers
2.put the other controller in play
3.beat the hell outta him(cuz he cant hurt you if he cant move)
By: jasonfan15437(148)
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Parking lot brawl 47%
When you play ''parking lot brawl'' match,hit the opponent until his head or body is red.Then gain a finisher(full momentum)and throw him at a white car at the left side next to a green truck.Then execute him the finisher and you will put him in a coffin!It works!I have written other three cheats for svr 2008 ''Super Hints'',''Super Cheats 2'' and ''Go to the crowd (NEW)''.

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Cell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 46%
In hell in a cell do a finisher on top of the cage to slam your opponent
in the ring
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to heal 45%
First be hardcore store a finisher get a chair and press triangle r1
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Announcement Table Tip 45%
To put apponent through announce table get full momentum ,irish whip apponent on top of the table then press triangle.(must take the tv's of table first)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 44%
Press pause and press l1+l2 and you will never lose
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Ezey pwneg!!!!!!!!!!!!@##$&@ 44%
Just use the stairs by the ring and hit it opponint with it but make sure it's a no da Mach or you will be disqualifide! :O
By: Thegman54(5)
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Fight as Jerry the king lawyer or Jim ross 43%
Unlok vince and the rock and when it comes up near the match it should say ass Kissing club complete that game then on character screen jerry or jr should pop up
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How to put a table on fire 43%
How to put a table on fire when you have your finisha set a tale and go nexs to the table and press the finsha butun and you shud have your table on fire.
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Easyest 24/7 win 43%
You have to have 2 contolers plug then in,when you pick your superstar put the 2cd concoler on your o-pon-it then the other player will not do anything unless you make him
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Set weapons on fire 43%
Once you have all your bar full get the table put X and then triangle...for the bar stick pick it up and press triangle thanx
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Kill fans 43%
Press up down up up down down right left X X R1 L1 L2 R2
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Explosion 43%
Well I did this on a 20 min iron man match.But you know where you throw your opponet over the wall and you go to this small area with a table,a fire extinguisher,and a huge mechanical block thingy.Well if you irish whip your opponet into the big block thing,there is a few electric zaps,but if you hit B while he or she is on its knees,you smash him/her into it and it causes a explosion,sending him/her back.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Smackdown 42%
Go on the cheat menu and type in points and you will have $100,000 dallars on 24/7.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get $500,000 41%
Get $500,000
During season mode, press X(3), Up, Left, L1, R2, Square
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

The sickest swanton 41%
Be 2 player mode in the parking lot brawl and be jeff vs anybody you like as long as another person is controling that person. irish whip your opponent into the firetruck and move the analog stick you will make the ladder on the top of the truck come out. get both players really close to the ladder Jeff get his finisher neally up to the top so all you have to do is punch them to get the finisher (dont knock them down to get your fionisher you wont make it in time) eg. Khali climbs up the ladder on the side and stright after jeff climbs up and a movie will come up as soon as the movie is over do a swanton......

it is the biggest swanton I have ever done in svr08 ... I tried to make it sound in as much sense as I could..... I hope it helped:P
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How to get gm of the year award quicker 40%
OK What you have to do is go to game modes and select 24/7 mode and pick any show and draft or what ever you want and select your calender and simulate to Wrestlemania and skip the movies in the begining and end by pressing start and when you get to the end after you draft you will be awarded gm of the year award. submitted by Chris Muha
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Crawler in a cage 40%
While having a brawler icon, throw some one to were the door is at that corner and unleash your fist of fury and quickly gab your aponet and after youdo that and the crawling meter comes out quickly press all the buttons.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Go to crowd(NEW) 40%
You must play any match ''two on two'' or handicap ''one on two''.Take a superstar with a diving move ''Superstar Press Pin'' and any second superstar you want.On the match,the superstar with the''superstar press pin'' must climb up the upright turnbuckle and the second superstar must take the opponent to the entrance on the right side and throw him down(do a grapple move).When the opponent is down the first superstar must do the''superstar press pin''.You are at the crowd!Its difficult to explain it.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

High flyer player 40%
Character mysterio high flyer click R1 R2 L2 L1 Circle Triangle L2 R1
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Ladder spin 40%
Hold L3 and move around anolog stick to do it slow move it around slow to do it fast move it fast
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Wwesmackdown vs raw 2008 40%
Use jeff hardy in king of the ring and win evey match and at the end you get vincemecman
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Escape from the steel cage 40%
Go to any side and press X
By: maro(9)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Easy unlock Vince Mcmahon 38%
First of all , to unlock Vince Mcmahon is we have to defend your title in Wrestlemania stage in General Manager in Game Mode. To easy unlock him, you juz giv the title to your favourite wrestler in general manager and then juz simulate the date to the Wrestlemania event. then fight your favourite wrestler wif the random opponent. Then win it and you got Vince Mcmahon in shop.
By: NintendoFan(722)
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The Super Glitch 38%
You have to play in a ECW Extreme Rules match
1.Get a table
2.Go outside he ring with the table
3.Hold down on the left analog stick and then press X
4.Hit the table so it barely touches the wall
5.Get your special
6.Go to the side that is barely touching the wall and press triangle to put the table on fire
There you go!
By: thegametripleh(107)
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